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@MayoGAA have just issued an update on Andy Moran’s injury and I’m afraid the news isn’t good. Here’s the statement in full:

Following a scan yesterday evening and a consultation this morning, it has been confirmed that Mayo Senior Football Team Captain Andy Moran has suffered significent knee ligament damage to his knee and will be getting further medical advice during the coming days. It is likely Andy Moran will miss the remainder of the season. Andy Moran has been a real leader on the team all year and will continue to do so. Andy Moran will still play a major role in the Mayo Senior Football team on their All-Ireland campaign this year. We wish Andy a speedy recovery and no doubt will see him back again soon.

That appears to be it then: there’s little or no chance that Andy will feature for us again this year, either against Dublin or, if we get over that rather large hurdle, in the final. We now have four weeks to plan how best to fill this yawning gap in our ranks.

While Andy’s loss is a massive blow to us, we’re by no means a one-man team and it’s now up to the rest of the lads to go out and prove that this is the case. The point in the above statement about Andy continuing to be a leader of the team with a major role yet to be played by him in this championship campaign is well made and while we’d all obviously prefer this role to be performed on-field that’s not now going to happen and we just have to get on with it. And get on with it we will: let’s now go and win it for our talismanic captain.

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  1. Absolutely Gutted for the lad – Always has a great positive attitude and is a great ambassador for our county. Worked his way back from a broken leg last year and was back to his old self. Was definitley on course for another All Star with the roasting he gave Dan Gordon yesterday. Now he has another winter off tough work ahead of him. Can only wish him the very best of luck.

  2. Its a real tough break for Andy, he’s been inspirational last few years for Mayo & we can only wish him the very best. David Brady just said on Tv3 he’s one of the most positive guys you could meet’ . He wil remain positive, & be involved in our drive for Sam. Life’s not fair, but never was, & Mayo will look to move on. Hopefuly it wont be too long before we see Andy run onto tje pitch in the Green & Red again!

  3. Tough on Moran, he was doing the business, very consistent and an inspiration for other guys to work up to his level. It is also a chance for another lad to step forward and take up the mantle. We beat Kerry in the semi final of 1996 without Dave Brady.

    Now there are two issues WJ that I think need airing and serious clarification and I for one am interested in what the hierarchy in Mayo are going to do about it. (A) Last years Connacht final saw Micheal Collins award a throw up after he penalized Cillian O Connor for what he deemed time wasting in addressing the free. (We were trailing and a minute into the second half).

    Donie Shine then was awarded a free. it was timed longer in the addressing department. Interestingly Collins choose not to penalize him. In the All Ireland final Dublins the referee awarded them a killer free at the death. Cluxton easily surpassed the time used by Mayo’s O Connor in the Connacht final. Kerry were left no room for a come back but of more importance was two totally views of referees . Again yesterday Cluxton was given the time an American place kicker would be in their footie.

    Now again we are back in Connacht, and again O Connor is involved. He passed a ball to Andy Moran that led to a goal v Sligo recently. Reilly chalked it out we presume on the basis it originated from a hand pass. One of Corks goals today came from a (to me) an open palm pass. Yesterday Dublin employed the open palm as in the days of the great Kerry teams but the referee either didnt see it or choose to operate a different set of views away from our province.

    If we accept that refereeing in GAA is purely subjective and made up on the hove and interpreted similarly then we had better get our spake in early otherwise I fear for us from the men in black. Only saying like.

  4. Well said john.not to mention how unfair injury time is on the ad hoc principle.

  5. Really sad news about Andy, very tough on the lad, we will miss him , that goes without saying. All the very best to the lad.

    Great performance yesterday , the only disappointing thing apart from Andys injury of course was the pathetic turnout from Mayo support, it was really bad, something has to be done to get mayo fans to travel the next day and for god sake lets bring some flags, there needs to be some kind of campaign to encourage it, it was pathetic yesterday and quite frankly a disgrace that so many stayed at home.

  6. I can’t speak for people in Mayo but there are a large number of perhaps sometimes forgotton Mayo supporters who regularly travel from the UK into Dublin to watch the big games. A six day turnaround between the draw and the game made anyways affordable travel impossible. It may have had some part to play in the reduced Mayo attendance.

