Another national title for the girls + hurlers’ year over

I’m a bit slow out of the blocks today, with a mild hangover and other stuff (real life and so forth) to be getting on with. As can sometimes happens of a Sunday.

Thanks to Grainne’s comment a bit earlier on and the links provided by Albany, the girls’ thumping victory over Galway in yesterday’s Division 2 league final in Parnell Park has already got an airing here. It was another great win by the girls, yet another national title to add to an already long list, which shows that their hunger for success remains as strong as it ever has been.

The final may have been on just up the road from us here in the capital but Saturday is always a mad day in this house, with matches and training and all manner of ferrying and carrying and the like, so I was never going to get to it. I know that, as coverage goes, this site has served the girls fairly poorly down the years but I’ve never pretended that this is a full-time activity (even though it can often appear like it) and some things will always end up getting less focus than they perhaps deserve. The girls definitely fall into this category but that’s just the way it is, I’m afraid.

The hurlers, too, don’t get much of a mention here and, following their Christy Ring exit yesterday at the hands of London over in Ruislip, I don’t expect that’s going to change much either over the coming months. They ran Down close the week before in the opening round and came up short against London by the same two-point margin yesterday so that’s their 2012 campaign over and done with.

Hurling is a game I admire greatly but don’t profess to have any great insights into and so there’s little I can add to the bare facts about how the county’s Christy Ring campaign went this year. Are we competitive at this grade? Two narrow defeats would suggest we probably are but a few years back we were close enough to winning the Christy Ring outright, which certainly isn’t the level we’re at now. I’m not sure where that observation leads us but it probably needs someone with greater knowledge of hurling within the county to develop the point further than that.

8 thoughts on “Another national title for the girls + hurlers’ year over

  1. fair play to the ladies yesterday really worked hard for the win with only 14 players for most of the game, our mens team could learn alot about closing out games from their performance yesterday. expecting great things from them this summer.

  2. I hope that the boys were watching Cora as she bullied her way through for the goals. Also the leadership shown by Claire Egan and the rest. Could pass a few ideas to the men but probably won’t be asked. Real winners and proud of them

  3. Yes well done mayo ladies n tha men could take something from them on howto win a national title. The sad thing is they dont get enough support within the county.Again congrats mna muigheo.

  4. Johno, to be fair the ladies in either code, football or camoige, dont get much support anywhere in any county. Its just the nature of it.

  5. Its pre school holiday time at the Independent and the scholars were asked to pick the best of the last 50 years for each county. The great tall tree known as the Mayo centre field is all over the place in Martins, or Colms or the monkey that threw the dart at the board selection for Mayo.

    McHale is picked at full forward Willie MCgee an actual full forward isn’t, neither is Jimmy Burke. Heaney is right half back, Nallen is left half back, neither made their names in those positions.

    No place for Kevin O Neill, Joe McGrath, Joe earley, Dave Brady, Conor, Joe Langan, Tom Fitzgerald, JJ Cribben, but Alan Dillon gets left corner forward spot, the only current day player to make it. By the way the actual midfield are WJ and TJ. But McHale at full forward? and the pickers get paid for this WJ…if Heinikin did jobs and all that shite…..

  6. This selection gives the impression that the selectors are trying to shoe horn the best 15 mayo players into a team, regadless of the position. Even so, I would not have picked Kevin McStay, Martin Carney or James Dillon. James Horan would get the nod ahead of any of them. The picking of McHale at fullforward is a joke, how many games did he actually play there?

  7. He, I always got the impression hated full forward. Lavin ahead of Rooney, Irwin, Burke and Clarke??

  8. I never saw Eugene Rooney but of the ones that I did, I rate Irwin above the others. But its a tight call and I would be happy with Lavin or Burke in any team.

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