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I’m closing this one a bit early, I know, but we’re two hours ahead here in our Ionian idyll so time is pushing on and I’ve another post to stick up after this (with plenty of beer coursing through the veins and all but sure that’s just lubrication). In any event, the people have spoken and their verdict is pretty decisive so I’m delighted to announce that Andy Moran is our Man of the Match from yesterday’s All-Ireland semi-final win over Tipperary.

Andy took 49% of the poll for a storming display at Croke Park yesterday, one that saw him bag four points from play in the opening half in which he was central to everything good we did. Andy’s re-emergence as a key man for us has been one of the most uplifting aspects of our rebirth through the qualifiers this year and yesterday’s display now puts him on the grid for a possible All-Star this year. Combined with an All-Ireland medal, what a year that would make for one of our all-time heroes.

Keith Higgins (19% of the vote) and Aidan O’Shea (17%) came next in the poll, with the former getting the nod from RT√Čas Man of the Match while Sky Sports gave the accolade to Aidan O’Shea. In addition, Andy, Keith and Aidan were all included by the GAA in a Mayo-only shortlist for their Football Player of the Week poll.

Well done to Andy on his second MOTM award in this year championship. Well done to Keith and Aidan too and also to the rest of the lads for the parts they played in bringing the county to a third All-Ireland final in five years. Heroes, the lot of them.

11 thoughts on “Andy Moran our MOTM from yesterday

  1. Well done Andy some player hope he and the rest of the team ups there game for the big one

  2. Well done to Andy, keep up the great work! When you think back to last year and the way that Aidan O’Shea was isolated at full-forward, we ended up been so predictable. I heard Stephen Rochford say early in the season that he did not want us to be a predictable team coming into August and Sept, we have lived up to that billing anyway!

  3. Andy is always the runner and makes a great target. Hopefully a few more of the boys get up around him in the next game to do some real damage! He was looking out for them yesterday a few times. Well done Andy!

  4. Congrats Andy Moran, and well done to all the other lads. Andy is a real leader and is so talented and ambitious. We are indeed living and enjoying great times as Mayo football supporters. Long may our good run continue.

  5. Think if Andy stayed fit in 2013, we would have beaten Dublin. Was player of the year right up until his injury.
    A fit Andy this year could make the difference.

  6. He played in 2013 Scored a goal . It was 2012 that he got injured. Was a huge loss v Donegal

  7. I am a big Andy Moran fan. I have always thought he was outstanding for the county and hated the Mayo supporters who put him down when he was struggling with injury and making his way back into the panel. Plenty of them again last Sunday!! I despair when Mayo supporters have a go at our players. I dont give a sxxte when Brolly, Spillane and opposition supporters give out about our lads but for gods sake Mayo supporters support your own lads – they go through hell for us. I thought Aidan O’Shea was the stand out player on Sunday. He worked very, very hard and won back possession on lots of occasions. There were problems with his play. Still brings the ball into contact and too many flicks. Also shows too much of the ball – he needs to tuck the ball in more when running and his solos are too high. He is working on all these and has improved.

  8. Andy, mom, well deserved.
    He makes things happen.
    Last Sunday, his play, in front of goals, reminded me of Padraig Joyce, in his prime, making things seem simple, taking scores, at will, with economy of effort.
    With him playing well, in final, with Cillien /Diarmud, and goal poacher,Jason Doherty, scoring, forwards, we won’t be far away.
    Keeping defence, tight, as well, and high intensity, tackling, is a must.
    Good luck to all.

  9. Well done again Andy Moran and a well deserved AI final place awaiting, 2012 was cruel and 2013 though still on the recovery trail you managed to give us hope with that goal.
    This year however you are back to the level you were at in 2012 and please God staying injury free you will get some time to display the skills lost to Mayo and Croke Park audience in those two finals.
    Well deserved and may your reward be a Celtic Cross for your service to our county and GAA football.

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