Andy Moran our MOTM from yesterday

Andy Moran


The poll is closed, the votes are counted and the winner of the latest Man of the Match poll is Andy Moran. The county’s most capped player – whose rebirth as a key member of the starting fifteen has been one of the real positives for us from our run through the qualifiers – was central to everything good we did in the first half against Westmeath yesterday evening. Andy wins the award with 31% of the votes cast.

Donal Vaughan is another man who has forced his way back into the starting team as we’ve made our way through the backdoor and the recipient of the MOTM award by Sky last night finished second in the poll here with 26% of the vote. Cillian O’Connor – much improved with his contribution from general play but who suffered a rare off-day from placed balls – came next with 6% of the vote, with Kevin McLoughlin’s hard work in defence and intelligent probing going forward yielding him 6% as well. Brendan Harrison, arguably our most prominent performer at the back yesterday evening, came next on 5%.

Well done to all of them for the parts they played in getting us over the line last night. We’ll need the same and more from them and the rest of the lads back at HQ next Saturday evening when we face Tyrone for the right to meet Tipperary in this year’s All-Ireland semi-final.

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  1. When all is said and done the last two standing will be Mayo and Dublin. Have we learned? No disrespect to the two T’s but if all we have is all we’ve shown well good luck to them. It’s down to Mayo now. Let’s see what we are made of, Andy and all .

  2. Watched the Sunday game , Tomas o she’a , trying to rally Aidan o she’a back
    Into form and the team …
    Come on lads there’s a big one in ye…..

  3. Well folks any word on DoC and Keegan re injuries? Keegan seemed to struggle in the 2nd half yesterday.

  4. Well done well deserved Andy just hope we pick it up for next week because we will have to if we want to win have we got it in us time will tell I travel from Donegal for the mayo games I don’t go to see us lose same for the players they don’t play to lose I hope we have it left in the tank also we need d o c one player with one big engine but one player dos not make a team so hope everyone picks it up

  5. Yeah I think Tomas is regretting the grief AOS got v Fermanagh. He’s right though he is struggling and was way of the pace yesterday.

  6. August tomorrow and we’re the only Connacht team left, yet again. Andy can do damage next Saturday and this bunch of Mayo players have always fought tough and battled bravely for the last 5 years. They won’t let us down next week.

  7. Well done Andy, long my it continue,
    Roll on next sat, we CAN do this!
    Maigheo Abu

  8. Spotlight – if there’s word on Diarmuid or Lee or any other player then it’ll be reported in the media and I’ll mention it here when this happens. Can you therefore please stop prompting others on here for news on players that hasn’t been confirmed publicly?

  9. Agreed, mayomanindublin – the analysis of our match on The Sunday Game was shocking. Given the way they crucified Aidan a few weeks back you’d think they’d have the decency to show an incident where he was clearly wronged but no such luck. Like you, I’ve had it with RTE and their piss-poor GAA coverage.

  10. Well if AOS is off form we know there is a place he can do a job which is full back marking big target men. I wonder generally should we drop him to midfield instead of Seamus and give Barry or Tom the start. People keep forgetting his high fielding exhibition against Australia last autumn. Just back from hols and missed the match but hoping DOC and Keegan fit for Saturday or at least fit for some game time. Need at least one but maybe both to play significant amount of the 70 I think to beat Tyrone though encouraging that Donie has come to the fore.

  11. Apologies for that WJ.
    Agree about the RTE coverage – no structure to it, very short on time. Felt like they were just fitting it in.
    I have a genuine concern about KK at full back; I think he lacks a bit of cuteness for that role and is liable to concede easy frees. This is our most vulnerable position now in my view……and there can be no mistakes the next day.

  12. Rock, Amen to that. Thankfully we have a match to focus on this week and that is all that matters and all that is controllable. Let’s see where it takes us.

  13. It’s now Monday and still no mention of today minor all Ireland quarter final against Kildare today? I know they are written off but so was Mayo minors in 2012 when they lost the Connacht final.

  14. Nice to give credit to Pebblesmeller and a few others when it’s due. They said we’ll be playing championship football longer than Galway and Roscommon. We’ll be playing football longer than Tyrone and Tipperary too.
    Stevie’s winning matches……

  15. Well done to Andy Moran on his motm performance. It seems like a long time since that wet windy cold night in Ballinrobe when Mayo played either Westmeath or Offaly in a challenge match and Andy chased a ball into the corner and ran through puddles of rain and muck like it was his chance to score the winner on Allireland Day, he really is a great bit of stuff.

