Sources used: Padraig Ferguson’s Archive; Wikipedia; The Complete Handbook of Gaelic Games; The Green Above the Red, The Road to 51

Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 2-5 Sligo 1-6 (Tuam, 4/10/1925). MAYO: J Murray; F Doherty, B Durkan, P O’Beirne; JE McEllin, M Mullins, F Regan; J Forde, G Delaney; M Mulderrig (0-1), JJ Walsh (1-2), A Lohan (0-2); T Forde, T Williams (1-0), J Henry. [One point unattributed]

FINAL: Galway 1-5 Mayo 1-3 (Tuam, 18/10/1925). MAYO: JE McEllin (captain); J Murray (goal); B Durkan, F Doherty, A Lohan, P O’Beirne, M Mullins, J Forde, M Mulderrig, S Lavan, G Delaney, JJ Walsh (0-1), J Henry (1-0), G Williams (0-1), T Forde (0-1).

All-Ireland Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 2-4 Wexford 1-4 (Croke Park, 30/8/1925).  MAYO: JE McEllin (captain), J Murray (goal), B Durkan, P O’Beirne, M Mullins, F O’Doherty, J Regan, M Mulderrig, J Forde, G Delaney, JJ Walsh (0-1), A Lohan, G Williams (1-1), J Henry (1-1), T Forde (0-1).

1925 was, by any standards, a chaotic year in the championship.  Mayo were declared Connacht champions and so ended up playing (and beating) Wexford in an All-Ireland semi-final before they had played any matches in the Connacht championship.  With Mayo having thus qualified for the All-Ireland final, both Cavan and Kerry – who met in the other semi-final – were both disqualified from the championship due to objections and counter-objections being lodged over events at their semi-final.  Mayo were then, briefly, declared All-Ireland champions (which would have been their first ever All-Ireland title) but this was later rescinded as Mayo had yet to play in the much-delayed Connacht championship (where Sligo and Roscommon had met six times and Galway and Leitrim twice).  Galway and Mayo were the only two undefeated counties left in the championship when they met in the Connacht final in October of that year.  Galway’s victory in that match led them to be declared as the All-Ireland champions for 1925, an outcome which still rankles amongst some Mayo fans today …

Further details on the 1925 championship are available here. A full discussion on the events of 1925 is also contained in The Green Above the Red, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4 of The Road to 51 is devoted to a detailed account of what happened in that year’s championship, both on and off the field of play. 

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