Sources used: Padraig Ferguson’s Archive; The Complete Handbook of Gaelic Games, Irish Independent, Connacht Tribune, The Road to 51

Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 2-6 Galway 2-2 (Athlone, 3/9/1916).  MAYO: DF Courell (captain, 0-1), P Sweeney (goal), W Gibbons, P Smyth (0-2), P Golden, T Boshell, T Reilly, JE McEllin, J Lydon, B Durcan, H Hession, P Ruane, T Ruane, T Forde, M Murray (0-1).  [The match report, in the Connacht Tribune, does not identify who scored either of Mayo’s goals.  Likewise, the scorer of a first half free remains unnamed].

FINAL: Roscommon 0-3 Mayo 1-5 (Castlerea, 1/10/1916). MAYO: P Loftus, T Gibson, J Waldron, JE McEllin, T Ruane, P Robinson, J Leyden, H Hession, DF Courell (captain), M Murray, T Boshell, M Franklin, J Reilly, T Forde, P Smyth. [No scorer details available]

All-Ireland Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 1-2 Cork 0-2 (Athlone, 22/10/1916). MAYO: DF Courell (captain, 0-1), P Loftus (goal), JE McEllin, B Durcan, T Gibson, P Robinson, P Kelly, J Leyden, H Hession, T Boshell (0-1), P Jordan, T Forde, P Smyth, T Ruane, T Lyons.  [Detail on Mayo goalscorer not available. Replay ordered due to an objection lodged by Cork in relation to this fixture].

SEMI-FINAL (REPLAY): Mayo 1-2 Cork 1-1 (Croke Park, 19/11/1916). MAYO: DF Courell (captain), P Loftus (goal), JE McEllin, T Gibson, J Waldron, P Kelly, P Robinson (0-1), J Leyden, H Hession, G Delaney, J Reilly, M Murray (0-1), P Smyth, T Boshell, A Lyons. [Note: The match report in the Irish Independent doesn’t state which player scored Mayo’s goal but that the ball “struck an upright, rebounded into play, but was as quickly in the Cork net from a ruck in front of the posts.”]

FINAL: Wexford (Blues & Whites) 3-4 Mayo (Ballina Stephenites) 1-2 (Croke Park, 17/12/1916).  MAYO: P Loftus; T Gibson, J Waldron, JE McEllin; G Delaney, P Robinson, J Leyden; H Hession (0-1), DF Courell (0-1); M Murray, T Boshell (1-0), P Kelly; J Reilly, A Lyons, P Smyth.

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    I,m designing a Mayo GAA Calendar for 2018 and I,m looking for prints or excellent quality images of the 1916 team and the 1936 all Ireland teams.Would you be able to put me in contact with someone who may have some images I could buy or a email.Much Appreciated


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  2. I don’t know whether club teams represented the County at that time but there were more than Ballina Stephenites players that played the whole way through. McEllin and Reilly at least we’re from Balla. What’s the explanation for that I wonder?

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