Sources used: Padraig Ferguson’s Archive, Wikipedia, The Road to 51

1926/7 NFL

The NFL did not take place in the 1926/7 season.

Connacht Championship

FIRST ROUND: Mayo 2-3 Sligo 1-8 (Castlerea, 29/5/1927).  [According to The Road to 51, the Connacht Council ordered this match, won by Sligo, to be replayed on the grounds that the game did not start at the agreed time. Team and scorer details unavailable.]

FIRST ROUND (REPLAY): Sligo 0-1 Mayo 1-1 (Sligo, 19/6/1927).  MAYO: M McLoughlin; W Donohue, D Creagh, F Shouldice; J Hunt, F Doherty, J Regan; M Mulderrig, J Forde; JJ Walsh, M Barrett, F Patten; G Courell, J McGahern, T Forde. [Match abandoned following a disputed goal for Mayo after 12 minutes. Sligo withdrew from the championship and Mayo were awarded the tie.]

SEMI-FINAL: Galway 1-5 Mayo 1-4 (Tuam, 17/7/1927). MAYO: M McLoughlin; W Donohue, D Creagh, F Doherty; F Shouldice, J Regan, TJ Hanley; M Mulderrig, J Forde; JJ Walsh, J McGahern, F Patten; G Courell, T Forde, M Barrett. Sub: JE McEllin (1-0). [All points unattributed]

1927/8 NFL

Mayo 2-7 Sligo 1-5 (Claremorris, 24/4/1927).  [This appears to be the first ever NFL fixture played in by Mayo. Team and scorer details unavailable.]

Mayo 2-5 Roscommon 1-6 (Claremorris, 8/5/1928). Mayo scorers: D Creagh (1-1), J Henry (0-2), G Courell (0-1). [Other scores unattributed. Team details unavailable.]

Mayo 0-9 Leitrim 0-8 (Roscommon, 18/9/1927). MAYO: M McLoughlin; F Shouldice, J Kenny, B Coleman; T Tunney, D Creagh, J Regan; M Mulderrig, J Forde; F Patten, M Barrett, JE McEllin; G Courell, M Ormsby, J McGahern. [All scores unattributed]

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  1. If London & New York return to play in Connacht championship in 2022 a 2 year delay for starters is expected for teams hosting in rotation. Meaning that games between Galway & New York, Roscommon & London that would have been played in 2020 will be played in 2022 instead. While in 2023 Mayo will play London & Roscommon for New York instead of 2021. Overseas travelling in GAA games will remain banned for the rest of 2021 a meeting to get back in 2022 will be fixed for October to November at the earliest when 2022 in planned. In 2024 a 1 year rob robin system between Sligo, Leitrim, London & New York will be aloud. In 2025 Mayo will host New York & Galway for London.

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