Any chance of a team at all, lads?

These Armagh lads are beginning to get on my wick, I have to say.  It’s now approaching Friday lunchtime and all the match programmes have long gone to print but there’s still no announcement from them about a team for Sunday.  It is an All-Ireland final, guys, and given all that stuff you’ve already got up on your website about special buses to the game and a souvenir minor book and the like, you’d think you could rise to a team announcement.

And then I saw this on, on a thread where everyone from the Orchard County who has expressed an opinion about the final appears to be confidently predicting a comfortable win for them, an opinion which also seems to be shared by everyone else on that part of the island.  Is it just me or does this homecoming itinerary look like pre-planned victory celebrations?  I can’t honestly see how it could stretch to two days if it’s not.

I’m really looking forward to Sunday now.  While Ray is obviously correct in saying that our lads are “just going to hope and try and be with them for as long as we can”, I’m beginning to think that we might do a whole load better on Sunday than just keep the ball kicked out to them.  And I hope we have our own homecoming plans sorted out in advance too – just in case, like.

4 thoughts on “Any chance of a team at all, lads?

  1. Hi WJ,

    I’m liking the sound of this ‘pre-planned victory celebration’. Reminds me of the Kerry seniors in ’82, with their pre-printed 5-in-a-row mugs etc.
    A last minute dodgy winning goal will do me just fine on Sunday.
    To everyone who’s going, enjoy the day. Shout as loud as you can for the lads.
    Up Mayo

  2. Hi WJ, just had a look at the homecoming plans for the Armagh team there, very impressive for RUNNERS UP!!!! Like Dan, i’ll settle for a last minute goal on Sunday! Its some amunition for the whole mayo squad and management to go and do the business!

    On a general point i’m actually liking the build up (or lack of) in Mayo this week. In my opinion its not near the same level as last year. Could it be perhaps, that Mayo supporters (after Meath and all that went with it) are finally gettting the point of letting our actions on the pitch do the talking??? I would hope that its not an attitude of we’re beaten all ready by this good but very much media hyped Armagh team, so keep the noise down about it.

    The bookies dont really rate us, we dont have much chance say the experts…….. Thats exactly how we want it, come sunday on final day after the Armagh lads dreams are shattered, we’ll be bringing the cup home (via Armagh if they want to have a look at it that bad) to Mayo!!

    Best of luck to the Ray, management, and the lads! Mayo 4 Life!!

  3. Hopefully this will come back to haunt the Armagh team.

    Best of luck to the mayo lads – i’ll be kicking every ball and throwing every pass from the comfort of my house.

    Up the mayo!!

  4. Tis nearly comical hearing the Armagh people trying to defend this homecoming planning and saying it doesnt mean anything. we’d be embarrased and rightly so to do such a thing. A book??? For getting to the final???? This would be our 5th beano annual in the last 10 years if we did such a thing. Of course none of it will matter if they win, if we win it’ll all look really silly, if they win it will go down as a sign of confidence and forward planning. Lets hope we dont go too bananas if we win and have the lads opening Centras for 12 months like the Rossies

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