Andy’s ready to go again

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Like a number of you have said already, it’s uplifting news to hear the Andy Moran has confirmed he’ll be back in action for the county once again next year. The Ballaghaderreen man was at a media event today, where he picked up his Footballer of the Month for August award, and it was then that he confirmed the news about his availability for 2018 – report here.

Andy turns 34 this November but, like a good wine, he gets better with age. This was was, without question, his finest year as an inter-county footballer and there’s a good chance he’ll end it in possession of a second All-Star award and as Footballer of the Year.

What Andy really wants – as we all do – is, though, to win the All-Ireland. His decision to commit for another year is both a vote of confidence in the team and an important boost for them in their hopes for delivering on this long-running quest.

In that interview, by the way, Andy also reveals that the reason he came off when he did against Dublin was due to an injury he’d picked, which has since been confirmed as a hamstring tear. It’s an injury that’s also set to sideline him until the New Year so he won’t be taking the field in the upcoming club championship matches.

Never mind, though – I’m sure he’ll be back in time to face the Rossies once more in the FBD next January. Star man.

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  1. Great news for all of us a lift we needed after the last few weeks. Hopefully all the lads will return and we will go again. There is a few lads that will hopefully get there chance in the FBD and early league games to see can we add that extra 2/3 players that we need to be coming in off the bench. Onwards and upwards for 2018 maigheo abu

  2. I’ve just watched an interview with Andy for Off The Ball on FB. He was asked about his emotions at the homecoming, whether the lads felt pity from the crowd etc. His answer fills me with hope for next year when he said “…come on, let’s go again, let’s go at it…”. With an infectious attitude like that, our time has to come soon. It would be a travesty for the likes of Andy if he finished his career like other great Mayo servants, without a Celtic Cross in his cabinet

  3. Would he have been worth a point in those last 14 minutes ……..maybe even 2 🙁

    Anyway delighted he is back and said to nice and early
    Set the ball rolling ……

  4. He would have been worth a point or 2 but he was done at that stage. Next year he should be brought on to close games out as should 1 or two other key men. Finish with a stronger team than we start with is something that needs looking at for the big games.

  5. From a dub. Fantastic player , great to watch , gentleman off the pitch . Respect n looking forward to seeing him play in 2018.

  6. Great news and if he can keep the body in peak condition then there is no reason that he can’t have another great year in 2018. We all know (well those of us who played and have since retired to the Golf Course) that the older more experienced you become the cuter/better/effective you become but this is offset at some point by the decline in physical capability.

    On another point the narrative coming from Dublin that they don’t get meals etc
    The advantages that Dublin have in comparison to everyone else (ourselves included) make our competitiveness all the more praiseworthy and remarkable.

    I spoke to the Chairman of a Kildare club (at the Ladies Final) and he lamented the fact that they can’t get funding for a full time coach (they were looking for €10K of funding they were putting up the rest themselves)

    Dublin have 100 full time coaches the rest of Leinster have 30.

    “How many days a week do you train? On days you train, how does your diet differ than normal?
    A normal week would consist of five sessions a week which is a blend of Pitch, S&C, Yoga and Recovery. When I’m training, we receive set meals by Dublin GAA food partner Gourmet Food Parlour, which forms part of our overall nutrition plan.”
    he biggest obstacle between Mayo and glory? Their location

  7. Don’t think there was ever any doubt about Andy. The only things that will stop him now are form and/or injury.

    I remember a couple of years ago saying that Mayo would win the All Ireland when he was manager. Hopefully he gets there as a player.

    Moran would be a terrific man in s managerial role…or as a Commercial Director, overseeing structures and marketing. If only you could bottle his enthusiasm for Mayo…

  8. Given the fact that Mayo played nearly twice as many games as Dublin in this year’s Championship, I hope this is taken into account for selecting player of the year. Andy should surely get the nod.
    I only hope he doesn’t pick up a bad injury next year, the dreaded cruciate can occur in both knees, Andy had this injury back in 2012.
    Mayo need to look at the Captaincy for next year, I would prefer Aidan, Andy or that man with the great confidence Lee Keegan, it was very hard watching him in such a state after the final.

  9. I am sure Andy is hurting inside like us all but his enthusiasm for the game and Mayo is infecious. A real role model for kids. We go again!!!