  16. Clarke
    Big Barry
    Higgins sweeper
    Aidan o Shea

    Doc Seamie freeman Durkan Dillon when needed

  17. No sence in trying to pick the team, the team named to date had never been the team. None of us outside the in house set up of Mayo know the knitty gritty, knocks taken, plans of management, possible ‘Red Herrings’ Don’t know if it’s by ‘good luck’ or ‘good planning :but if you were in Mickey Heart’s position, I have a a question for you??? HOW WOULD YOU PLAN TO COUNTERACT MAYO???, I think you’d be scratching your head a bit, even if your’ “Micky Heart ‘. No one has a clue what our plans are!!!. We have not been great, but we’re not predictable! We were last year, &,” the 3,years before that! I may be looking for the positives a bit too much but I give us a 50/50 or slightly better chance next Saturday! We will win or lose, isn’t that just great!!! , Play like ‘Warriors’ & ‘Live or Die like Warriors’ Over and Out, from :Leantimes it’s ‘Do or Die’ time now!

  18. Question to those of ye posters that were actually at the match yesterday! Do any of ye remember the the `Whoo, Whoo, Whoo ‘Icelandic: like chant in the second half of Mayo. V Westmeath.? You certainly could hear it in the Cusack stand! It actually took my mind of the fecking ‘ ‘Seagulls ‘ for a minute. Twas a bit like the an’ Alfred Hichcock ‘movie for a while with all the’ Birds’ Now’Leantimes will be never known for ‘, understating anything! I actually like that sort of thing stuff myself, a bit like the’ Mexican Wave ‘, we used to be get going in McHale Park years ago, mostly V Galway. Don’t know what team the chanters were supporting, You’d like to think it was for Mayo.!

  19. Home sweet home …. That’s the way to do it with Tyrone cos that’s what they will want to do. They like to run the legs off you and if we have the legs that are as good as theirs that will be a start.We ll have to defend against their onslaughts,get the turn overs and attack with speed and precision to score! Will we be able for all that do you think? And with S Cavanagh up front that will be another point to ponder…is there someone to catch a ball with him or break it from him ?Last time they came to McHale I recall they gave us a real lesson in the way of playing the Tyrone game….call it what u will. But of course our boys were taken by surprise then and didn’t expect that kind of playacting in Castlebar!That team had a fair few new faces then and these same faces have since grown a lot of hair.They re going to take some beating the same boyos,with Daddy on the line conducting away quietly! Our fellas have a maturity that should be telling when it is allied with a cop that is necessary to top the Tyrones! Hammer and tongs by all means + accuracy,pace,supportand a knowledge of where players are and what they’re thinking ! We have all these traits …. it’s a matter of up grading them to suit the circumstances that will prevail next Sat eve! It’s all so easy when you’re not playing yourself and as I said before,when you were out on that pitch at whatever level you don’t know how you ever survived. So, fair dues to the boys for giving it so much and it’s at a time like this that we need to be patient / understanding in this thing! I cannot imagine this team not doing their utmost to bring home the gravy next Sat evening!Heres to another week of hoping and wishing! Hup Hup Maigh Eo..

  20. Leantimes. Heard that chant too, seems to be the latest fad. Watched the world match play darts final last weekend they were at it there as well.

  21. Hi Leantimes. Yea I was in the lower Cusack and looked over to the left to see who

    it was. I could tell it was the younger brigade of the Mayo supporters. They were in full

    voice and having a great time. I laughed out loud. Hope they are there again next

    w/end. We will need ever `caccle`we can get.

  22. Well done to Andy Moran on MOTM, well deserved, he’s a very intelligent and skillful player still. Well done to Donie Vaughan aswell, very under rated IMO.
    Never was a great admirer of Conor O’Shea until last saturday, he was fantastic at plucking balls out of the sky and moving it on quickly and with composure…………..would he be a starting option at midfield alongside Parsons ,Barry or SOS or can he defend, havn’t seen him tackling but if he can would he not be an option at full back.
    Before someone roasts me for my ‘naivety’ I’m just doing a bit of thinking outside the box.
    I know he has been tried at HF a few times this year and took some scores well but he always seemed a bit nervous, whereas on saturday he seemed to have lost the nerves and I think impressed well.
    MaighEo Abu

  23. Well done Andy and well deserved. His first half performance was one of the best we’ve seen of Andy since 2012. Was superb in winning the ball despite being double and triple marked on occasion. His layoffs were clever and selfless – a big improvement over what we had seen in last years championship. We’ll certainly depend on his strength and determination inside against that choking Tyrone mass defense the next day.

