Answering Ray’s call + plain speaking from Kev

This week’s Mayo News contains a call to arms from Ray Dempsey who appeals to Mayo supporters to turn out in numbers for Saturday’s All-Ireland minor semi-final replay with Kerry at Limerick. As I mentioned last night, I’ve decided to answer Ray’s call, given that (a) the team does certainly deserve our support and (b) the switch to Limerick makes it an easier trip for me, even if it makes it even more difficult to get to for everyone travelling from the native soil.

I see that County Board Secretary Sean Feeney lends his weight to the same plea but, unlike Ray, I think he has a bit of a nerve to do so, what with the County Board having virtually ceded home advantage to the Kingdom for Saturday’s rematch.  “I would lend my support, and I think they deserve support” says Feeney.  I think so too, so much so that I think the County Board should have insisted on a rematch somewhere that’s closer to home for our supporters, not least because we agreed to play this year’s U21 semi-final with Kerry down in Nenagh.  So, Sean, I would lend my support to you and your colleagues on the County Board getting up off your collective holes and fighting your corner properly when fixtures such as this are being arranged. As supporters, it’s the least we can expect.

While we’re in plain speaking mode, I loved the bit in Kevin McStay’s column about Johnno’s ongoing agonising over whether or not he’s going to stay on for a third year.  Well said, Kev – but do they do group hugs in the army?

6 thoughts on “Answering Ray’s call + plain speaking from Kev

  1. Brings me back to my pet hate, the Mayo County board. In 2001 we put our u21s on ice from April when they beat Meath to reach the u21 decider to October to facilitate Tyrone who were caught up in the foot and mouth. In 2004 our u21s were forced out SIX days after the seniors lost the final to play Armagh in the u21 decider. The venue was Breffni Park Cavan. Some thanks for our sacrifice and decency in 2001, Armagh had virtually a home match. Did they ever think of telling the fixtures committie that sets us up eternally to f**k off and give us a fair crack of the whip or else we will withdraw. I repeat ad nauseam we will win nothing of the big trophies until we get the county board to stand up to the shit thats dished to us on a regular basis. Mayo God help us alright.

  2. This weekend’s one was such an obvious one to get closer to home, given that the U21 match was played in Nenagh earlier this year. I’d forgotten about those earlier examples but they’re all further evidence of a county board that isn’t prepared to stand up for itself as regards fixture decisions.

  3. Hi Guys, I was reading the interview with andy moran and conor mortimer … made for interesting reading … and some points brought to your attention as a fan that wouldnt have come to mind otherwise. Andy for instance says that he found it difficult to keep peaking throughout the year for the different teams he had been involved with , Believable ? yeah but surely focus must be given to Connacht Championship ?
    Conor says Connacht championships mean nothing to him anymore …and all he now wants is the big one!!!!! Im sorry but I wonder if you would hear Padraic Joyce, sean Kavanagh or Kieran Donaghy saying that? on the next breathe he goes on to say football is all about 15-20 players that cross the line , but ironically we will win nothing without him !
    Self confidence is one thing but vanity is something else entirely.
    Other issues of note from said interview- Ciaran Mac – maybe he just wasnt wanted back ?From Andys answers one would wonder … Fear of Kerry – certainly I found it alarming that they came across afraid of them… now onall evidence so far fair enough , but you never beat anyone if your afraid of them …

  4. There’s a few interesting points in it alright.

    The bit where Andy Moran says he peaked in March would make you want to weep – I can’t imagine there were too many Kerry lads peaking at that time of year. He takes the blame but surely management have to take some share of the blame on this as well?

    I can’t understand the contempt Conor expresses for winning Connacht – it’s not as if his pockets are bulging with Connacht medals or anything. I’ve always held the view that the only way we’re really going to compete nationally is to be dominant in Connacht, winning three, four or five years on the trot. We’ve only won Connacht twice this decade (and Conor only has 2 Connacht medals) so the players should be looking to win it every year.

    I’d’ve some sympathy with him on the “they’ll win nothing without me either” response. This was to a very pointed question from Mike Finnerty who said that “some people say that Mayo will win nothing with you on the team”. What sort of a statement is that to make to a player who has been our leading scorer for the past seven seasons – Finnerty should know better than this. I’m surprised Mort didn’t nut him!

  5. Finnertys question was bizarre. Like him or loath him(and many outside the county do), Mort would make most if not all teams in the county and i include Kerry in that( he would get in ahead of D Walsh or darren O sullivan). He is gamey too and doesnt hide despite his size. I remeber a Laois mate of mine telling me he didnt rate mort at all and that Joe Higgins would eat him alive before the 06 Q final….his opinion of mort since that day has gone up but he still hates him with a passion on a personal level.
    Andy Moran was frank and i like that – no “arse boxing” from our Andy. Without dissecting ithe article too much it would appear that the players are looking at themselves instead of blaming anyone else and that is a good thing. We are coming into a critical phase in “operation Sam”. We need “all people pulling the same direction” and if that means a “cabinet resuffle” then so be it. All involved need to make the decision to either give it 100% or walk away. the prize awaiting is the ultimate one. Legendry status guaranteed. If this doesnt happen we could well miss a great opportunity to claim the ultimate prize. Its within reach in the next 5 years….i can almost smell it…its up to everybody to work together to realise the dream.

  6. the glass is half full side of the argument Ted and in fairness well put. But expecting all the players (and management I presume) to conduct a major self-analysis with a view to staying or walking might be a bit wishful – it’s kind of handing one of the managment resposnibilities back to the players. Self-regulatiom flaws comes to mind.
    Any player will tog-out and play if the mangement pick him and that goes for any player on any team. ‘Self-regulation’ would be flawed but that is where mangement have to be strong and make the tough decisions. If someone isn’t giving 100% and mangement don’t see that or do and don’t make the hard decision then they aren’t doing their job – either way!
    It all raises a very interesting question though and it’s this – are there some players where less than 100% is being tolerated by management and team colleagues? Mac might be a very public and well debated example where it wasn’t tolerated despite public clamour but are there others who have survived when their performance and standard has been less than 100%?

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