Andy Moran is our Player of the Year

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Okay, I think it’s time to pull the curtains down on this one. The result was never really in any doubt once voting got going and so I’m happy to confirm that, by popular acclaim, the Mayo GAA Blog Player of the Year for 2017 is Andy Moran.

Andy secured 61% of all votes cast, followed by Colm Boyle (14%), Aidan O’Shea (11%), Keith Higgins (7%), Chris Barrett (6%) and last year’s winner Lee Keegan (2%). A total of 1,330 votes were cast in the poll – thanks all for taking the time to do so.

Andy now has the chance to emulate Lee’s achievement of last year, which is to follow up clinching this accolade by also winning the GAA/GPA Footballer of the Year award. The very best of luck to him in that.

Andy provided so many moments of magic in 2017, right from when he made his first appearance of the year off the bench at Kiltoom against Roscommon in the FBD back in January, all the way to the All-Ireland final. For me, top of the list has to be the one that, when we recorded the pre-final Mayo News football podcast over in the Oxford Arms in London, was so memorably described as “better than porn”. Here it is:

What a goal, what a man. Delighted he’s already said he’s staying on next year and plans to line out as often as he’s selected. Like good wine, Andy’s improving with age. Here’s to another vintage year in 2018.

28 thoughts on “Andy Moran is our Player of the Year

  1. Ah Andy was just brilliant. What a summer. Some man for one man. So relieved he staying on in 2018. Hope he gets player of year. The Dubs will go mad if we win it 2 years in a row!!! All those other players you mentioned above gave it their all too. Will never forget Lee’s goal v Roscommon and again in Final. Thanks lads.

  2. Congrats Andy. Unbelieveable season. Reflection: before the Roscommon replay the experts had Mayo written off as being mentally exhausted and heavy in limb after last year and the scenic route through the back door. What a morale booster for the team and the supporters to see our most senior (?) player playing like he was setting out on his career.

  3. Thoroughly deserved. Shows great integrity and spirit. What a role model for young and old alike. Handy footballer too!

  4. Well done Andy. Hopefully you will be awarded the prize you deserve, Player of the Year, because you were the brightest light in the country this whole summer. I am glad to see you staying the course for 2018, who knows but you may even get a bigger prize at the end of next summer. AOS deserves a big shout out as well, that interception against roscommon near the end of the drawn game was indeed the turning point of the summer, had he not gotten to that ball it was curtains for us, well worth youtubing it.
    Looking forward to 2018 already, HUP MAYO!!

  5. Thoroughly deserved by Andy Moran – defences couldn’t handle him all year (including Dublin and Kerry – 2 of the best in the country). He’s a brilliant role model for any kid hoping to make it in sport and that’s why I sincerely hope he picks up the GAA/GPA player of the year award. His movement and scores were top drawer but his handling of the Roscommon boo boys and the way he has reacted to yet another heart breaking all ireland defeat points to a man of immense class and steel. Delighted he’s back next year.

  6. Well deserved Andy. Class act. And a super role model for all. We remain in this together always.

  7. Well deserved Andy what a year this man had and i am so happy to see that he is going to play again next year and yes he deserves the GPA Player of the Year Award . I brought my granddaughter from Limerick to introduce Andy to her in August in his Gym in Castlebar and for a man who was busy that day ,he made time to converse with her and stood beside her for a photo.

  8. Probably one of the greatest mayo forwards of all time, if not the greatest!! Enough said.

  9. Dont know how he does it..Known to be at the gym for classes at 5.30 am..Can we clone him??!

  10. I am convinced that if this guy (Andy) did not get that bad knee injury in 2012 that we would certainly have won an All Ireland by now, he is a great player.

  11. Agreed re 2012. Once the extent of his injury became known, I felt we were always going to come up short that year in particular. He was playing wonderful football. It’s incredible to see the level he has worked himself back to in 2017. What a great fella.

  12. Agree with all worthy accolades bestowed on Andy. Magnificent sportsman, team player, and such an intelligent class forward. If injuries hadnt cruelly interrupted his career its not inconceivable that along wit imptoving our prospects in 2012 final he coukd be on cusp of a second POY award

  13. Good man Pebblesmeller, needed that laugh today. We are going to need something a bit special to lift us that extra 5% next year – Andy is that something special.

  14. Well deserved,such a talented football,he is a great example to all around him
    he is a gentleman true and true ,
    was lucky enough to meet him this summer with my daughter,the time he gave her was second to none
    made her feel like the best mayo fan ever,
    he is just a legend!
    is it nearly FBD time ………

  15. Legend, if he doesn’t collect Sam as a player, he will be as mayo manager. A true great.

  16. Andy, poetry in motion. Not FBD time yet, I think the Leinster championship starts around May.

  17. Andy Moran resilience and brillience rolled into one hope he gets the GPA player of the year award even though i dont think M Fitzimons or S Enright or the entire Rossie team will be voting for him….

  18. Andy is a true leader who leads and inspires all those around him. What an example to all the other guys on this team. After the AI final this year I was waiting for one thing. The word from Andy that he will be back in 2018. So will I Andy and so will all true Mayo supporters.

  19. A magnificent servant to Mayo. Superb player with a great attitude to the game.

    If we can get another year like that out of the man….

  20. Great player, great person, always makes time for the young and old no matter who you are or what you do… great role model for young players coming through

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