Connacht FBD League

NUIG 2-10 Mayo 3-11 (Castlegar, 12/1/2003). MAYO: P Burke; K Mortimer, J Nallen, R Connelly; F Costello, B Prendergast, G O’Malley; G Walshe (0-1), J Gill (0-1); T Mortimer (0-3), D Sweeney (0-1), S Carolan (1-1); C Mortimer (1-2, one free), R Moran, M Horan (0-2, frees). Subs: G Brady (1-0), P Quinn, S Healy, A Costello.

IT Sligo 0-11 Mayo 0-10 (IT Sligo, 24/1/2003). MAYO: P Burke; K Mortimer, D Heaney, R Connelly; F Costello, B Prendergast, A Costello; R Brennan (0-1), S Grimes; G Brady (0-1), D Sweeney (0-4), E Lavelle; S Mangan, R Moran, S Carolan. Subs: J Gill, C Mortimer (0-3), T Mortimer (0-1).

Mayo 2-14 Galway 0-7 (Garrymore, 26/1/2003). MAYO: P Burke; K Mortimer, D Heaney, R Connelly; F Costello, S Grimes, P Gardiner (0-2); J Gill, J Nallen; T Mortimer (0-3), D Sweeney (0-2), S Carolan; L Moffatt (1-2), C Mortimer (0-4), M Horan (1-1). Subs: A Costello for Heaney, A Dillon for Carolan.

‘HOME’ FINAL: Roscommon 0-6 Mayo 0-14 (Dr Hyde Park, 13/4/2003). MAYO: Peter Burke; Gary Ruane, James Nallen, Kenneth Mortimer; Aidan Higgins, Gary Mullins, Alan Roche; David Heaney, James Gill (0-2); Andy Moran, Trevor Mortimer (0-3), Declan Sweeney (0-1); Sean Mangan (0-6, five frees), Brian Maloney (0-1), Conor Mortimer (0-2). Subs: Noel Connelly for Moran, Alan Dillon for Trevor Mortimer, Ger Brady for Sweeney.

FINAL: New York 3-9 Mayo 2-14 (Gaelic Park, New York, 12/10/2003). MAYO: David Clarke; Ray Connelly, Pat Kelly, Gary Ruane; Conor Moran, Gary Mullins, Enda Devenney; Pat Navin, Pat Harte; Ger Brady, Declan Sweeney, Alan Dillon; Conor Mortimer, Brian Maloney, Stephen Carolan. Subs: Dermot Geraghty for Moran, Liam O’Malley for Devenney.

NFL Division 1B

Mayo 2-8 Sligo 1-10 (McHale Park, 2/2/2003). MAYO: P Burke; K Mortimer, P Kelly, R Connelly; F Costello, B Prendergast, P Gardiner; J Nallen, J Gill (0-1); D Sweeney (1-0), C McDonald (0-4), M Moyles; L Moffatt, C Mortimer (1-1), M Horan (0-1). Subs: P McGuinness for Moyles, G Brady (0-1) for C Mortimer, R Moran for Sweeney, S Grimes for Gardiner.

Down 0-12 Mayo 1-11 (Newcastle, 9/2/2003). MAYO: P Burke; K Mortimer, P Kelly, R Connolly; B Burke, B Prendergast, F Costello (0-1); D Heaney, R Brennan; S Carolan (0-1), D Sweeney (0-2), S Grimes; C Mortimer (0-6), A Moran, M Horan (0-1). Subs: G Brady (1-0) for A Moran, F Kelly for R Brennan, A Roche for B Burke, R Moran for F Costello.

Mayo 1-8 Laois 1-9 (Ballinrobe, 16/2/2003). MAYO: P Burke; K Mortimer, P Kelly, R Connelly; S Grimes, B Prendergast, F Costello; D Tiernan, D Heaney; S Carolan, D Sweeney (0-1), R Haran; C Mortimer (0-2), M Horan (0-1), A Moran (1-1). Subs: G Brady for Haran, G Mullins for A Moran, M Sheridan (0-3) for Carolan, A Dillon for Tiernan.