  10. Mayo News is full of little nuggets in its post-AI backward glance.

    Andy’s hamstring of course, Boyler’s dead leg, Diarmuid’s hamstring problem which caused the change in starting line up.

    If we had managed a draw, (should have should have, should have won Goddamit) we’d have been minus Donie, Andy, and possibly Boyler and Diarmuid. Our subs are good, but who would have subbed the subs?

    Game time is critical for the fringe players.

    And as for ‘finishing’ with Andy. If that’s the case we hould use Aiden, Leroy, Keith, Kevin Mac as impact subs?

  11. Different Class……….Different Class……. What an enormous loss he was to us in 2012 against Donegal.

    Just listening to a very upbeat interview with Moran on radio – he’s more or less saying that he expects everybody to return i.e players and managerial staff. Also good to have it confirmed that injury was the reason that he came off in the All-Ireland. His enthusiasm is infectious and just the boost we all need to begin to rouse ourselves from this collective gloom.

    Surely the footballer of the year !

  12. Somehow I had no doubt that Andy would give it another go but it is still a great lift so soon after the All Ireland. What a fabulous attitude. Speedy recovery Andy! What memories you have left us with from this year’s journey. Can’t wait to see you back in action!

  13. Spoke with Andy briefly at the banquet and he was saying he’d been asked by numerous supporters if he was sticking around. His reply? “Of course I’m sticking around, are ye?!” Nothing more to be said about his attitude. What a man.

    If we could just bottle his spirit we’d have a fine county altogether. In a week when we all needed a tonic he is better than any medicine!

  14. I had no doubts he’d be back. I’v raised the point on getting extra seasons out of older lads by converting to subs next year.
    – The game gets slightly quicker and more attritional each year.
    – We’ve always struggled in the final quarter.
    – With extra injury time 50th minute can be up to 26 minutes of game time left. You have to have impact.
    – The older players can tailor their training to last extra seasons knowing they only need the fitness for a 25 min role. Flexibility and skills and speedwork can be their mainstay.
    – The younger players get extra seasons learning from top class experienced players

  15. Yes, JP, lads like Keith Andy Boyler have a couple of years left if they want but maybe rotating between starting and impact subs. It’s absolutely ESSENTIAL that the younger/fringe players be given serious league time and if it results in is struggling results wise then do be it. It’s for the greater good. We cannot win the All Ireland with 17/18 players, we need 19/20 meaning the subs coming in must be making the team either stronger or st least not weakening it. With respect to lads Rochford had to call on this season fro the bench, we ended up finishing with a weaker team. We need a fresh face in the full back like. We are fine in the half backs. We absolutely need someone new to come in at midfield but are limited here really to Ruane who is still very young and untested. I can’t see him making much of an impact txt year but 2018 could prove a good learning curve season for him. We may need to look at bring lads better known for defending into this sector, like Dublin did with mccarthy. Vaughan seems an obvious choice cos of his height and energy.

    Up front , I believe Diarmuid and Loftus must aim to be nailed on starters. Now is their time. Andy will feature but need to be managed properly. Boland, it’ll be interesting to see how he develops. Doc, had a good year, but do u play him on the 40 or inside? Kevin…he’s the Duracell bunny… Cillian, would love to see him practicing off the ground frees. Big winter ahead for Irwin, Reape and others…if they show the right attitude and commitment then Spring is time to blood them properly, not the token 5 mins Liam was getting at the end of the game. Who’s to say some other new name cannot appear snd stake a claim over the coming months.

  16. ANDY’S coming back in 2018 has really lifted my spirits.I am very confused about stephen rochford.With the club games back at the weekend he needs to make his decision quickly.I think myself it is a no-brainer, he is within a fag paper of becoming an all-ireland winning manager,he has a great panel of players. what is he waiting for???????
    S.R. knew his family and work situation when he committed himself to the job.IT will be an awful let down for the players if he departs at this stage, i am awful afraid all the good work since 2011 will fizzle away.

  17. Inspirational from Andy today and all year.
    What a hero for Mayo and for next generation.
    Has only to be Andy for POTY. PURE CLASS.

  18. Jimbo , his negotiating position becomes stronger if there are things he needs from county board for players , set up etc .

    Also he has two full time jobs besides being Mayo manager. Full time Dad and a high level job .

    He is nothing if not highly intelligent and shrewd.
    He is awesome to have on our side.

