Any word on a manager? – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E32

As the process to appoint the next Mayo senior manager rumbles on, in this episode of the Mayo News Football Podcast host Mike Finnerty catches up with Colm Keys of the Irish Independent and with Mayo News columnist Billy Joe Padden to talk about the latest developments.

Firstly, Colm tackles the talking point of whether or not Mayo’s managerial appointment process is working well so far or if it has developed into ‘a bit of a circus’ as one newspaper columnist described it last weekend. Billy Joe chats about the news that a former Mayo player is set to be on the interview panel, and looks at the reasons why this sounds like a good idea.

Colm also discusses the way some backroom teams have come into the public domain, and explains why he thought one candidate giving an interview to this podcast was a good idea! Both lads consider why communication will be key for the man who gets the job in the end.

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60 thoughts on “Any word on a manager? – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E32

  1. The managerial selection process should not be given any more publicity. Its such a farce at this point.

  2. The reality is no one knows what is going on behind closed doors and the only thing we can say at this point is that it does seems to be taking longer than is necessary. If the only negative to that is creating a vacuum, so be it, its a small price to pay for ensuring we get the right candidate. One of the four will be chosen in due course and, once they are, all of the chat and speculation will be soon forgotten. What I don’t understand is why the former MD of Allergan is on the interview panel? As someone who interviews people for a living, I honestly cant understand what relevance his experience, lends to this process? Is it really as simplistic as “sure lookit, he had a big job, he’s involved in cairde, lets add him to the interview panel, it’ll look good externally”? Has he ever been involved in a high profile sporting managerial selection process before? And on the flipside, have any of the candidates been put through their paces, in an exec interview, in a multinational commercial environment previously? If the answer to both those questions is no, then I don’t think its fair on either party, to be honest.

  3. I’ve said it before, and will say it again: none of the other numerous county manager selection processes are attracting the attention (and mirth) that our one is. For instance, Waterford just reappointed Davy Fitz as manager, something that you might think would attract a lot of hullabaloo given his personality and some of the baggage from his first tenure, but went very much under the radar beforehand. Meanwhile, Off the Ball did two pieces on our contest yesterday.

    Interestingly, De Paper are reporting that Stephen Rochford is being approached by the Rossies for the manager’s job there.

  4. As we well know at this stage everything is about the end result. Following the appointment process if the successful ticket goes on to win the all Ireland these exact same pundits will be advocating that this appointment process should be the blue print across the GAA. We are blue in the face with people coming on here and elsewhere saying that if you keep doing the same thing over and over again you can’t expect a different result. Yet as soon as we try to change things, as in the appointment process, it is been butchered before it is even allowed to run its course. What’s everyone’s hurry? its likely the new management team will be in place before the championship starts which makes bugger all difference in my view anyway.. we all know who the players are..

  5. toe to hand – agree with that. Who cares if it’s taking a bit longer than other counties? Intercounty training won’t start back until November at the earliest. The time it took to appoint a manager won’t make a blind bit of difference by the time league and championship come around in 2023.

    I really don’t think this constitutes a circus or a farce, but each to their own!

  6. It appears to me that whatever happens in Mayo GAA always makes its way onto the national media. Mayo GAA can’t help that.
    I am all for taking as much time as is necessary over this process. Some of the appointments made by other counties seem to me to be done in a very cloak and dagger manner, are open to abuse, and the personal preference of individuals.
    We appear to be doing this according to agreed procedure. It makes a lot of sense to me. Whether that procedure is optimum or not is another matter altogether. We agreed on this procedure. Let’s stick to it.
    As for the people on the interview board, it seems to me that we are also getting this right. The more expertise, in the various disciplines required, the better, in my view.

    I would also say that whatever the various applicants do in the public domain prior to the interviews, is entirely up to them. If they feel like speaking on podcasts, or releasing their backroom team is all strategic as far as I am concerned. And they should be free to advertise the capabilities of themselves and their team. Some have decided against such promotional activities. But they are doing so, as they think it is the best way to go about it and that it may sit better with the decision makers.
    I can’t wait. My money is on Ray Dempsey ar this stage, even though I would have a preference for the team that Kevin McStay has assembled.
    Personally, I am excited by all the applicants. And if we get the best of that lot, then we will sure have a good management team in place.

  7. @Wide Ball- I agree in one sense but also by taking so long we are feeding into a narrative out there that it is turning into a “circus” and we are also risking having other counties snap up potential coaches leaving us with weaker options.

    It is 2 weeks since expressions of interest closed and there has been no urgency from the CB to call in candidates for interviews.

    Lots have counties would have the whole process over after these 2 weeks. I keep hearing that Kerry followed a similar process last year but truth is Peter Keane found out on September 13th he would have to reapply for a 4th year as Kerry manager and Jack O’Connor was appointed by 24th September, there was also other tickets put forward in Kerry for the Job.