    The day of the week and time of the game won’t have helped for people travelling from the west either. I’m sure the semi will be a different story entirely. 3:30pm on a Sunday and four weeks advance notice – no excuses!

  7. Poor Andy:( …and poor us:(

    Do we have any other option than to play A O SÉ at 14? Freeman, varley, doc…none can go close to matching andy’s ball winning ability. Andy not only scores but is immense at gaining possession and setting up scores.

    Stick someone else beside Barry in the middle, seamus or mcgarrity….even geraghty. Not gibbons, i still haven’t gotten over the shock of a shambles of a midfield performancefrom standing on the sideline in ruislip last summer! Nut horan seems to like him.

    Have we any other option at 14??

    Anyone know if Kilcoyne will be back in OR what’s the word on Alan Murphy? I’m not living in the county so I don’t see club games.

    Ps: if ever we needed ‘you know who’ back from Brisbane, it’s now. I know it’s not a runner but boy what a loss it is to Mayo that hanley decided to follow the cash!

  8. Andy Moran is a significant loss. His intelligence and composure will be missed. He wins an incredible amount of ball in one-on-one situations and his use of the ball when he has it is second to none. 

    However there’s a very winnable semi final to be played. There’s talent on the sideline – perhaps go with McGarrity or Geraghty at 14. There’s also 4 weeks to plan tactics against a shaky Dublin team. The dubs midfield is brittle and they also lack leadership up front when Alan Brogan doesn’t play. I think their half forwards will struggle against Boyle, Vaughan, and Keegan. Mayo have never feared Dublin.

    Slagging off Pearse Hanley is ridiculous. The guy was perfectly entitled to pursue a professional career. If it doesn’t work out out for him I’m sure he’ll be a massive asset to the county team like Quinn from Longford or Begley from Laois demonstrated in this years championship.

  9. Mayonaze, very unfair and narrowminded view on Gibbons if you’re basing
    your assesment on one game that was played 16 months ago.Also re. Pierce
    Hanley,do you honestly think…………Get fukn real!
    Very sorry for Andy but the present deck has now to be shuffled
    I for one could not see any additions to a panel thats in the end zone of the

  10. Mayonaze, very unfair to judge Gibbons solely on the match in ruislip. That was his championship debut and hardly anyone played well that day. I take it you didn’t see his performances for Ballintubber or in the league games v Kerry?

  11. I’m not sure the refs are out to get us but those two examples do show that we’ve been the victims of shall we say capricious decisions by officials in recent years. The decision to penalise Cillian for taking too long over the free in last year’s Connacht final surely remains the only one of its kind either last summer and this and over the last day’s football I’ve seen literally hundreds of handpasses like the one that Cillian gave to Andy for the disallowed goal in the Connacht final and not a single one of them has been called a foul. In Croke Park today, for example, Cork’s Colm O’Neill literally threw the ball over the bar with his two hands and the score was given. I’m not sure what we can do about this but I suppose the decision to let Michael Conroy’s second goal yesterday stand – when replays showed that he caught the ball and then flung it into the net – shows that sometimes those calls go our way as well.

  12. Andy is a big loss gutted for the lad , donegal beat a poor kerry team today ,mayo have nothing to fear from dublin all the pressure is on the dubs,could be a repeat of the leauge final mayo v cork ,cant see donegal beating cork they struggled to beat a over the hill team today mayo seem to be written off already by some pundits ,but then again kildare were supposed to be the in the top four in the country

  13. Agree that Andy is a big loss, however we have played big teams before and won, eg Kerry in league sf. Andy’s attitude is top notch, but hopefully he will have a big impact from the sidelines.
    Dublin are no great shakes, without Alan playing or Bernard Brogan playing well, Dublin are there for the taking.
    I have no time for blaming ref’s, let’s get on with the game and make our own luck, Sligo had plenty of issues with ref after Connacht final, some here only see one side of the coin.
    Have yet to see the match again, agree that fans numbers were low yesterday, but no doubt will be up for the sf, team will all the support they can get cos the Dubs will make plenty of noise.
    Finally, still struggle to see past Cork mind!! What do others think??