  24. Job done, that’s all you can say about this performance, one man nearly beat us on his own. If we play the same full back line against Tyrone we will we hammered, Sean Cavanagh will destroy us.
    We have to try B.Moran or some such player who is able to field a ball and burst out with it scattering all in front of him.
    If we beat Tyrone, who is going to contain the Tipp.full forward line, they destroyed Galway so we need to have a plan B and C.
    If K.Mc.was doing a sweeping role the last day how come Heslin nearly destroyed us on his own.
    At this stage of the game I think Aide O Shea should play a more defensive role.

  25. Well deserved by Andy, he is such a clever/intelligent player and if he stays healthy and fitness improves, he could be the hero this year.

    I watched the match over again and to be honest, it wasn’t as bad as ppl or the press are making out. We hit our stride after 15 minutes, put some distance between us and them in a matter of minutes. Sure we lost concentration and conceded a goal before half time but still 8 pts up at the break, I’d have taken it before the start of the game.

    Second half they started really well and to be honest, they needed to, if only to salvage some pride. But it took us a while to put the hammer down. Sure they got within 3 pts but c’mon now, lets be reasonable…they missed some chances but we hit the woodwork not once but TWICE…had any of those gone in, it was game over early in the second half.
    Aidan busted the net with his goal in injury time as if to say “take that MF’s” and the whistle went.
    This wasn’t even close and the result was never in doubt, despite what the pundits are saying and writing.
    Looking ahead to Tyrone, I’m anxious but confident we can beat them. We know them well and despite their craftiness and excellent manager, they don’t intimidate us, like Kerry do.
    Three other quick things,
    1) Connor O’Shea was excellent yesterday. Was always looking for the ball and seemed to relish taking that ball at speed down the middle.
    2) Lets hope DOC is fit and ready for Saturday.
    3) TG for the season ticket.

  26. Conor OShea is one of our quickest big men (lets say those over 6’2″).
    It means he is a really big impact coming off the bench with that size and pace against tired opponents. More regular size defender has no chance of stopping up someone of his size late in the game driving through at pace.

  27. Well done Andy. Yet again its our older warriors who are keeping the show on the road. And also Donie. Some guys were suggesting these boys were past their sell by date. What we need on Saturday is the newer guys to step up to the plate and the likes of Boyler, Keith, Leroy, AOS etc to find their form of the last few years. Anyone underestimating Tyrone needs to cop on. Won Div 2 comfortably ,showed they can win playing good football as v Cavan or grind it out as v Donegal. They have a fantastic manager in whom they trust and a system in which the believe in. In contrast we were poor in League, , were dumped out of Conn by a mediocre Galway and have struggled at various times v Fermanagh, Kildare and Westmeath, We have a manager in his first year who is learning the ropes and we use a system in which a number of our players don’t seem comfortable with or which appears to shackle them. So no doubt about it, Tyrone must be favourites for Saturday. Can we beat them Yes but only if we put in a performance much better than anything we have seen this year and only if our players find it from some place deep within them ,to regain the passion and energy that was so evident in the last five years.

  28. As Liam has said in the past,from a lot of posters on here it better be Bonconnellan under eights next week,however we are in the last eight so not all is lost,can we beat Tyrone ,for sure,will we beat them,I certainly belive we will,as for S Rochford,I believe that apart from Galway he has done well,made the changes when needed,most of the subs have made a big contribution when introduced,so keep the faith ,up Mayo

  29. To win just once, I would agree with you totally regarding Tyrone. I just dont get where people are coming from saying they are overrated. We play a poor game and the consensus is we are planing to peak later, pacing ourselves, will improve etc. Tyrone play a poor game (v Donegal a serious side) and they are overrated, ridiculous. They have really good players, some with AI medals, the top manager in the Country who has seen it all and come out on top, a system that is embedded in them working like clockwork. To say Tyrone are overrated and its set up for a Mayo win is ludicrous.