    So too Andy . That news definitely picked me right back up . We go again !

  19. Stephen has already said he’s taking October to think about his position. Think he deserves that time at least to be left alone. It has been a huge rollercoaster of emotions not to mention the media abuse.In the meantime we pray!!

  20. The Westport midfielder- I think his name is Scott- is surely worth a look at. There should be 20 fringe players identified now and put in a S and C and fitness programme so that come FBD and early rounds of league they are in a position to do themselves justice. No point trying players that are not at a high level of fitness. I havent seen much of Carr playing – do people who know him think he will be good enough for county football?

  21. Stephen Rochford needs to decide fairly soon in fairness to the players and county board. If he decides to quit the co board need as much time as possible to appoint a successor so that we are ready for the new season.

  22. @South Mayo Exile
    Shane Scott is the Westport midfielder. He has a massive left boot and is accurate in passing. If he had a big full forward for Westport it would be goals every game. Unmarked dropping back deep he can hit the full forward line from fully 70 yards. It’s the low drill ball of course so it drops nice and catchable.
    James Carr gets plenty goals for Ardagh. He has a strong build and would be effective coming on driving runs receiving a little pop pass. I don’t know will he be in with any Sigerson team. He needs way more games at a higher level than junior and 1C.

  23. After his best ever year its hardly any surprise that Andy Moran is staying on for another year. Remains to be seen if Barry Moran,Alan Dillon will stay on however and management decision won’t be made for another few weeks.

    On the FBD there will be no college teams taking part next year. Back to the old format of one group for five.

  24. Great news re Andy, and yes, us supporters will go again too!

    I agree, Scott from Westport is a midfielder worth looking at in League.

  25. Great boost to hear Andy is back. He’ll be trying for poty again next year. Many great sportsmen across different sports seem to really hit peak form when others are packing up. Think Andy has a great football head on his shoulders and it’s really helping him to lengthen the carear and get the best out of himself.

    Mayo man of the year.

  26. Woah, there’s no college teams in FBD? Really?

    Never knew that. Had heard and expected GMIT were gone because they just couldn’t compete.

    How does the 5 team format work?

  27. Andy returning is fantastic news. As someone else stated sets the tone for the rest of the team and management. I believe a lot of the forward strategy in the final revolved around Andy and who knows if Jason had put his attempt away. Need to build on the progress we saw in the last few games so continuity is important.

  28. @ catcol

    I don’t know who should be an impact sub, all I know is that we need to be improving the team on the field when we get to the tough games. We got weaker once we entered the last part of this latest final. We don’t have the depth of dublin but we have as good as them up to 17-18 player depth. Surely there’s a couple more lads able to come in this winter and make a go of it. Immortality beckons as this panel are very near the breakthrough.

  29. Best news in what feels like months but it’s only been nearly a week and a half. Don’t know if I’ll ever take my flag down now. Feeling hopeful again.

  30. Andy… Absolutely brilliant.. It’s a long time since Andy had a quite game.. But even then, he is so infections, with his own brand of Hyper Confidence… Along with Lee Keegan, the two best players ever to play for Mayo… In my opinion… He deserves to win player of the year… But, in the upcoming league season, It is essential that Mayo, give a consistent run of games to some younger players in the league..Especially forwards . Now this is a risk, but it’s a risk Mayo must take.. Hopefully Kevin Keane will be fully fit and available for selection… I personally would be delighted to welcome back, Alan Freeman and Jason Gibbons back to the fold… Think it’s a long shot but who knows?

  31. Andy is a super hero. Roll on player of the year award gor 2017. So positive a delighted to hear him say he expects everyone will be back and that we will be knocking on the door for Sam 2018 again. What a man!

  32. Andy Moran, the King of Kiltoom.
    All Ireland or not, I’ll never forget that game. I never laughed as much as Andy wheeled away after netting his second, kissing the badge while the Rossies spat vitriol at him and us!!
    Memories. So many memories from this year but Kiltoom is well up there.

  33. Great news from Andy..Dònt use the word inspirational much but this guy fits the bill..His passion and enthusiasm for Mayo football is infectious..As for Rochford,he has to be given the time he needs but I would be surprised and disappointed for both himself and the team if he walked away.

