Another million racked up

1 Million Hits 2016

Source: Statcounter

A few minutes ago the hit count (i.e. page views) so far in 2016 went above the million mark. Last year – when a total of 2.1 million page views were recorded – this level wasn’t reached until near the end of July. It’s perhaps safe to assume, then, that the high watermark for 2015 will also be breached before the year is out.

As I invariably note when doing these kind of posts, the figures illustrated in the graph above are but a numerical expression of the explosion of interest in all things Mayo GAA in recent years. Looking back at the data you can see there was a clear inflection point from 2011 onwards, at a stage when the county’s footballing fortunes started to improve rapidly under James Horan’s stewardship. Putting it statistically it’s been a case of cumulative gangbusters on the numbers front ever since then.

One day the figures will, I know, plateau and they might even decline, perhaps significantly. But the same is likely to happen on the field at some future point and so the numbers and our on-field performances are probably going to remain strongly correlated, whatever direction the curve is heading in. For now, though, the trend – both in the figures and what’s happening out on the pitch – remains pointed firmly upwards and so I guess it’s best to continue enjoying this long and eventful ride.

Who knows? Maybe the best part of the journey has yet to come. It’ll be some fun here – and on the hit counter – if that proves to be the case.

43 thoughts on “Another million racked up

  1. One million and one.

    Thank you for this site Willie Joe.

    Christ, if a Mayo man gets to climb the steps of the Hogan on of these Septembers you would have black smoke coming out of the server, it would be working so hard.

  2. Your some man for one man WJ. This blog is worth a feckin fortune. If we ever lift the big one you won’t have to worry about moderating the site, the county will be too drunk to post anything except illegible gibberish, sort of like what’s posted by some of us any ways.

  3. A truly outstanding achievement, Willie Joe. What makes the site so attractive, in my humble opinion, is the way you moderate it and cut out all the bullshit so that trolls do not venture here, knowing that it’s a waste of their time. Not that their time is not always a waste anyway. I embarked on a count of comments on the site and since April 1 it stands,, subject to my attempts at counting, at 2666 comments. All of which you must have read to ensure that your standards have been met. This at a relatively quiet time of the year football wise, between league and championship, apart from U21.

  4. Joined up in “07. Staple diet since. Top man WJ. Back to top the tan up now.

  5. Well done Willie Joe. Outstanding work on behalf of your / our native county. The careful policing of ignorant comments adds to the enjoyment greatly. As the great Bob Dylan once said:” If ye cannot bring good news, then don’t bring any”.

  6. brilliant thank you very much for keeping us up to date, don’t know how you do it

  7. Well done WJ. A great no nonsense site, well, except for the nonsense some of us post depending on the day of the week!
    I have no doubt that this site and Mayo football is just getting warmed up.

  8. Anybody know when the next round of Senior championship is scheduled in Mayo?

  9. Well done WJ , I’m seriously addicted to this site, as I’m sure are many more. I wonder do Mayo people do any work at all.

  10. A million hits in the first week of June is seeeerious stuff wj…love the blog and long may it flourish!!

  11. Well done WJ and thank you. This site to me is more than a Mayo GAA forum, it’s a connection to home, and to anyone who no longer live in the county I’m sure it’s a connection that we hope we never take for granted or lose.

  12. Serious Figures WJ – we’ll done! And a huge Thank You from everyone in Mayo for this wonderful site. It’s a great place to hang out through the highs and lows of Mayo football and hurling too.

  13. Fair play w.j. . For those of us not living in the county this site is a godsend. Find myself checking this site more often than the weather when I,ve hay down. Keep up the good work. I,m sure I speak for more than myself when I say if anything can ever be done in return just say the word.

  14. Nice one WJ. It’s all been said before but it’s important to say it again – this is more than a blog, it has become as sacred to us as the team itself! It’s a wonderful community and I look forward to meeting some of you, hopefully in the not too distant future, in happy times. Sometimes the outcome of matches causes a real downer and it’s easy to get negative, but reading the posts helps to ground and contextualise everything and brings back much needed perspective.

  15. Thanks WJ for all your work and congratulations.
    I wonder if the incorporation of Willie Joe into the Mayo chant would be successful?
    It seems easier to chant Mayo,Willie Joe than repeating just Mayo.
    Mayo, Willie Joe ( fully repeated) would honour the county and the great Belmullet man, draw attention to the wonderful site moderator we all appreciate and could be chanted easily for a considerable time.

  16. Many thanks WJ for all your efforts, I will be forever in your debt. As others have pointed out the real success of this blog is in the moderation of its content. There are some real quality contributors and ye all know them. The links and information are an invaluable source for all things football and Mayo. Long may you continue and prosper in this venture.