    Im not saying Mayo dont have a chance far from it, on the day anything can happen. But Tyrone are operating on a number of levels above us and will take a major improvement to overcome them. The 15min blitz isnt going to work this time, a sustained, controlled 70+ preformance is required next Sat. That hasnt been seen so far all year, hopefully its in there somewhere.

    Regarding team selection, the only changes I can see are DOC back in and Parsons if fully fit. Talk of Keane being replaced are daft, Keane will start if fit end of. Replacing him with anyone who hasnt played there before is stupid. Sean Cavanagh will think its his Birthday if he runs out and sees the likes of Conor O’Shea of Vaughan at fb, he will be right in ontop of them.

  30. We have to respect Tyrone and they may deserve to be favourites, but I think we have a great chance. I have not doubt Mayo will bring a completely different level of intensity to next week’s game that we have seen so far.
    – Adding DoC and Parsons really improves our team alot
    – Key Players like Andy and CoC are finding form again.
    – The value of KMc at sweeper will be seen in this game more than any
    This is a game that could be won with 1-12, / 1-13. It’s absolutely key we wont concede goals. Tyrone are a machine but I think we will take them.

  31. Clarke

  32. I am always surprised when we underestimate other teams.Tyrone are a serious outfit with excellent players.Kavanagh is back in form and Harte and others will hurt us.
    I am equally surprised when people suggest playing rookies at full back or elsewhere.The only way we will beat Tyrone is with our established players playing out of their skins and a proper defensive system which we have been trying.It will have to be low scoring or we have no.chance.
    People saying they were bad in Ulster final dont take into account Donegals system which has them in qtrs too and playing well.
    I believe the players will not let us down but we need the manager to step up before and during the game.Changes should have been made earlier on Saturday particularly with Parsons.
    Glad to see any lad playing well but dont rush Conor in my view.He will be useful off the bench as will Doc. Not sure about Freeman but you never know.
    Think Barrett needs time also.The only way Keane will manage Kavanagh is through being supported.
    We will do.well to win and frankly all in all I will be surprised if we do win but we will put up good performance.Younger legs and a better system will be the undoing of us.Hope Im wrong.
    Tipp….well done but that is as good as it gets in my view.

  33. Hueyandlouis, finally a voice of reason regarding Tyrone. I get the feeling people are trying to convince themselves Tyrone are overrated and we are still the superior side, simply not true anymore. Not to say we cant win, anything can happen on the day and a very good sustained over the entire game will see us there abouts in the final 10mins. Strong defensive display is necessary as scores will be difficult to come by. Patience and reducing wide count a must.

    ReTip, I was impressed with them yesterday, some great young players who play without fear. Will put it up to anyone but their achilles heel is their bench. The amount of absentees they have will hurt them. Made their first sub on 65mins only after players collapsing with cramp. Can see Tyrone or fingers crossed Mayo pulling away with 10-15 mins to go.

  34. On the past two occasions when games were in the melting pot we delivered handsomely. We blitzed Westmeath and Kildare in the first halves when it mattered, and pulled it out of the bag in difficult circumstances against Fermanagh. I might be overly optimistic here but surely it had to be on the players’ minds at half-time on Saturday that in seven days they were in line for an extremely tough quater-final against opposition who are difficult to beat, and accordingly they dropped down a gear or two. For all the hoo-haa here about how bad we were on Saturday we still beat them by seven-points, not bad for a team who “didn’t perform’. I recall similar performances in Horan’s era against Roscommon and Sligo where we escaped with one and two point victories and later on in the year we had no difficulty raising our game against bigger opposition.

    Let me tell you all this, Mayo are a seriously dedicated, well-organised team who are experienced in playing top-tier teams at the highest level. Despite all the fiascos that have surrounded management over past few years we still have the players who have brought us so desperately close and who are hell-bent on finally making it happen. The management and team well-know that Saturday’s second-half performance will be nowhere near enough to get us into a semi-final that we would be in a very strong-position to win and for sure they will raise their game.

    Tyrone are not pleased about meeting us in a quarter final, we are far above the standard that usually emerges from the qualifiers and we will not be beaten without them putting in a hell of a performance. I cannot wait to get in there on Saturday and witness us tearing into them!

    Hon Maigh Eo!!

  35. “I get the feeling people are trying to convince themselves Tyrone are overrated and we are still the superior side, simply not true anymor”

    Forget to add an “in my opinion” after that Mayomad? Because there is simply zero concrete evidence to suggest who is the better side based on the Championship so far

    The provincial championships simply do not hold the same relevance they used to, and anymore we can only get a true bearing on a team when they reach the AI series.