  34. Pebbles, that day in Kiltoom was electric! Will never forget those last couple of minutes 🙂

    Great to hear Andy has no intention of hanging up the boots, I’d a feeling he wouldn’t. As mentioned, this sets the tone going forward.

  35. Ah simple as that Mayo magic? That’s great, 4 good pre season inter county games for fringe players.

  36. Interesting to hear Andy single out James Carr as a really good young guy coming through in his interview with OTB tonight. Carr needs a few games In FBD and National league now as it’s a big step up from junior football, and it might talked him longer to settle in at this level than say, a guy from an established senior club.
    However he should NEVER be pressurised to move to a senior club to further his county ambitions, as has repeatedly happened in the past with Mayo.

  37. Larry, Mayo need to structure like Kerry whereby they get the best junior players to play senior on divisional sides; ie: Mid Kerry. Until we do this we’ll not maximise our potential. It really should be a ‘no-brainer’.

  38. A legend and a leader of men. Andy is the greatest Mayo foward that I have ever seen. Fantastic news and thanks Andy for sticking with it. God help the Dubs next year!

  39. I think Andy played almost every game last year–perhaps this is what our older players need,more games & less training early in year. Do not worry about the league

  40. People mentioning players like Scott & Carr, they have real potential and are sure to feature in the future. In the short term though there isn’t many club players with the requisite conditioning to make a real impact next season, any improvements on the field will most likely have to come from within the existing setup. This would mean players like Conor OShea, Reagan, Nally, Kirby, Boland, ODonaghue, Gallagher stepping up another level and really putting pressure on the first 17-18 for starting places. There will be 2-3 players added to the panel for next year but it usually takes a year or so of training to make an impression at the business end of the season. Next year a few of the existing panel will have to step up to improve the team by that couple of percent

  41. It’s worth remembering that Brendan Harrison was 3 years in the set up before he started last year. He grabbed his chance with both hands and never put a foot wrong, ultimately winning an All Star. If anyone thinks a club player will be able waltz straight into the team then they really have no idea of the level these lads are at. Your looking at a 2/3 year process in all reality, from entering the panel to being a probable starter, it takes that long to get up to the required condition. We don’t need a raft of new players, we just need 1 or 2 bolters to do like Harrison did, grab the jersey when they get it and refuse to let go. If I was a betting man I would think Loftus and O’Donaghue will step up to the mark.

  42. Thanks Andy. You just took some of the hurt away and helped to build my belief all over again. MAYO forever.. Maigheo

  43. Kiltoom for me was also a very memorable day. Very hard to avoid laughing all the way back to the car. 4 girls near us got awful abuse from the Ros supporters but were they happy at the end! Can never remember hugging strangers at any other FBD game! For those reading this thinking it was a childish reaction you had to be there to witness the behaviour of grown middle aged men before Mayo started to come back. The younger supporters were fine just these bitter old fellas with huge chips on their shoulder. Something similar happening here with an amalgamated local club.

  44. Andy making this announcement so soon after losing another AIF is definitely sending out a message to all concerned, I’m ready to go again, are you? What a guy!

  45. Andy is a future manager without a doubt ! Anyone know was Shairoze Akram part of that development squad ? Can’t wait for him to be part of senior squad

  46. Great news re Andy …. Re the future, I wouldn’t mind seeing lads that never played county underage given a look …there must be club lads out there who are later developing ? 24/25 years old ….Maybe there isn’t but think winter months must be spent identifying new players

  47. It Means Nothing To Me, what exactly is disgraceful about that report? It says the cccc looked into the incident and found no further action required. I don’t see anything wrong there.

    While the decisions of the CCCC can be argued, particularly regarding the eye gouging, There isn’t anything disgraceful in the way RTE has reported it.

  48. I read today that Moran said it was the first time he ever had a hamstring injury which is remarkable in itself at his age. But as any player that suffers from hamstring injuries will tell you – whether they start at 20, 25 or 30…once you pull it the first time they come along like late buses….so take good care of it Andy I hope you win POTY.

  49. The reason there is no action taken against Lee Keegan is that there is no evidence against him… Some poster’s on this blog have suggested that Lee threw something, allegedly without any evidence. Dean Rock didn’t even notice anything…. No action was taken at all about anything by the CCCC,.. I would welcome action on several things, that did happen during the match, but without ‘Conclusive’ proof, not much the CCCC can do… However the CCCC gets to decide what is ‘Conclusive’…. Eoghan O Gara is very lucky, that the CCCC decided that the real time footage was less’ ‘Conclusive ‘ than the slow motion footage… Sure isn’t that always the case… I don’t particularly want to see any player sanctioned, but a personal opinion of mine is that I feel that the less in depth analysis of the match, the better for the powers that be.

