1945/6 NFL

Cavan 0-6 Mayo 0-5 (Breffni Park, Cavan, 17/2/1946).  MAYO: T Byrne; P Gilvarry, M McNamara, S Flanagan; J Forde, J Gilvarry, F Mongey; T Langan, E Mongey; J Munnelly (Castlebar, 0-1), T Acton (0-3, frees), T Kilroy; Joe Gilvarry, J Kilroy (0-1), G McDonald.

Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 2-9 Sligo 2-6 (James Stephens Park, Ballina, 23/6/1946). MAYO: T Byrne; F Mongey, P McNamara, S Flanagan; J Forde, John Gilvarry, J Munnelly (Ballycastle); H Kenny, P Carney (0-4); Joe Gilvarry (1-0), S Mellette (0-1), P Kilroy; J Munnelly (Castlebar), J Kilroy (1-0), J Mulvey (0-2).  [Two Mayo points unattributed]

FINAL: Mayo 0-6 Roscommon 1-4 (Duggan Park, Ballinasloe, 21/7/1946).  MAYO: T Byrne; P Gilvarry, P McNamara, S Flanagan; J Forde, John Gilvarry, F Mongey; P Carney (0-2, frees), H Kenny; Joe Gilvarry, E Mongey (0-1), P Quinn (0-1); J Munnelly (Castlebar) (0-2), T Langan, J Kilroy.

Note: Roscommon’s goal proved to be a controversial one.  The goal was scored by Roscommon’s Jimmy Murray and there was some confusion as to whether or not it would be allowed as the umpires failed to signal the score.  It was only after Jimmy Murray had raised the green flag himself that the umpires finally signalled the goal. The referee, speaking after the match to the Irish Press match reporter ‘Green Flag’ (an appropriate sobriquet) stated that he had allowed the score because in his opinion the Mayo goalkeeper, Tom Byrne, was behind the line when he saved Murray’s initial goal effort.  In the week following the final, Mayo entered a formal objection with the Connacht Council, reportedly about the legality of two of the Roscommon team.  Roscommon entered a counter-objection.  At a meeting of the Connacht Council on 5/8/1946 at Castlerea, both the objection and counter-objection were withdrawn, the referee’s report was adopted and a replay ordered.  (Source: Irish Press reports July, August 1946).

FINAL (REPLAY): Roscommon 1-9 Mayo 1-2 (St Coman’s Park, Roscommon, 11/8/1946).  MAYO: T Byrne; P Gilvarry, M McNamara, S Flanagan; J Forde, John Gilvarry, F Mongey; H Kenny, P Carney (0-1, free); P Kilroy, E Mongey, Joe Gilvarry (1-0); J Munnelly (Castlebar), J Kilroy, T Acton (0-1). Subs: T Hoban for P Kilroy, P Quinn for F Mongey.

The picture below, which includes players from both Mayo and Roscommon, was taken at half-time in the replayed final which took place at Roscommon on 11th August 1946.  

 1946/7 NFL

Mayo 1-7 Sligo 1-6 (Sligo, 20/10/1946).  MAYO: T Byrne; P Gilvarry, J Kilroy, S Flanagan; J Forde, P McNamara, J Staunton; E Mongey, Joe Gilvarry; L Hastings, P Carney (0-2), S Mulderrig; J Munnelly (Castlebar) (1-2), J Munnelly (Ballycastle) (0-1), T Acton (0-2).


Connacht Championship

FIRST ROUND: Mayo 3-10 Leitrim 0-5 (Tubbercurry, 30/6/1946). MAYO: V Keane; M Cannon. P Doherty, L Costello; D O’Grady, A Durcan (1-0), N Kane;  P Carney (0-3, frees), S Mulderrig (1-0); T Lyons (0-2), V Fahy, S Shields (0-1); G Browne (0-2), P Solan (0-1), J Curran. [A goal unattributed in match report.] 

SEMI-FINAL: Sligo 3-5 Mayo 4-9 (Sligo, 7/7/1946). MAYO: V Keane; M Cannon. P Doherty, L Costello; D O’Grady, A Durcan, N Kane; P Carney, S Mulderrig; T Lyons, P Quinn, S Shields; G Browne, P Solan, J Curran. [Scorer details not available in match reports].  

FINAL: Mayo 4-9 Galway 1-5 (St Coman’s Park, Roscommon, 4/8/1946). [Team and scorer details not available in match reports]. 

All-Ireland Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Kerry 3-5 Mayo 2-5 (Austin Stack Park, Tralee, 25/8/1946). MAYO: V Keane; M Cannon. P Doherty, L Costello; D O’Grady, A Durcan, N Kane;  P Carney (0-1, free), S Mulderrig (0-2); T Lyons, P Quinn, S Shields; G Browne (1-0), P Solan (1-1), J Curran (0-1).

Sources used: Padraig Ferguson’s Archive, The Road to 51, Irish Press, Irish Independent, Anglo-Celt, Western People, Connaught Telegraph 

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  1. Hello,
    I would like to draw your attention to a very minor error in the minor team! The ‘N Keane’ was a Ballina Stephenite called Nicholas Kane (He was my uncle and I have his 1946 Connacht medal!). He also played in the 1947 team. He was always known to his family as Ias – and he is so recorded in the Stephenites history published in the mid 1980s. I would be very grateful if you could amend the record for both years.

    P. S. The player ‘V. Keane’ is no relation.

  2. Thanks, Sean – I’ve made that change to the entries for both the 1946 and 1947 Minor teams. Thanks for getting in touch to point out the correction.

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