  8. Rochford seems to be wanted by every County except his own,,, but then a genius is seldem or never given credit in his own place.

  9. The only place I’ve seen the word circus is in the comments here.
    I think the process is going on for a bit too long but nobody will care if the appointment is a success.
    Of course there is coverage in the national news as that’s the level of interest in Mayo GAA.
    We have had farcial situations (lots of them)down the years but this is not one of them.

    Some people just love giving out about everything all the time,a terrible way to be.

  10. Can someone clarify this for me but back in 2010, the interview panel consisted of all non County Board members?, there may have been one or District Board members but none from the Mayo Board.
    It made a good decision on selecting Horan, why wasn’t this implemented for the current process?

  11. As long, as right man get job, not overly worried if take a little more time. Whoever gets has to find a way. To get team to win it. Unfortunately that what previous managers has achieved alot, and only added to pressure on next management team up. Picking a manager not a easy job, or picking the right manager not a easy job

  12. That’s for sure Mayotillidie, would anyone say hand on heart that whoever gets the gig next will have as strong a panel to choose as past two incumbents have had over past 6 years?
    Maybe in few years, with younger lads coming through, but he won’t have have starting deck with calibre of men of Boyle, Higgins, Barret, Parsons, McLoughlin etc.

  13. The best outcome would be for the Managerial Selection Committee to pick the best applicants from the four groups who have applied. I am sure that whoever is Manager would be agreeable to this if he was to end up with a stronger backroom team providing they could work together.

  14. There is nothing wrong with the process of appointing the new manager. The problem with it is , it’s too long. I see a recently appointed manager in another county is chasing the coach of one of the candidates. This of course might suit the C.B.

  15. Can’t believe there’s any truth in the Roscommon/Rochford story. Surely they’ve heard that he is part of McStay’s line up in Mayo. Why would they contact him then ?

  16. Maybe because money talks Observer? It could all be nonsense, but I truly hope Rochford doesn’t go to another Connaught county.

  17. If anyone is interested the Tedd Webb Cup Final Mayo against Kerry is on in Bekan Saturday at 12pm.

  18. It really doesn’t matter how long or convoluted the appointment process takes as long as it get’s done before club championship starts. I also couldn’t care less about how other counties carry out their business and I doubt too many opposition followers are that bothered about how we carry on. The county board must feel this is the best way of doing things and they should be left to do their job. All of the 4 management teams would be well attuned to what players are of the desired level and the club championship will bolster this.

  19. @Achill 75: Thanks. What’s the story with the Ted Webb these days, is it still an u16 competition? Just thinking of the change in age groups of some of the underage competitions in recent years.

    Also, back in my day it was exclusively a Connacht competition. Is it open to all the western seaboard counties now?

  20. Is It true Louis Walsh is on the interview panel. If so, I can see the merit. He was instrumental in bringing a range of talents together, in One Direction.. He might be able to get the best from each ticket to work together..

  21. @achill75. I see there’s a 2nd mayo team playing armagh at 12.30. You’d think they would play the 2 games in the same venue and take in both games together

  22. Getting Kian Egan (Westlife/Sligo Rovers) onto panel was a masterstroke by CB, as they had to be seen to be fair to the Sligo applicants. He also brings a winning mentality – having been crowned I’m a Celebrity.. King of the Jungle..

  23. Some posters suggesting we pick the best from the 4 management team. And how in Gods name would we do that. Interview the lot?
    And no talk of funding? It was JP McManus as benefactor that transformed Limerick more than anything else.
    I do think that funding the senior team should be kept seperate from other CB expenses as it is in Armagh. It would be a disastsr if funding the Senior panel was to suffer because of other financial pressures.

  24. Didn’t see the games but U16s beat Armagh and lost to Kerry.

    U15s beat Tyrone and Derry

    U14s had big wins over Kildare and Limerick

  25. Joe G, Kerry won the Tedd Webb, seen on Kerry twitter page ,no scoreline tough. Nothing on Mayo twitter about it

  26. Kerry 3 15
    Mayo 3.13
    I was at it very enjoyable game ,credit to both teams to play in the midday heat.some fine footbales on both sides.

  27. Ontheditch :”Some posters suggesting we pick the best from the 4 management team. And how in Gods name would we do that”. My answer to you is Interview the lot? If we have a PROBLEM interviewing 16 people where are we going’ If we expect 50 plus players to dedicate their young lives to the Mayo Cause then I would i would at least expect that the selection panel to at least try and get the best management team in place

  28. Although Im not a big fan of the county board, am I the only one who believes that taking our time in selecting a manager is not necessarily a bad thing? 

