Another tough assignment tomorrow

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With everything else that’s on this weekend it’d be easy enough to forget about the tough League test that awaits for the lads against Donegal tomorrow. The match throws in at Ballybofey at 2pm.

Tough it’s surely set to be. As Mike Finnerty in the Mayo News pointed out this week (kindly quoting the results archive here on the site for his analysis) we’ve yet to record a win on Donegal soil and it’ll be a tall enough ask for us to get our first one there tomorrow.

There’s no word as yet on Donegal’s starting fifteen (I think they’ve more or less given up naming their team in advance of games at this stage) but we can be sure it’ll be a strong line-up we’ll be facing. Although our injury problems are starting to lessen we’re still some way short of a full pick ourselves but the positive display we recorded against Dublin earlier this month shows we’re well capable of performing strongly against good opposition.

We’ll need that kind of form and more tomorrow.┬áSadly, I won’t be there to shout for the lads – I’ve too much on up here this weekend so I’ll be watching the action live on TG4 instead.

While I think it’d be at least a small surprise were we to do the business up in Ballybofey, a win against the high-flying home team would, for sure, be the perfect shot in the arm for Stephen Rochford and his charges. ┬áBest of luck to them in what’s sure to be an intriguing battle at MacCumhaill Park.

14 thoughts on “Another tough assignment tomorrow

  1. When does it get to a stage where not winning becomes a crisi. Think we need to win or we are down

  2. Another defeat i think, but I honestly think we’ll win at least 3 of our last 4 games and make the semis.

  3. dunno, if roscommon or monaghan or down or kerry are desperate for points after this weekend, would you bet your pants on us beating any of them in our weakened state? I think we will struggle against donegal and not get the point or points in this game. Depending on how well the castlebar fellas do on the 17th of March there could be a drag or a major boost to our step when they return and coc cannot be rushed back at any cost, now is the time for regan and co to stand up and produce.

  4. Would be happy to see another mean defensive display, another clean sheet and if we can do that we just might squeeze a narrow win here. We should be hungrier for the points so it’s time to spring a surprise and a first league win for Rochy.

  5. It doesn’t look great for us when you factor in injuries, Castlebar and current form but all that said its still difficult to tell where we are at ,the three week break might mean we have gained more in sharpness/fitness . Either way I’m not too concerned yet , we showed glimpses v the jacks that we are still up for it and will be a force in 16 .

  6. Will win if full forward functions, but Regan and Sweeney don’t really inspire me I’m afraid. I think we will be left frustrated, hope I’m

  7. A bit unfair to blame the likes of Regan and Sweeney if the team don’t score enough. After all they are relatively new and there are plenty of more familiar and longer standing bodies within that forwards group who should be able to contribute more.

  8. Donegal have taken the cynical art of team naming to new depths. I seem to recall 2 changes right at the throw-in against Galway in the qualifier last year.

    Interesting that Rochy is placing a lot of faith in Mikey Sweeney at the moment. This is good really, as he hadn’t got a proper chance under previous managers.

  9. After Monaghans performance last night in Dublin, should send a strong reminder that there are no banker games in this division…so we need to go for broke from today to get the point(s) that we desperately need. Anything less will spell trouble. The team has had three weeks to prepare so its up to the players now to perform.

  10. Huge effort. They gave everything but the REALITY is we are limited up front. We just don’t have a real lethal attacker and without Cillian we are always going to struggle against the top teams.

    I was really hoping we’d see Regan impress. He kicked his points, most of which were bread and butter frees. Didn’t feature at all from play. Nor did Conor O’Shea.

    So many times today our attacking moves ended with a defender in possession, Hall, Keegan, Nally, Harrison. A few of them kicked scores others didn’t. We just look disjointed in the final quarter. If you analyse that game, our front six didn’t get possession in enough scoring positions. I haven’t seen anything in the first 3 games up front to inspire me with much confidence. 1 goal in 3 games…

    Our Connacht neighbours meanwhile are scoring for fun. McStay getting off to some start!

    Defensively we were solid, apart from being opened up for the goal. Our midfield was decent but the management and players have a big job to try to figure out a way for us to increase our scoring.

    Ps: D O’Connor. Great player.

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