  50. The issue with RTE reporting is not that Lee was cleared. It is that the headline is that Lee was cleared as if his ws the only issue. If the headline was “Eoghan O’Gara cleared of eye gouging” I suspect there would be a few opinions from elsewhere.

  51. This is my first post since before the final. Its great to have something positive to focus on. Good man Andy for staying on and keep up the great work!

    In relation to the year as a whole, when you think about it, the players, management, backroom staff and supporters could not have given any more for the cause this year. Everyone pretty much gave it their all, you cannot ask for much more than that.

    Regrets, there are a few, like the sending off of Donie and the missed chances that we had in the final. The free awarded to Dublin when two of their players ran into each other was a sickner too. Another annoying thing was that this year a lot of Cillan’s frees dropped short but we never had anyone on the edge of the square to contest these breaks or like the one that came off the post, we had no one to pick up the rebound.

    At the end of the day, we hit the post with a free to go ahead in injury time and the Dubs nailed their winning free. That is how close we were this year. Best of luck to all for next year and please put a big man on the edge of the square when we have frees been attempted from the hands or from the ground, who knows we might end up getting a goal like Diarmuid’s one against Kerry.

    By the end of the year we had found our ideal method of play, maybe we actually overused the kick-passing game against the Dubs when we could have went for the jugular, lets hope that we can build on our best methods of play in 2018, kick-passing and the running game. All that we can ask for is to see continued levels of improvement, year on year. That’s all any of us can strive for. Roll on 2018!

  52. see that Keegan is not going on the international rules tour…………..he’s better off he has had a long season

  53. @ Mayo Mad: Compare and contrast the way that RTÉ and the Irish Examiner reported the same event and get back to me.

    This sort of stuff from RTÉ is click bait sh**e that has done an awful lot to stir up the noxious atmosphere of the past few weeks, in addition to their failure to moderate some frankly disgusting anti-Mayo commentary in their comments section.

  54. 100% agree with above comments,on radio 1 sport lead story about Lee being cleared and just noticed a tab about gaa power couples most likely about Dubs gaa couples, the quicker the CB ban RTE and Irish Independent the better- sick of this lack objectivity – its about time they stand up to them fuckers

  55. morag

    where did you read that? i wonder how many of the dubs are going, wouldn’t it be nice to see O Gara trying to gouge an aussie? I would pay in just to see the expression on his face when he remembered who he was dealing with.

  56. Willie Joe, mention of the FBD League up above by a few.
    I notice in the Results archive, that Mayo`s results and line ups etc in the FBD League from 1995-1999 are not included, even though all of our other FBD Results since that are ?

  57. RTE`s bias is galling. Lee is headlined and highlighted, O`Gara`s eye gouging is glossed over as an incident. It is hard to stomach that my T.V licence is being used to pay for mumbling Dessie`s pies.

  58. First time poster..long time reader. Sick after the loss. What a summer following this team..legends. so inspirational. Gutted for them and us. So disgusted yet again with media treatment of Leeroy….so bloody unfair. Ogara just glossed over. The unfairness

  59. They’re not, Observer 2 – I decided going back to the 20th century for pre-season matches in January was a step too far, even for a sad case like me. To be honest, I found the reporting on those games very hit and miss back then and from memory 2000 was the most recent year when they were reported properly. I think I tried to source the 1999 results but, having scoured all the local papers, couldn’t find them so I left it there. If anyone has them or cares to try to find them, I’d be more than happy to include them.

  60. RTE’s reporting surpassed itself this evening on the Six One News. Footage and reportage all about Lee, then Costello and O’Gara mentioned in passing. But, get this – also mentioned was Colm Boyle, who they said has also “been cleared.” Like his eye socket nearly was too.

  61. Okay Willie Joe, thanks for the update.

    I`m going on the hunt for them and will let you know if I find them….It will shorten the winter !!