    No-one truly has any idea what level Mayo and Tyrone are really at until saturday.

    I can see a lot of potential scenarios in the game tbh. It wouldn’t overly shock me if we lost or if we went out and blew them away

  36. “I might be overly optimistic here but surely it had to be on the players’ minds at half-time on Saturday that in seven days they were in line for an extremely tough quater-final against opposition who are difficult to beat, and accordingly they dropped down a gear or two”

    I think you’re bang on the money here Ultair. People look at football in black and white terms far too much “we were shite v Westmeath so obviously we will be next Saturday” and all that. For every match there are so many different variables and intangibles that play a huge role

    These guys are human beings not robots. You’re not going to be near as fired up versus a Division 3 or 4 team as opposed to All Ireland rivals in an All Ireland Series match. It’s just the way it is

  37. Tyrone are a coming team with a great man on the sideline and I could see them winning next weekend, and indeed winning an All-Ireland at some point in the not too distant future. That said, I think Mayo will be well up for this match and may go out to prove a point. For all the idle fretting on here about our performances to date, I still don’t think Mickey Harte will be thrilled about this draw.

  38. Eh whose taking Tyrone for granted? From what I’m hearing we were given more chance against cork in 2011 and there’s no point even turning up next week!
    Someone made a very good point in the lead up to the Westmeath game, the day of a 70 min foot on the gas sustained performance is gone, the best teams do the damage in 10-15 mins spells, going hell for leather for all of every game is a hiding to nothing because between injuries and fatigue the tank would be empty early in the chnapionship. Look and Galway and Roscommon. Now I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a glass half full person and I think we have a great chance against Tyrone and I’m much happier playing them than Dublin but it’s impossible to tell where teams are until the all Ireland series. Nothing would surprise me next week, a Tyrone or Mayo win.

    On a separate matter do people think we should be making more noise about aidos treatment in games? It’s quite obvious that teams know they can do what they want to him and won’t be punished. I dread to think what Tyrone will do to him next week! I’m sure if it were a Dublin or Kerry player Gavin or fitzmorris would be shouting from the rooftops about it.

  39. Ciaran, yes IMO. But the facts are Tyrone have beaten far better opposition than us to get to the Quater final. Donegal div 1, Cavan will be div 1 next year. These are better sides than we made hard work of getting by. They also won Div 2 at a canter where we struggled to stay up. So yes in my opinion Tyrone are a superior side to us based on their form through out the year. My point is people are trying to say Tyrone are overrated, that simply isnt true, based onvthe results this year they are a far more consistent team than Mayo. Thats not to say we cant beat them, if we can put in a consistent 70 min then its all to play for.

  40. Leantimes, yes I remember the Icelandic like cheering. I was in Cusack Lower. (Thought I heard it on the tv yest too when watching tipp or Kerry match.) I even got those seagulls mixed up with the ball on occasion! I never felt we would lose that match either even when only 3 points in it. No heart racing(although when we went 12 points up I was pumping with ‘let’s show everyone’)and not able to watch moments. However, I do find it worrying how we let our big leads slip but also hopeful with how fast we can rack them up. Got my tickets and 1 extra first thing yest morn online. I was number 108 in th q and took 3 mins of a wait. Looking forward to Saturday and I think we will win and should be favourites. What have Tyrone done yet to deserve or warrant this favourites tag?! I’m feeling the media have them overhyped. Mayo are in their 6th consecutive quarter final. How dare anyone write us off! Come on Mayo!

  41. This is the interesting thing, a hell of a lot of last year’s problems have been sorted. We have Dairmuid O’Connor Fufilling potential, Conor O’Shea playing and both Andy Moran and Donie Vaughan are back on form.

    For many, Cillian has been arguably one of the best of view forwards in the country. Now Diarmuid, his younger brother is this year’s big success story, he is currently being spoken about as being one of the best forwards in the country. Also by a few who have been watching his career develop, as one of the best in a hell of a long time!

    Andy Moran is revitalized he just go the MOM on here and he was brilliant the last day, and not as greedy ( I would say his greed is as much his strength as his weakness) . Donie Vaughan has returned to form, Donie doesn’t light up the pitch he sets up others to do that with good ball, movement and he is always there to slow down counter attacks. James Horan was part of a panel giving him his MOM, no better man for a reference if you ask me. I said prior to the Galway game with a firing Vaughan Mayo would be in far better shape.

