Anyone fancy doing a report on the Mitchels game?


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As I mentioned yesterday, club loyalties are set to trump county association for me this coming Saturday as I’m heading to Newry for the St. Vincents/Ballinderry All-Ireland club semi-final. I’ll be doing a bit of a report on this match afterwards but it’d be good to get a first-hand account of the other semi-final that’s on earlier the same afternoon in Portlaoise between Mitchels and Dr. Crokes too. As a result I thought it might be worthwhile to see if there’s anyone out there who fancies becoming part of the burgeoning match report meitheal that’s developed on the site since the start of the year by providing an account of the clash in O’Moore Park.

If you’re a regular visitor here, then you’ll have a fair idea what’s ideally required in this respect – something short (or a bit longer if you want, there are no hard and fast rules in this area) giving a flavour of the action, which you’d be able to get to me via email before the evening is out. A photo to go with it would be great too if you were able to manage that (but no bother if not). If anyone is interested in having a crack at doing this, you can either reply via the comments or drop me an email.

7 thoughts on “Anyone fancy doing a report on the Mitchels game?

  1. Wow! What a performance by Castlebar…..very impressed and won pulling away! Congrats to the entire squad.

  2. Congrats to Mitchells.Crokes didn’t look the team they were after the Gooch went off.Sure sign they over rely on him.But im not taken anything away from Mitchells.I found some of Mitchells attacking much like mayos slow build up and passing into lads with men around them which is very frustrating to watch.Around the 55th minute their attacking play was faster and lads running onto balls and you could see it was a lot more effective and was the direct result of the 3rd goal.I have said it before but its crucial for mayo to attack in this way for success this year.I like the look of that Durkin lad he is a fine footballer maybe even good enough for county?

  3. Well done to all involved with Castlebar Mitchels, what a great victory! Please, please please keep up this level of performance for the final on St. Patrick’s day! You can do it…. Fair play to Pat Holmes and his backroom team. Mayo teams have won five national titles since 2001 and Pat Holmes has been involved in two of those, the 2001 national league title for Mayo and the 2006 U21 All-Ireland title for Mayo. Hopefully he will make it a third next month. Maybe there is a place for him to be added to James Horan’s backroom team as a selector. He seems to be able to make the right switches at the right time anyway. Best of luck in the final, seize the day!

  4. Ah here 🙂 Only seeing this now – I knew my ears were burning this week! I’d have done it, but match reports aren’t my forte – you’re all definitely in better hands with WJ 😉

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