Andy the impact man?

Andy Moran


This morning’s Irish Independent is reporting that Andy Moran could be in line for a return to action as an impact sub in our forthcoming Connacht championship clash with Galway at Salthill. I’d been hearing whispers to the same effect of late but the possibility of Andy playing some part in Salthill seems to have improved – “dramatically”, according to the Indo – following his taking part in the full warm-up ahead of last Saturday evening’s challenge match against Fermanagh.

Andy had originally targeted the start of April for his comeback so it’s no real surprise that he should be nearing a return to action at this stage. After all, it’s now more than nine months since that sickening injury occurred and such a recovery time from an ACL injury would be normal enough. ┬áIf he’s named on the bench for Salthill – and I think there’s every chance that he will – then it’s got to be likely that he’ll play some part in proceedings before the seventy minutes are up.

That said, Andy’s return to action needs to be fairly carefully structured. There are a number of examples – Cork’s Colm O’Neill being just the most recent – of players rupturing the same ligament shortly after returning to action and the last thing anyone wants is for Andy to suffer this fate. A ten-minute cameo in Pearse Stadium, with the lads cruising to victory at that stage, is exactly the kind of impact appearance that Andy should ideally be making the next day, though whether or not we’ll have this kind of luxury on the day very much remains to be seen. I somehow doubt we will.

Still, it’s good to have some positive injury news to talk about for a change and it’s great to think that Andy could soon be back in the thick of it once more. At this rate, we might even get a summer this year too.

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  1. Dunno about the cruising to victory bit but him coming on with us 2 points up with 10 to go would do me. Always a good outlet for the out ball is Andy.
    Completely agree with your comments on player management, you would have to assume that they have managed him well so far and a brief introduction followed by a half in the game after that would be a nice easing back in to get him ready for a Connacht final or the quarters. Yes, I am being presumptuous but feck it, we’ve earned the right to be favorites, enjoy it.

  2. I think I would leave him until a later game. The more healing to e and rebuilding the muscles the better. Good man , Andy.

  3. If true, it would be a great boost for the team morale if he is back, even on the bench. If he’s on the bench, then he’s obviously ready to take some part so therefore if the opportunity arises, then he should be introduced. You cant wrap him in cotton wool for the season.

  4. Where would you put him in the full or corner forward cause everyone is fighting fo places

  5. Dont think Andy Moran has any chance of playing any part in Galway. He has not kicked a competitive ball in nine months. What kind of backs do you think Galway have. Andy will do well to be back at all this year playing good football. it takes longer that 2 weeks to get into championship form

  6. Good man rober , are you always that positive?

    Great news on Andy. An inspirational character, never doubted that he’d be togged for of luck big man.

  7. I think Rober is dead right, positive and realistic. Anyone with common sense knows Andy has to be broken in slowly. He doesn’t need to get injured again. The important thing is to get him right and to hell with Galway. I love the remark about wrapping him up in cotton wool for the season. He should not be blooded until he is well healed. Use your heads lads, not your emotions.

  8. Didn’t even line out for his club yet would be a big gamble to select him against Galway IMO.

  9. Yes we would all like to see Andy Moran back playing for Mayo as soon as possible and to have him tog out against Galway would no doubt be a great fillip for both team and supporters alike. But we can’t always have what we want and in this case the risk in my opinion is too great.

    The last thing we want to see, is a below par Andy brought back too soon and risking more serious injury to himself for some short term gain. The way I see it, we should be well able to beat Galway without Andy and if we can’t, then talk of winning All Ireland’s is pie in the sky.

  10. Great that andy is back ,but e wont be rushed back and dont expect it but the boost and confidence it will give the rest of the lads when they see him togging out beside them in the dressing on sunday week will be immence and get the adren. flowing…..Can,t wait..C,MON MUIGH EO.

  11. I dont know anything about knee ligament injuries and how they heal but I do know that if you have not played competitive football for 9 months its hard to be ready for an inter-county championship match.

  12. Its easy to forget but Aiden O Shea was out for almost our entire Connacht campaign lastyear and returned to the starting line-up for the quarter final against Down and went on to be one of our best payers for the rest of the year. Granted, Aidens injury lastyear was not as serious as Andys but I have no doubt he has been receiving the best care possible and looking after himself with his return in mind.

    Stephen O Neill has had numerous career threatening injury in the past and look at him now!

  13. Good to hear Andy is on the way back but I don’t think he took part in the full warm up before the Fermanagh game. As I recall, and I was in the stadium of half an hour before the game, he was part of a group kicking ball separate from the main group. I don’t know if that is any significance to that. Since he did not take any part in this game it is hard to believe that he can play any significant part in the Galway game.
    Is there any word on Alan Dillon who has only played about ten minutes so far this year.

  14. Cannot see hm being considered for the Galway match, too soon. If he got on for a few minutes in the next match (either in the qualifiers or against Roscommon), it’d be time enough, considering he hasn’t kicked a football in anger in about nine months. Now would be the worst time to rush him. If he is fit and somewhat back to form by August, we should be very happy!
    Quick question – has the captain been named for this year? I know I saw Andy in a photoshoot for the Connacht championship yesterday but I’m not sure if they were the captains, or just well known players from each county. Anyone know for definite who the Mayo captain is for this year?

  15. Aidan O Shea never got back to o his spring form after his injury, he was playing catch up all year. |Again this year he had an excellent Sigerson cup campaign, then his form dipped ( as expected ) and hopefully he will get back to form again around August and September. Coming back from serious injury is very difficult for players, physically and mentally, especially when they have a good bit of mileage on the clock like Andy Moran. Would hope to see him back to his best later in the year, that is being optimistic

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