  14. real bad news about Andy . He was playin some serious stuff.. congrats to all 3 Mayo teams over the week end.. Just wonderin Peter Murray whats your call now on the Mayo minor team now.. seen as it was the worst one you seen in along time

  15. Nobody blaming refs, all I want is the rules applied across the board to all counties equally. That’s not the case at present

  16. Grt win lads. Glad we showed what we can do. Trilled minors won in croke park. Noone will ever take that away from them. My heart goes out to Andy. We will miss you but I just wonder will it inspire the other forwards to go for it. I don’t care who we have left to play. It’s all about us now. Have another month to dream.
    Hello to dad in castlebar hospital. He is a happy patient today.

  17. I think its a disgrace that our gallant minors have to play their SF on the same w/end
    as Cork/Donegal,while their Dublin counterparts have the advantage of playing the
    same day as their seniors. Making Mayo fans travel on consecutive w/ends shows
    the respect that Croke Park have for us.

  18. I’m not sure it’s a respect thing, Opt 2 miss teek, more the fact that are minors are coming through the backdoor whereas Dublin have come through the front. The two semi-finals on Sept 2nd are between the Leinster and Connacht champions (or whoever has beaten them in the quarters) so in the senior it’s Dublin against us and in the minor it’s Dublin against Kerry (who beat the Connacht champions Roscommon). Our minors beat the Munster champions so that’s why we’re on the previous weekend, along with the senior meeting between the Munster and Ulster champions. In short, it’s all down to pre-planned scheduling, which, I’d agree, makes it a pain in the arse for our supporters but that’s just the way it goes.

  19. Think ref issue will become big against Dublin.They get away with huge fouling rate and we need level playing pitch …no pun intended.Glad JPKeane got his answer.

  20. Well done James Horan and a fine gutsy Mayo performance.
    Yes,Andy Moran will be a major loss?
    James Horan has a good,sound working team, well able to mix it with Dublin,
    and they also have Self Confidence,all great ingrediences for a good performance.
    James Horan is: Confidence, in a situation of risk.
    The Clear and present danger will be overcome.
    So,onwards and upwards, and lets have a go.
    Cathal Henry.

  21. Thanks for clarification WJ. Hopefully our minors and seniors
    will be reunited on the 4th Sunday!

  22. Let’s face it lads, loosing Andy right now is a disaster for us. Not to diss any of our players but lets be honest, not one of those lads has the skill and perhaps maturity that Andy has.
    Normally I wouldn’t be this negative but honestly I just don’t see anyone on that panel that can replace that skill and experience.

  23. i said at the time raz it was oe of the worst minor performances id seing in years and it was ,cant seem to remember you disagreeing with me at the time ,course raz your wiser after the event yawn

  24. James and the management team have four weeks to devise a plan to replace Andy. While it is a major setback for us, it could have been worse. If the injury came in the first minute of the semi final or the day before the match we would have no time to put plan B in effect.
    The problem we have is that Andy is such a unique type of footballer, he will be impossible to replace fully. He is three or four types of player rolled into one. Playmaker, ball winner, score getter, leader. We might have someone who could do one or two of these roles, but not all.
    The most important part of his game to replace for the game against Dublin is the part where he wins the ball and plays the quick pass to create opportunities (Doherty and Conroy’s second goals).
    The physical intensity required at this level means that we can’t really pick someone who hasn’t put in the groundwork so we are looking at members of the current squad.
    My choice for the role would be Ronan McGarrity. He is big enough to win ball played directly to him and clever enough to spot the quick pop pass to a colleague from his basketball days.

  25. Peter – that’s fair enough, I think the minors’ superb performance on Saturday was an eye-opener for everyone, but tone down the personal stuff like a good man.

  26. I feel really sorry for Andy. A fantastic servant for Mayo for many years and now after coming back from injury he has to endure this while he is the Captain of the team. When you look at his captaincy he has led the team and dealt with the responsibility of captaincy as well. I think it won’t be possible to replace him simply becasue we do not have a second Andy Moran. Only one of him around.

    Whoever is made captain now need not worry about any captain obligation though on their shoulders.

    I would assume that this person knows that all the Mayo supporters realise that Andy Moran, despite this injury, is still the captain of the Mayo Senior football team for 2012.

  27. Fair enough, Peter – he was just asking your opinion though. It’s best (this applies to you too Raz) to keep the personal digs out of it: they add nothing to the debate!