    We have players the length of the pitch that have received all stars. In total we have just short of half the team having collected an award to say they were the best in the country in their position, accumulating in total 14 all stars award this team is no fluke ( add another for Caff).

    Debating Mayo’s ability to play well and uniformed for a full game, I think that is a bit early in fairness, and I was there against the Dubs in the league, a lot of spirits raised that Day! This team is not old, and one that has reproduced 70 minutes of fantastic football time and time again. They have done what they needed to progress, and interestingly it has not just been the same bunch of players who stepped up the push us over the line. We have looked at different solid performances from individuals accounting for an average team victory.

    I’m not going to dismiss the fact that Mayo has yet to impress their style on a whole match. I see us been opened up often brining ball too and from midfield, and it worries me a great deal. I’m not delusional, and I see why Tyrone would be seen as favourites, but in fairness it is as much Mayo’s mixed signals, as it is their rise in play.
    We were always aiming for a later peak, in our training and our mindset. We have always done enough to get through. We have brilliant players, a squad decorated with awards and there has been under age success in this team.

    None of us would be shocked if we beat Tyrone for all of our worries, however relieved.

    Mayo Abu

  42. Good man bulltoe. I agree 100%.
    Just to add. I wish people would try and enjoy the next week. Last week in here was the most negative I’ve ever seen it.
    Mayo for sam.!!!

  43. “Last week in here was the most negative I’ve ever seen it”

    It’s funny how perceptions change in a year. I don’t think I’ve seen as much despondency amongst certain Mayo supporters for 6 years. 12 months ago I recall myself and a few others actually being slated for predicting the bookies favourites and best team in Ireland would beat us in a semi. Journalists also took a slating on Twitter and the likes for doing similar

    Essentially the perception amongst our supporters in both years has been formed simply based on beating “lower” teams. Okay, last year we navigated our path to our first “top” opponent (Donegal were a write off last year) a little more easily, and we did lose a match this year, but all in all we have once again gotten to August and we still haven’t played an AI rival.

    Because we hammered teams last year we were world beaters according to some, and because we scrape past similar teams this year we’re absolute shite according to some also. However can we really judge Mayo before we’ve faced an AI rival or completed an AI series match?

    However these supporters are generally more vocal and are definitely outliers. I’d imagine the majority of fans do lie somewhere in the middle

    Most fans from what I can see do acknowledge we aren’t in the best of form but remain hopeful we can step it up in our biggest match of 2016. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if we threw up a Dublin 2012-like performance tbh. far worse Mayo teams have drawn up gladiatorial-like performances from nowhere in the past

  44. “My point is people are trying to say Tyrone are overrated, that simply isnt true”

    You seem to be really focusing on others claiming Tyrone are “overrated” Mayomad and doing your best to dismiss it and telling them they’re wrong, however the truth is no-one can honestly assess how much they’ve improved from 2015 or their true All Ireland credentials until they’ve actually played another AI contender.

    There’s still a lot of nostalgia around the 00s Tyrone sides and we have become more conditioned to them being AI contenders ever since, but they haven’t even made a final since 2008. Their run to the semis last year has definitely got people talking but they really beat no-one and Kerry never looked like seriously losing to them.

    However after Kerry got hammered the last two times they played Dublin and Mayo lost to Galway, suddenly the media needed a new team to put as the main believable challenger to Dublin. So throw in Tyrone’s Division 2 win, last year’s semi run and their 00s successes and you get your prime candidate.

    But in Championship so far they laboured to a win in a dour Ulster final encounter against a lethargic and tactically awful Donegal and drew with a mediocre Cavan.

    Look, maybe they really have become the real deal but we cannot honestly say till saturday. But in the meantime it’s very fair to say they’re being certainly overrated by many based on what we have seen

    Surely Tipp should be considered serious contenders too now? But they won’t as their name is not nearly as recognisable as Tyrone in AI winning terms and everyone subconsciously associates them as minnows. However the level they produced yesterday was vastly better than anything Tyrone produced in Championship to date.

