The NFL was suspended between 1942 and 1945 due to severe fuel shortages and general rationing arising from World War II (1939 – 1945).

Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 1-11 Galway 1-3 (MacHale Park, 18/6/1944).  MAYO: T Byrne; P Gilvarry, P McNamara, T Laffey; J Munnelly (Ballycastle), S Flanagan, T Regan; H Kenny (0-2), T Langan (0-2); H Dixon, T Acton, P Kilroy; J Munnelly (Castlebar, 0-2), J Gilvarry (1-1), T Hoban (0-4).

FINAL: Roscommon 2-11 Mayo 1-6 (Parkmore, Tuam, 6/8/1944). MAYO: T Byrne; P Gilvarry, G McLoughlin, T Laffey; O Clarke, S Flanagan, T Regan; T Langan (0-1), H Kenny; J Carney, T Acton, P Kilroy; J Munnelly (Castlebar), T Hoban (1-5, one point a free), J Gilvarry.


The Minor Football Championships, both Provincial and All-Ireland, were suspended between 1942 and 1944 inclusive. 

Sources used: Padraig Ferguson’s Archive, Connacht Sentinel, The Road to 51

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  1. My fathers name is William Francis McDonnell. He passed away when I was two and a half years old. He grew up in Annagh, Co. Mayo, Ireland and I have two Gaelic Football Medals. One is from 1944 and one from 1945.

    One says Mayo gfc 1945 Castlebar the other which has a Gaelic Football on the face says W. Mayo league 44.Both a sterling silver.

    My husband and I came to Ireland last week to trace his roots but could not find anyone except Mick Byrne that could help us in finding a roster or any more information regarding his time playing Gaelic Football.

    I was told he left for the US in 1947 where he met and married my mom. I was able to locate to Cousins in Annagh and I saw the house (though just a shell at this point) where my father grew up. We were told he was a great athlete and if he had stayed in Ireland he may have been a great one. He came to the states when he was 22. I am now 60 years old and if you have any information regarding him, his teams I would be very grateful.

    I would also be happy to send you pictures of his Medals as they as pretty cool.

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