Sources used: Padraig Ferguson’s Archive; Hogan Stand; The Complete Handbook of Gaelic Games; Cork Examiner (with thanks to Ian Hannafin), Connaught Telegraph. 

Connacht Championship

FINAL: Mayo 1-3 Galway 0-4 (Ballina, 30/10/1910). MAYO: P Sweeney; B Ferguson, M McHugh, A Boshell, T Gibson, _ Franklin, W Boshell, B Durkan, P Farmer, M Farrell, J Moran, T Boshell, A Hanley, G Fitzgerald, E Boshell, J Jordan, WF Courell. (Scoreline from Connaught Telegraph, in a report of this match that was published in the paper on 27th July 1935).

1910 All-Ireland Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Kerry 1-7 Mayo 0-4 (Tuam, 21/8/1910). MAYO: P Sweeney; B Ferguson, M McHugh, M Heavy, T Gibson, W Boshell (0-1, a free), DP [unintelligible], B Durkan, M Farrell, T Barrett (0-1), A Moran, T Boshell, G Fitzgerald, E Boshell (0-1), P McDonald, R Marsh, H Heskin. (One point unattributed in match report).

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