9 thoughts on “Applications invited for Mayo LGFA manager’s post

  1. Let’s hope they get some really good coaches on board . Unfortunately, certainly at under age in Ladies, you just get a good talker that’s really confident in themselves.
    Ladies football has moved on and Michael Moyles left big boots to fill .

  2. Diane O’Hora most likely. Would Liam McHale go for it? He’s an interview going out at 4pm on Ballina community radio. Teaser trailer link below, init McHale references how the other 4 lads have a very different philosophy on how should play than he had. Given how long he’s partnered with McStay is unusual for such a philosophical difference to just become apparent.

  3. Diane O Hora would be an excellent choice she has won all Ireland senior medals as a players and a junior all Ireland as a manager.

  4. Gizmobobs, how things, do you know how i might get the full recording of the Liam machale interview with Liam machale, went onto there website but no joy

  5. Puts a question mark after how assertive McStay was. Going forward, next year is a defining season for him

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