Cavan 1-16 Mayo 0-11 (Breffni Park, 2/3/2003). MAYO: F Ruddy; K Mortimer, P Kelly (0-1), R Connelly; A Roche, B Prendergast, F Costello; D Heaney, G Mullins; G Brady, D Sweeney (0-1), A Moran; C Mortimer (0-2), M Horan, M Sheridan (0-6 frees and 45). Subs: B Burke for Prendergast (33 mns), A Dillon for C Mortimer (57 mins), S Mangan (0-1) for Moran, S Carolan for Brady (both 50 mins), A Costello for Connelly (69 mins).

Mayo 0-12 Kildare 0-9 (Ballina, 9/3/2003). MAYO: F Ruddy, K Mortimer, P Kelly, R Connelly, A Roche, G Mullins, F Costello, D Heaney (0-1), F Kelly, J Gill (0-1), D Sweeney (0-2), D Tiernan, M Sheridan (0-5), A Dillon, C Mortimer (0-3). Subs: B Ruane for Costello; T Mortimer for F Kelly.

Meath 1-16 Mayo 0-12 (Navan, 23/3/2003). MAYO: P Burke; K Mortimer, P Kelly, R Connelly; A Roche (0-1), G Mullins, B Ruane; D Heaney (0-1), F Kelly; J Gill (0-1), D Tiernan, A Dillon (0-1); C Mortimer (0-5, 3 frees), D Sweeney (0-2), T Mortimer (0-1). Subs: B Maloney for Tiernan, M Horan for Dillon, G Brady for C Mortimer.

Mayo 0-11 Fermanagh 0-12 (Charlestown, 6/4/2003). MAYO: P Burke: K Mortimer, J Nallen, P Kelly; P Gardiner, G Mullins, A Higgins; D Heaney (0-1), J Gill (0-3); T Mortimer (0-2), C McDonald (0-2, 2f), D Tiernan; S Mangan (0-3 1f), D Sweeney, B Maloney. Subs: D Munnelly for D Tiernan, G Brady for D Sweeney, N Connelly for P Gardiner.

Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Sligo 0-11 Mayo 0-14 (Markievicz Park, 8/6/2003). MAYO: P Burke; A Higgins, D Heaney, G Ruane; G Mullins, J Nallen, F Costello (0-2); F Kelly, J Gill (0-1); T Mortimer (0-1), D Sweeney (0-2, 1f), A Dillon (0-1); C Mortimer (0-4, 3f), B Maloney, S Carolan (0-1). Subs: G Brady (0-2) for S Carolan (44 mins), L Moffatt for F Kelly ( 65 mins), M Sheridan for B Maloney (67 mins).

FINAL: Galway 1-14 Mayo 0-13 (Pearse Stadium, 6/7/2003). MAYO: F Ruddy; A Higgins, D Heaney, G Ruane; G Mullins, J Nallen, F Costello; F Kelly, J Gill (0-1); T Mortimer, D Sweeney (0-1), A Dillon; C Mortimer (0-6, 4 frees), B Maloney (0-1), S Carolan (0-1). Subs: K Mortimer for F Costello (6 mins inj), G Brady (0-1) for B Maloney (38 mins blood), P Kelly for G Mullins ( 38 mins inj), B Maloney for S Carolan (48 mins), M Sheridan (0-2 frees) for M Sweeney (58 mins), L Moffatt for C Mortimer (66 mins).

All-Ireland Qualifiers

ROUND 4: Fermanagh 0-12 Mayo 1-8 (Markievicz Park, 20/7/2003). MAYO: F Ruddy; K Mortimer, D Heaney, A Higgins; G Mullins, J Nallen, N Connelly; E Sheehy, J Gill; T Mortimer (1-1), D Sweeney, A Dillon; C Mortimer, B Maloney (0-2, one 45), M Sheridan (0-5, 4 frees). Subs: G Brady for Dillon (51 mins), D Tiernan for D Sweeney (54 mins), L Moffatt for C Mortimer (58 mins).