  45. I think James Horan’s point in the Western today about the team’s fitness is being are bit overstated here. What he said was the following: “My guess is that Tyrone’s fitness is slightly ahead of ours. With fifteen minutes to go against Westmeath last Saturday we looked tired and in previous games there has been evidence that the team is wilting a little towards the end also.” That was the sum total of it. He had more of a critical nature to say, by the way, about our tackling which he said was not “at the required level yet” and he bemoaned the number of “frees needlessly given away” the last day.

  46. Well WJ you could argue that they are crucially connected. If the fitness is not up to scratch then when coming down the stretch (as the Yanks like to call it) you will be found out. Lazier or more desperation tackles will be put in resulting in more frees.

  47. I’m not saying they’re not connected, JPM, just pointing out that, in my opinion, what James had to say was being a bit oversold.

  48. Yeah it’s a hard one to call in relation to our fitness, freshness, sharpness etc. You’d wonder is it a mental or a physical thing. For example Andy Moran looks fitter than he has in years. Colm Boyle seems to be flying as is Diarmuid O’Connor. Vaughan is going well. Cillian slowly but surely is coming into form. It seems to be Aidan and Seamie O’Shea that have looked the most sluggish at times. While Conor looked very sharp when he came on. Seamie was out injured for a while so that could explain his fitness issues. I’m surprised that Barry Moran has not seen more game time as he looks to be in very good shape also. I’d expect to see Lee have a big game this weekend as he is a big game player. He had a great game against Donegal in last year’s quarter final.

    It was worrying alright to see Keane and Harrison going down with cramp in the Galway game but that’s a while ago now. Then in the Fermangh match we were pretty much on top for all of the second-half when we turned a six point deficit into a five point win. Keegan did well in that game too scoring two crucial points for us, when we really needed them. I was delighted to see Aidan getting that goal against Westmeath. That will be a big confidence boost for him. Tyrone are probably one of the fittest teams in the country so we’ll find out on Saturday if we are up to the task, fitness wise etc.

  49. Biteen worse for wear after that weekend . We’ve all watched the games so far and you dont have to be as informed as james horan to realise our fitness and sharpness is way off , it is and its as simple as that. All we can hope for is that we have been keeping it all in reserve for next weekend. There isnt a hope in hell that our level of performance to date will get us a victory next sat night. That 20 minute spell v kildare was the only time so far i thought here we go now Mayo are back.

    Big men is the way forward for the tryone challenge as pointed out by a poster earlier. Barry moran has to start imo. A good start is often frowned upon in modern gaelic football talk, i believe its absolutely crucial we get one here , if we go 4/5 points down its goodnite irene. We were determined to push our weight about in league game v ross from the start and thats what we need here.

  50. If ever there was a game where the management needs to step up to the mark its the Tyrone game. People trying to pick teams at this stage is crazy, I think Rochford & CO. need to get the 26 guys right for the panel on saturday, all fit to play their part and in the best form. What i mean is, we need to finish the game with as strong a team as we begin it with. The slow start against Westmeath is a concern and we seem to struggle to finish off games, so i think early replacements is a must, with guys like Parsons, Barrett, Loftus, Barry & Dillon given more time in second half to leave their mark on the game, and hopefully win the game when its in the melting pot.

  51. Ultair’s post is the best on this thing I’ve read since Saturday. Tyrone will have some battle on their hands.
    Diarmuid, Barrett and Parsons will all be involved the next day to give us more steel. Higgins, AOS, Andy, Boyler, Keegan, Clarke, Kevin McL, these lad’s will stand up to any challenge. I’ll be heading to Croke Park confident we can deliver once again. Tyrone there’s a thunderstorm coming.

  52. I think if we get the match ups correct we will scrape this one.would like to see Keegan on Matty donnelly.don’t know who will take peter harte cunnife was the man for him the past few years.if they can cancel these boys out plus we need barret in the corner for experience I think the rest will take care of itself.
    As for Mayo fitness there was no point in emptying the tank the last day ya Westmeath came back but we pull away at the end.
    O’Sheas face said it all after his goal job done get in and focus on next week.
    Game 6 not a bad place to be.

  53. watched Donegal and I wasn’t overally impressed, Tyrone just got over them so I think Tyrone are a little overrated, In saying that I wont be to disappointed if we are beaten, my expectations have been low since Horan left. But we can beat Tyrone and if we do i think we will get to another final. We had Westmeath buried in the first half, switched off and then couldn’t switch back on, don’t see that happening on Saturday. Our record against Tyrone is good even when we had lesser teams than the one we have now, think we can win this one

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