Sources used: Padraig Ferguson’s Archive, The Road to 51

1927/8 NFL

INTER-DIVISIONAL PLAY-OFF: Kildare 0-8 Mayo 0-5 (Croke Park, 25/3/1928). Mayo scorers: JE McEllin (0-2), J McGahern (0-2), G Courell (0-1). [Three points unattributed, team details unavailable]

INTER-DIVISIONAL PLAY-OFF: Mayo 1-1 Kerry 0-6 (Castlebar, 15/4/1928). MAYO: D Creagh, M McLoughlin, F Shouldice, J Kenny, T Hunt, M Mullen, TJ Hanley, M Mulderrig, J Forde, W Donohue, J McGahern, F Patten, M Barrett (0-1), JE McEllin, G Courell (1-0). Subs (unused): T Forde, D Hearns, R Moore, T Tunney, J McDonnell.

Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 1-5 Roscommon 0-2 (Ballyhaunis, 17/6/1928). MAYO: M McLoughlin; J Kenny, T Tunney, JJ Walsh; T Forde, D Creagh, W Mullen; F Patten, R Moore; J Forde (1-0), W Donohue, TJ Hanley; G Courell, J McFadden, J Forde. [Points scored all unattributed]

FINAL: Sligo 1-4 Mayo 0-6 (Tuam, 5/8/1928). MAYO: M McLoughlin; J Kenny, D Creagh, W Donohue; T Tunney, M Mullen, TJ Hanley; J Forde, J McFadden; JJ Walsh (0-2), M Mulderrig, F Patten; P O’Leary, JE McEllin, G Courell (0-3, two frees). [One point unattributed]

1928/9 NFL

Mayo 0-5 Sligo 1-2 (Castlerea, 7/10/1928). MAYO: M McLoughlin; J Kenny, D Creagh, W Donohue; T Tunney, TJ Hanley, P Cox; M Mulderrig, J McFadden; T Forde, F Patten, JJ Walsh; R Moore (0-1), G Courell (0-4), M Moran. Subs: F O’Donnell, P O’Donnell, P Hoban. [In The Road to 51, it is stated that all of Mayo’s scores bar Moore’s point were unattributed in the contemporaneous match report but that Courell was “responsible for most of the Mayo scores”. This is taken to mean that he scored everything bar the point attributed to Moore.] 

Mayo 0-7 Leitrim 1-4 (Tubbercurry, 28/10/1928). Mayo scorers: G Courell (0-3), T Forde (0-2), R Moore (0-1), F Patten (0-1). [Team details unavailable]

Galway 0-3 Mayo 2-6 (Tuam, 16/12/1928). MAYO: M McLoughlin; J Kenny, F Shouldice, P Cox; T Tunney, M Mullen, TJ Hanley; M Mulderrig, T Forde; J Forde, F Patten, M moran; R Moore, G Courell, M Barrett. [All scores unattributed]

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