  28. It’s a pity that people who post comments up on Willie Joes site cannot make the effort to put them in the correct place. If you want to talk in general about the Minors or the Senior game, Willie Joe has a piece posted on that.

    I’m not the owner of this site and it’s not my place to enforce any regulation of it but this piece was dedicated to Andy Moran, our captain and leader at Full forward. He’s after suffering a major bIow and I think people could offer him a little more respect and sympathy and not veer off on some other subject.

  29. No problem .. But for the the record i have said that there is more to come from this minor team.. I will stick up for what i believe and I no they repaid my faith in them last saturday evenin.Its bad enough having ta listen to the comments from out side the county but when our own start havin a dig it galls me.

  30. flight booked this morning for our big game but i am as sick as a small hospital over Andy ,
    while i would have given the MOM to mclaughlin myself , andy and dillon were massive candidates as well.
    if we click like that again we will beat the dubs , they are not delivering the goods at all ,
    i said a few weeks back that the dubs were going out this year and it was only a case of who puts them out,
    i still believe that.

  31. The freedom to speak here comes with the constraint to do so within the rules – having a go at others (regardless of the motivation) falls the wrong side of this line. Can you both bear this in mind please and act accordingly?

  32. news on andy very disappointing for us and for him he is a true gentleman in every way. jh has time now to develop a paln for life without andy. what was disapointing on sat is the fact that so few mayo supporters travelled to croker, i think even cork and kerry (r.i.p.) had a greater support. those stay away hurlers on the ditch missed to very proud displays, we witnessed over 40 scores in our 2 games from minor and senior. it showed the wind in the hyde on connacht final day was a major impediment to forward play.
    surely horan should be getting more credit nationally for the job he is doing. if the mythically revolutionary geezer had done in 17 months with us as the monsignor has ( 2 connacht titles, 2 quater final wins and league finbal place), his stock as manager would be even higher than is as manager of the lillies. well done jh and mayo

  33. jpm we all feel deeply upset for Andy, but I’m sure he’d be the first
    to congratulate our minors and his own team.If people stray off the topic
    it certainly isn’t out of disrespect for our fallen hero.

  34. Opt 2 miss teek
    In my opinion it’s not that difficult to look at the website and stay on the topic that was originally written by Willie Joe. And if the opinion you have is on another aspect regarding Mayo football then it should be posted it under that.

    I’m talking about the people who post on here saying something like

    heard mayo were playin sat.
    couldnt go as cuttin lawn.
    glad dey won.
    whos ande morin ?

    anyway heres my opinins…

    more rubbish……more shite………..
    etc. etc.

    these people write what they under the latest post just because
    (a) they’re too lazy to look for the correct place to add the comment
    (b) they think thats the best place to be heard and just mouth off.

    I wish they would fuck off back to the hogan stand or somewhere else

    PS: this comment is not directed at you.

  35. Jaysus JPM, you’re in bad form for a bank holiday Monday with Mayo after winning an AIQF by 12 points. Maybe you should go out and cut the lawn 😉

    Andy is out, and it’s devestating for him personally, and a massive blow for the team and management.
    But they have to get on with it, there is still an All-Ireland semi-final against the reigning champions to be played in less than 4 weeks.

    Harsh as it may sound, when they get to training tomorrow evening, they have to move on from it, and start focussing on what they can do to beat the Dubs. They can use Andy’s loss as a motivation if needed, but they can’t use it as an excuse to go in with anything less than 100% conviction, concentration and determination.

  36. Maybe i’m one who strayed off the original topic and i hold my hands up. Andy ‘s season endin injury is more important than any spat I have wit another poster.I hope Andy can be as good an influence on the sideline as he was on the field of play.

  37. Gutted for Andy especially since he was on top of his game for the last 18 months. Here’s hoping for a full recovery. Freeman is probably favourite to replace Andy. He has the talent and ability to play fullforward for us but he needs to work on his decision making especially his shot selection. Personally I hope he goes back to basics cause his confidence seems pretty shaky at the moment so give him a simple game plan James and he’ll blossom in Croker. Any word on Jason Doc? Seem to go over on an ankle? We’d be down to the bare bones if he is out?

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