  17. Congrats WJ on reaching another milestone! Mayo has the best supporters in the country and your blog has contributed in no small way to increased interest in Mayo GAA. I also think that Mayo will continue to compete at the highest level for years to come.

  18. Think next round is fixed for weekend after Galway game but not 100% sure on that

  19. great stuff WJ
    ps the rossies bus was in Knock all day before their Leitrim game?
    Heard they tried to flog it to Davy Fitz and after a squeaky refusal there Knockmore backed out as well

    Again well done WJ

  20. Brilliant site and very well run, a must read for all of us following Mayo GAA..Thanks again WJ and well done we are all in your debt.

  21. Citog,

    Did the Rossies have a training camp in Knock by any chance? Or were they just trying to sell the bus?
    I heard from reliable sources that a few days after the Rossies made their championship exit through the back door in Enniskillen last summer their U16 girls had a match v Cavan in Ballinamore. But the girls refused to travel on the Rossie bus – too embarrassed. You know what 16 year old girls can be like when it comes to being embarrassed. Anyway they hired in a bus from Longford to travel to Ballinamore.

  22. This blog keeps me going – exiled from mayo and homesick . Thank you

  23. Thanks for all your effort WJ, the blog really is a great resource for myself and fans alike. As someone else pointed, out moderation is the key, or smacht, as my dear old man used to say and its true, if we want insight and good analysis of games we are involved in leave the papers in the shop because the contributors here cover every possible angle and for me are way better to read. Also someone very close to me firmly maintains that I should recieve a small financial reward from yourself WJ as it’s believed I am solely responsible for the popularity of the site with at least 900k hits from this device alone in the last five months. Could this be what is meant by attention deficit disorder……….

  24. amazing…thank you Willie Joe…you are superman…and this is supersite!!! Could say I’m addicted too though I only usually read…the standard of knowledge and analysis leaves me speechless…sometimes! You’re all amazing!!
    Onward to the steps and the big Maguire fella.

  25. Brilliant site WJ – Thank you for what you do every day in keeping this going for all of the GAA mad Mayo folk. Where would we be without it !

  26. Yes indeed …may I concur with all those sentiments so wholeheartedly expressed.This site is a super facility which I hope will lean adhaidh long into the future!

  27. What a blog! Can’t remember when I joined, but I keep asking myself, what exactly was I doing before discovering it?

  28. Great site with some brilliant contributions as well as your own, WJ. Dearg agus Glas abu igconai.

  29. WJ, blog is a credit to you. Well done and thank you.
    Congratulations to the hurlers, who showed tremendous courage in the last 10 minutes.

  30. Well done Willie Joe love the site long may you continue. Also great win for Mayo Hurlers today. Another Mayo Team showing guts and determination and sheer will to win. Like this new Mayo thing. winning becoming a nice habit. Interesting to hear Keith Higgins say that they set out to win this and it was drilled in to them all year . HON MAYO

  31. Incredible and thank you WJ, though I’ve only recently started to comment the site has been s go to favourite in my browser for years. Long may the upward correlation continue, hon Mayo!

  32. Fair play to you WJ, we’d be lost without you! You put a lot of the so called professional sites to shame. Even reading the reports, previews etc. on the RTE website etc. there are always mistakes, inaccuracies etc. in what they provide but you would rarely see that in the information that you provide on here. Thanks for all of the hard work that you put in.

  33. Just adding my congrats WJ and continued gratitude for the great service you provide. Privileged to be part of this community – because that’s what it is – and to have access to and learn from people who have forgotten more things about football than I will ever know.

    When you’re out in the real world where not everyone’s life revolves around football (tis a terrible, heathen place) it’s also good to know there is a safe refuge for the eejits like ourselves.

  34. Remarkable blog you’ve created in such a short space of time WJ.
    Particularly for a county with a diaspora like Mayo has.
    It’s fantastic that Mayo people all over the world that have been afflicted
    with this crazy obsession with Mayo football can stay in touch with and feel
    part of the Mayo football community regardless if they are living in Kiltimagh,
    Belfast, London, Sydney, Hong Kong or in a tree house in the Amazon.

    Great Work !!

  35. Mike, that Jim McGuinness strategy is so well worth a look. It makes so much sense and again Mayo Is mentioned !!

  36. I just want to add to all the messages of congratulations and best wishes. If (sorry when) Mayo win the All Ireland then you Willie Joe will deserve very special recognition. You have given an unbelievable service to us the supporters and indirectly through us to the team itself. Well done and long may you have the energy and will to keep it going.

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