Anyone fancy doing a match report on the IT Sligo game?




Our second FBD League match takes place this coming Sunday, when we play host to IT Sligo at James Stephens Park, Ballina. It will, by the way, be the first time since we entertained the Dubs there in the League in March 2009 that a senior inter-county match will have been played at that venue. Throw-in on Sunday will once again be 2pm.

It won’t come as an enormous shock to you to learn that I don’t plan to make the trek across the country for this encounter, though I do plan to be at MacHale Park the following Sunday for the final round match against the Rossies. Digits has told me he won’t be there either on Sunday so I’m just wondering if there’s anyone out there who might fancy doing a first-hand report on the game. You know the thing – taut, precise prose, capturing all salient points about the game, in my inbox within a few hours of the final whistle. Digits’ tour de force last Sunday has set the bar in this respect!

Seriously, though, if anyone is happy to scribble a report on the game (of whatever length you want) and get it to me at some point on Sunday evening that’d be great. If there are no takers, then I’ll resort to my normal routine of stitching together a second-hand account, based on what I pick up from the radio and the Twitter feed, but I’m equally happy to stand aside should anyone who’s at the game want to do a report on it instead.

If anyone is interested, please feel free to say so in the comments or alternatively drop me a mail at

UPDATE: Mike Kelly, who did the match reporting honours for all of our FBD matches last year, has kindly offered to do a report on Sunday’s game. Thanks for that, Mike.

10 thoughts on “Anyone fancy doing a match report on the IT Sligo game?

  1. I would love to do a match report but sadly I will miss the game. I have to head to your side of the country to see the “outlaws”.
    I will, however, be listening in to Madwesht.

  2. If you need a match report, I can do it as I’ll be there. I’ll try to surpass Martin Brehanys jour no skills (easy) and try and not as be as negative as McGee (shouldn’t be too hard) 🙂

  3. Thanks for the offer, KL, but Mike Kelly has already put his hand up to do a piece on Sunday’s game. There’ll be other chances during the year, though, as I’m not sure how many games (particularly those in the west) I’ll be able to get to this year. That said, I am hoping to be at the Rossie FBD match on Sunday week.

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