    Our next competitive game is about four months away.

    Kilkenny taking 12 days to make their an appointment, good for them.
    Maybe Cody told their CB at the beginning of the year that this would be their last year, so their new man was set aside.

    Imagine if the CB made an appointment in 12 days or if they interviewed 3 candidates before awarding the position to a fourth man who didn’t initially want it, as happened in Meath. 

    Wouldn’t that be a “circus”. There would be uproar and new man would always be up against it from day 1.

    that ex dublin player who wrote the cheap headline “circus” piece is getting lots of coverage for it. Annoying to see so many people took bate.

    I’m extremely happy with all of the applicants and backroomteams. Let’s face it, those whom supporters wanted have applied. Theres no real if only such a man had applied.this time.

    Credit to all the applicants for applying and good luck to them.

  29. Thanks for the Ft Davelad,you done well to find it. Its a little like the 3rd secret of Fatima ,
    I feel a bit controversial even contributing to the situation, such is the secrets that is attached to the score . Its as if we shouldn’t even know about it

  30. I find the whole thing a farce. Clubs were asked to nominate a manager for the post of Maigh Eo County Manager. That’s not to hard so far. Four names nominated so the process moves on to the Interview stage where then the nut’s and bolts of your propesed back room team are announced. Every thing is kept in house but no that does not suit the narritive of some of the canidates? So Pressure comes on the County Board to select the canidate with a high profile backroom team. To me this is Bullshit. You nominate a Manager and then he selects his backroom team guided by the parameters he has expressed to the County Board in his interview. The need for up to twenty personnel on a management panel needs to be drastically cut back as the fat of the land can’t afford this anymore.Reality has to take hold at some stage and now is the time to nip it in the bud. Maigh Eo Abu.

  31. @ O SULLIVAN. i dont see what interviewing all 16 would achieve only lengthening the process considerably and muddying the waters even further. No guarantee that the chosen 4 would gel or work as a team. It is reasonable to assume that perspective managers have selected teams they can have a good working relationship with.
    Let the system take it course. I trust it will throw up a strong management team.

  32. Ger Mc. respectfully I couldn’t disagree more. GAA has evolved hugely in the past 10-15 years. Sports scientist, psychologist, physiotherapist x 2 and a team doctor, video analyst, kitman, PRO are all essential team members – there’s 8 of a backroom team straight away and that’s only scratching the surface before including coaches, selectors and manager etc.

    The team manager is now not as important from a tactic point of view as the coach in my opinion (but still the boss generally). Therefore knowing the backroom team before appointing is very important. The bainisteoir can have his vision of how he wants the team to play but the coaches train the lads to play that way. The bainisteoirs role now involves managing the personnel of the backroom team and the personalities of the 30-35 squad (50 people total) as well as arranging logistics – training venues, training camps, match day planning, working with the county board, working with development squads and u-20 manager etc. isn’t that why Rochford said he’d prefer to be a coach going forward after leaving the Mayo job in 2018 as managing involved too much time off the pitch?

    If we strip everything back and don’t resource the team adequately, then our standards will start to decline and then continue to decline. Mayo GAA is a huge brand that we don’t market enough in my opinion. It should and could generate more revenue than it does. However if we’re not at the top table consistently competing at the tail end of the championship, then our potential to generate revenue to fund the team declines greatly. It’s a vicious cycle but you only reap what you sow. Don’t invest and you’ll get damn all

  33. I see a K McDonald from Crossmolina was at number 11 with the u 15s. If he is even half the player his father was it will be an interesting to watch out for in a few years time

  34. U16s were missing some players but good solid results.
    Mayo played 12 academy games yesterday and won 11.
    Would love to see something innovative like a former gymnast allowed influence the SnC.
    I see young gymnasts regular enough with our kids and their power and development for teenagers is off the charts whilst being mobile and not overly bulked up nor slim either.
    That development window closes physically.
    There’s a whole science with the data already in on missing that strength and speed window with youths.
    Getting brought into things like cross country training will convert the muscle fibres that are changeable into slow twitch, disaster for speed.

  35. Idle gossip. All 4 candidates are professional and respectful enough to let the CB make an announcement when thers white smoke. Shouldnt be long now though.

  36. Two Yellows – I’ve deleted that comment. You should know no better than to post that kind of tittle-tattle here. Please don’t do so again.

  37. @JP the results from yesterday were quite interesting. Saw a photo of a lad on Mayo gaa Twitter from Westport who looked like he was captain of the u15 team and he was towering over the fellas presenting the cup, looked like a giant of a man, I’d imagine there was a good few lads from that u14 A final last year between Westport and Crossmolina that was talked about so much and went to a replay.
    Several of the best u15 players would probably make the starting 15 for u16 too I’m guessing but they played the same day. Looked like Rio mortimer is the only player from this years minor side still eligible next year. Didn’t notice any other of this years minors listed in the u16 sides.