Connacht Championship

PRELIMINARY ROUND: Leitrim 1-9 Mayo 0-15 (Pairc Sean Mac Diarmada, Carrick-on-Shannon, 16/7/2003). MAYO: Fintan Ruddy; Dermot Geraghty, Pat Navin, Ronan Walsh; Stephen Drake, Enda Devenney, Dermot Costello; Paul Doherty, Pat Harte; Paul Carey (0-1), Alan Dillon (0-2), Andy Moran (0-1); Conor Mortimer (0-6, six frees), Sean Mangan (0-1), Damien Munnelly.  Subs: J Morrin (0-1) for Carey, J Prenty for Mangan.

SEMI-FINAL: Sligo 1-9 Mayo 0-14 (Tubbercurry, 23/7/2003). MAYO: F Ruddy (0-1,’45); L O’Malley, P Navin, R Walsh; S Drake, E Devenney, D Costello; J Varley, P Harte; A Dillon (0-1), P Doherty, A Moran (0-1); C Mortimer (0-11, nine frees), S Mangan, D Munnelly. Subs: P Carey for Varley, B Regan for Mangan, D Larkin for Costello, J Prenty for Munnelly.

FINAL: Galway 0-11 Mayo 1-9 (Tuam Stadium, 13/8/2003). MAYO:F Ruddy (0-1,’45); L O’Malley, R Walsh, D Geraghty; C Moran, E Devenney, D Costello; B Regan, P Navin; P Harte (0-2), P Doherty, A Moran (1-1); C Mortimer (0-1, free), P Carey, A Dillon (0-2). Subs: D Munnelly (0-2, one free) for Carey, P Carey for Regan, J Varley for Doherty.

All-Ireland Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Tyrone 1-9 Mayo 0-9 (Markievicz Park, 7/9/2003). MAYO: F Ruddy; L O’Malley, R Walsh, D Geraghty; C Moran, E Devenney, D Costello; P Harte, P Navin; B Regan, P Doherty (0-1), A Moran; C Mortimer (0-7, three frees), A Dillon, D Munnelly (0-1, free). Subs: D Clarke for Ruddy, J Prenty for Doherty, P Carey for Regan.


Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Sligo 1-10 Mayo 1-11 (Markievicz Park, 17/5/2003). MAYO: R Byrne; D Loftus, J Malone, T Howley; J Conlon (0-1), K Higgins, S Ryder; D Sloyan, B Kelly; A Kilcoyne (0-6, three frees), JG Stenson (0-3), C Boyle; M Ronaldson (1-1), M Conroy, K Costello. Subs: E Tiernan for Boyle, Simon McGuinness for Kelly, Damien Padden for Malone, Henry Gaughan for Conroy.

FINAL: Galway 1-9 Mayo 0-9 (Pearse Stadium, 6/7/2003). MAYO: Richard Byrne; Trevor Howley, Keith Higgins, Joe Malone; Sean Ryder, Darragh Sloyan, Damien Padden; John Gerard Stenson (0-1), Sean O’Donnell; Aidan Kilcoyne (0-7, six frees), Henry Gaughan (0-1), Kevin Costello; Mark Ronaldson, Michael Conroy, Colm Boyle. Subs: Eamon Tiernan, Damien Coleman, Barry Kelly.

All-Ireland Series

QUARTER-FINAL: Kerry 2-10 Mayo 1-8 (Cusack Park, Ennis, 2/8/2003). MAYO: R Byrne; D Padden, T Howley, J Conlon; K Costello, D Sloyan, S Ryder; S O’Donnell, H McLoughlin; E Tiernan, A Kilcoyne (0-5, three frees), M Conroy; S Prendergast, JG Stenson (0-1), M Ronaldson (1-2). Subs: C Boyle for Prendergast, H Gaughan for McLoughlin, D Coleman for Tiernan.

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