  62. Thanks, Observer 2 – from what I recall, I checked the Mayo News, Western People and Connaught Telegraph for the 1999 results (I have a sub to the Irish News Online archive, a real treasure trove) and could only find one match. I took the hint at that stage! If you can, though, find any other of those results and team details, I’d be happy to include them in the archive. Winter’s definitely the season for that kind of work!

  63. Too true, Willie Joe.. I came on the Blog just to make that very point, re the innocence of Colm Boyle..portrayed as potential guilt by the National broadcaster, who have a constintuntal duty to be inpartail, as they always keep telling us when they are argueing for the retention of the licence fee… Only I would never have came up with a line as good as yours… ‘Cleared, like his eye socket nearly was too’….. If fairness to Diarmuid Connolly he received a 12 week ago ban for barely touching an official.. I think because it was in the referee report… But I think nobody expects that Joe McQuillian would have anything like noticing Eoin O Gara, doing anything to Colm Boyle, and it would written into the Referee’s report … If he did, he Eoin O Gara would have be sanctioned so as the CCCC would have to seen as consistant…

  64. Some new changes coming in for the 2018 All Ireland Final.

    1: Both teams must stand to attention and respect the Dublin National Anthem.

    2: Rte will present the Man of the Match award 5 minutes before throw in.

    3: 24 hr security for Jim Gavin in fear that he will be mistaken for his likeness in the Wax museum and someone attempts to steal him.

    4: If Dean Rock misses a game winning free at the end of the 2018 final he will be allowed to retake the free due to the alleged Gps throwing incident in the 2017 final.

    5: Barney Rock will referee the 2018 final.

    6: If 2 Dublin players accidentally collide anywhere on the pitch then that’s an automatic penalty to Dublin.

    7: TV license fees to double in Mayo to cover the hospitality costs of “Up for the match”.

    8: “Up for the match” to be renamed to “Up to be screwed”.

    9: A minutes silence will be observed before the 2018 final to honour all the journalists, Rte media and referees who have desecrated their occupations to row in behind the Greatest Financed Team of All Time.

    10: Croke park journalist press room to be decorated with Cacti to help all the pricks to blend in.

  65. Thank you Andy for leading the way for 2018, stating that renewed hope and love for Mayo GAA so quickly after the Final! God bless you and may they all return for 2018!!!!

  66. Great that Andy has decided to wait on. Hopefully, Rochford will remain as well. If not I would urge that James Horan is contacted again.

    I must say that I think the panel needs to be freshened up a bit with youth. Andy will be 34 and we all know he can’t go on forever. Others also are getting on now and we have to think about the future. Managing this will be tricky but it must be done for the good of the county as well.

  67. Willie Joe- the RTE news “Colm Boyle cleared” . What in the name of all thats holy were they talking about. Also I happened to hear the RTE radio GAA report at 11am today. The one and only Des Cahill. Repeated a headline that Lee Keegan and Eoin O’Gara are in the clear. He then goes off on Keegan incident and quotes ” Keegan allegedly threw. . . ? ” At this point he breaks out in loud guffaws on the airwaves and blurts “its NOT alleged, he definately etc etc” He then talks about the still photo of o’garas hand on Boyles face. He explains in some detail that modern cameras take 7 or 8 shots per second and the worst one was published. In real time, he explained, the hand moved away from the eye and slipped across the face. RTE are unashamedly biased and promote the dub agenda with vigour. I really am lost for words

  68. Cahill makes no pretence at all about his bias. In fact, he was asked directly about it by Marion Finucane on her radio show the day before the final. He said something along the lines of it being one of the great things about the GAA that there was no expectation on him to be neutral and that, seeing as he knew the players and their families and such he’d naturally be more disposed towards them. That’s the attitude our licence fee is funding.

  69. Delighted with this news. Listened to his interview with Joe Molloy on Newstalk, spoke very well. Great interviewer and interviwee. I’m hoping Rochford stays on but he needs to trust his panel. As Andy mentioned, the likes of Evan Regan etc need to get a decent run. Regan took a chance against Galway and was punished for it in the subsequent games. Not the way to build confidence. Onwards and upwards.

  70. It is outrageous that Colm Boyle would jump up like that to punch / slap Eoghan O Gara’s fist with BOTH his face AND his eye socket all the while pretending to be lying down injured – for the cameras no doubt -after a mere “glancing “injury from Paul Mannion which received a yellow card.

    Who the F.*k does Boyle think he is ? Jonny Cooper ??

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