  38. I wouldn’t be a fan of over publicising the development squads. Not sure it’s good for young fellas.

    Should be minimal fuss around them bulk won’t make it, so no point talking about kids, they enough pressure on them in other areas of their life, should just enjoy their football.

    Also from experience they can be often lean heavily number wise from club/clubs management from.

  39. I agree entirely with Gizmobos. Let them enjoy their sport and their youth. There needs to be balance between coaching and free expression. Fear of doing the wrong thing is the worst mentality a young lad could have. Walsh and clifford have set the bar for young fellas. Natural talent and belief in their own ability

  40. Ray Dempsey
    A fairly comfortable win for Knockmore over Ballina today in the league semi final, seems like they’re shaping up nicely for another crack at the championship.
    This could all change of course if Dempsey was to land the Mayo job!

  41. John+McHale. It is looking like north and west to be morre powerful than south and east this coming championship. I have a feeling that Westport might finally get it all together this time. Really looking forward to another great competition and hope the timing of the games allows us to get to more than one game on a day. I know the season ticket allows for the holder to attend club games but in ttruth many county followers don’t attend club games. Would it be an idea if the county board introduced a dedicated club season ticket whereby your own club and the home club staging the game were compensated. Would entice more fans to attend more games leading to bigger attendances and allow parents to bring their U16s and hopefully lead to the next generation becoming avid match goers. Not sure if it’s feasible but there are lots of smarter folk than me out there that could say if it could work. Obviously there would have to be scanners for the tickets which could be on smart phones.

  42. Definitely worth a try, there is an appetite among supporters right now to get out and see what future talent is available.
    Will it happen? Lets see.

  43. Judging by social media the clear favourite amongst mayo supporters is that Kevin mcstay gets the job obviously supporters won’t be aware of the cost of each candidates overall package and the term they are seeking, I’d imagine it won’t be a 4 year term that jh got and more like 3 years with a review in year 2 .
    In relation to Ray dempsey I’d imagine he has a serious team behind him and is playing his cards close to his chest, is it possible that he could have Rochford and Buckley on his ticket in the event mcstay doesn’t get the job ?
    I can’t help thinking we will see the new manager in either mcstay or dempsey .

  44. Castle51, some Mayo supporters either don’t do social media or they don’t publish their opinions re Mayo manager on social media.

    “Judging by social media” is a flawed method in my opinion.

  45. Mairtinin this blog is a form of social media so can’t say I agree with you however I was only pointing out were most people’s opinions seem to be for mcstay .I think the 4 candidates deserve great credit for putting there names forward.

  46. I’d agree Mairtinin. Social media and polls aren’t always reliable. On Mayo Gaa Banter page FB the likes per proposed teams are Dempsey’s 646, McStay’s 306 and Solan’s 74. So one could argue that Dempsey’s ticket is over twice as popular as McStays and over 8 times as popular as Solan’s. Huge number of comments would come from people that haven’t even been at a club game in Mayo in years. I saw a man yesterday at the Stephenites Knockmore game that I hadn’t spotted for over 30 years at a club game. I nearly died of shock.

  47. Thewestisbest your post is slightly misleading on the fb page ,646,306,74 likes were different stories as each candidate announced they were standing, the most up-to-date post of all 4 had mcstay ahead on the comments of which there were 128 didn’t do a breakdown on numbers but mcstay miles ahead .
    In fairness this is just a snap shot of people’s opinions the post is 3 days old ,
    The cb will ultimately decide and not social media. I was just giving a indication of were I felt people’s thinking was at.

  48. Castle51 – Not sure social media is representative of even a fraction of the reality of local support either. Polls have been more unreliable in politics lately. I’d be willing to bet a tick the box at the gates of each club game this weekend would yield a totally different outcome to social media engagement…

  49. I think Castle51 that post that you’re on about has a total of a paltry 154 comments. Considering the bulk of them are comments about other comments and comments for none of the above, it not much of basis to go on. I agree with you that every day and location would yield a different result. If Dempsey has put a team of Kevin O’Neill, Oisin McConville, Terry Kennedy, Declan O’Keefe, Keith Higgins, Enda Gilvarry and James Burke together then that in my opinion would be a really good one.

  50. Hi JP, great post there. It’s fascinating stuff and not the first time I’ve heard how greatly beneficial gymnastic type coaching is to early teenagers. If Mayo GAA *whoever is in charge of S&C programmes could tap into this and introduce a more science based system it would allow us to produce faster, stronger, better balance and more agile county footballers. This equals success.

    Does anyone know if the Mayo Academies have anything in place??

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