1929/1930 NFL

Sligo 1-2 Mayo 4-4 (Tubbercurry, 27/4/1930). MAYO: S Moran; J Kenny, D Creagh, TJ Hanley; T Tunney, M Mullen, P Quinn; M Mulderrig, M Keating (1-1); F Patten (1-1), D Hearns (1-1), M Moran; D Taylor, P Moclair, G Courell. [1-1 unattributed]

Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 3-4 Leitrim 1-1 (Sligo, 18/5/1930). MAYO: S Moran; D Creagh, TJ Hanley, J Kenny; T Tunney, J Regan, P Cox; M Keating, M Mulderrig; F Patten, D Hearns (1-0), M Moran; D Taylor, P Moclair (1-0), G Courell (1-0). Sub: R Moore. [Four points unattributed]

FINAL: Mayo 1-7 Sligo 1-2 (Parkmore, Tuam, 10/8/1930). MAYO: S Moran; J Kenny, D Creagh, P Flannery; T Tunney, P Quinn, P Cox; M Mulderrig, J Forde; F Patten, M Keating (0-2), M Moran (1-1); TJ Hanley, D Hearns (0-1), G Courell (0-3, frees).

All-Ireland Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Kerry 1-9 Mayo 0-4 (Roscommon, 24/8/1930). MAYO: S Moran; P O’Beirne, D Creagh, J Egan; J Kenny, M Mullen, TJ Hanley; M Mulderrig, J Forde; P Flannery, M Keating, F Patten; G Courell (0-2), D Hearns (0-1), M Moran (0-1).

1930/1 NFL

Mayo 0-1 Galway 0-7 (Parkmore, Tuam, 29/6/1930).  MAYO: T Burke; T Tunney, J Egan, P Cox; S O’Malley, J O’Regan, J Diffley; M Mulderrig, P O’Leary; S Moran, M Keating, M Moran (0-1); D Taylor, P Flannery, G Courell. [Note: It is stated in The Road to 51 that it was “reported in several newspapers that this game was part of the 1930 championship but it is more likely to have been a National League fixture because Galway went out of the Connacht championship to Sligo on June 1”.]

Roscommon 0-3 Mayo 1-7 (Castlerea, 20/7/1930). MAYO: S Moran, J Kenny, D Creagh, TJ Hanley; T Tunney, P Quinn, P Cox; M Mulderrig, J Regan; F Patten, M Keating (0-1), M Moran (0-5); F O’Donnell, P Flannery, G Courell. Sub: D Taylor (0-1). [Goal unattributed]


Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Roscommon 6-2 Mayo 4-7 (Castlerea, 20/7/1930).

For some unexplained reason, the above fixture was replayed, with the result as set out below. 

SEMI-FINAL (REPLAY): Mayo 3-8 Roscommon 2-2 (Parkmore, Tuam, 10/8/1930).

FINAL: Sligo 1-1 Mayo 3-4 (Tubbercurry, 31/8/1930). MAYO: J O’Gara, C Gannon, C Ward, G Ormsby, C McHale, J Acton, J O’Donohue, M Flannery, C O’Boyle, J McGowan, T Bourke, W Devers, P McGoff, B Scanlon, M Connor, C Guthrie, W Ormsby, T Gresham, M O’Rourke.

Note the Connacht final was played two weeks after Mayo beat Clare in the All-Ireland semi-final (see result below). According to a report in the Ballina Herald (dated 30th August) previewing the Connacht final, it is stated that, if they beat Mayo, Sligo would thereby qualify for the All-Ireland final. Go figure …  

All-Ireland Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 2-3 Clare 0-0 (Birr, 17/8/1930).

FINAL: Dublin 1-3 Mayo 0-5 (Croke Park, 7/9/1930).

Sources used: Padraig Ferguson’s Archive, The Road to 51, Irish Independent, Western People, Connaught Telegraph, Ballina Herald.  

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