1940/1 NFL

SEMI-FINAL: Down 1-4 Mayo 0-11 (Newcastle, 9/3/1941). MAYO: D Acton; J McGowan, R Winters, T Laffey; J Moran, T Regan, T Robinson; H Kenny, J Reape; J Munnelly (Castlebar, 0-6); PJ Judge (0-4), P Laffey; M O’Malley, J Munnelly (Ballycastle), T Hoban (0-1).

FINAL: Mayo 3-5 Dublin 0-7 (Croke Park, 27/4/1941).  MAYO: Desmond Acton; Jim McGowan, Richard Winters, Jimmy Laffey; Tommy Regan, George Ormsby, Tommy Robinson; Henry Kenny, Josie Munnelly (Castlebar); Jackie Carney, PJ Judge (0-1), Peter Laffey (1-2); Mick O’Malley, Josie Munnelly (Ballycastle) (2-2), Tommy Hoban.

The NFL was suspended between 1942 and 1945 due to severe fuel shortages and general rationing arising from World War II (1939 – 1945). As a result, the 1940/1 season was the final one in which the NFL was played until its resumption in the 1945/6 season.

Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Galway 0-10 Mayo 1-5 (Parkmore, Tuam, 29/6/1941).  MAYO: D Acton; T Laffey, R Winters, M Griffin; T Regan, G Ormsby, J Robinson; H Kenny, J Munnelly (Ballycastle); J Carney (0-1), PJ Judge (0-1), P Laffey (0-1); M O’Malley (0-1), J Munnelly (Castlebar), T Hoban (1-1).


SEMI-FINAL: Galway 1-9 Mayo 0-5 (Parkmore, Tuam, 29/6/1941). [Team and scorer details unavailable.]

Sources used: Padraig Ferguson’s Archive, The Green Above the Red, The Road to 51, Irish Press, Irish Independent, Tuam Herald.  

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  1. My dad played and I have a mayo junior f’ball championship 1941 won by ballahadreen . Do you have any photos?

  2. Nell Hanley Cahill
    I have a photo, my dad Mick Callaghan was on that team too. I see your dad in the photo I’m guessing Vince Hanley there is also Fr. Hanley. Send me your email and I’ll send you a copy, I can’t paste to this comment box.

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