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I was delighted to join Edwin McGreal from the Mayo News on Chris Duffy’s Saturday Sit Down show on Westport Community Radio earlier on today where we pre-recorded a preview of tomorrow’s big match.

The show goes out on WRFM (which broadcasts locally at 98.2FM) from 10am-12pm tomorrow but, mindful that everyone is likely to be on the road by then and so out of radio range, Chris has kindly provided an advance copy of the audio of the match preview we did. Here it is:

13 thoughts on “Audio preview of tomorrow’s replay

  1. Great to have such competition for places – we could not ask for any more. Lets hope the ball hops for us tomorrow as likely to come down to tiny margins again!

  2. Good piece WJ.

    Forgive me for referring to the venue again. On reflection the venue where this match ought to be played is the Aviva. Remember in the long ago, when the GAA were agonising over letting foreign codes into Croker? At the time a kind of quid pro quo was mooted and was part of the original plan for the Aviva: the GAA would use this venue for big games that Croker couldn’t accommodate, or that would be suitable for crowds of around 50,000. Fits Mayo v Kerry to a T.

    Yet, when the stadium came to be built, despite lots of Government funding, GAA matches were not included in the plans. The IRFU at the time gave a very snooty kind of thanks (for letting us use Croker) but no thanks (No, we are not going to reciprocate).

    While going to the Aviva might seem alien now, it wouldn’t be in the context of regular use by GAA teams as an alternative venue.

    Anyway, Limerick here we come! Let’s give those Kerry bastards a well deserved and long overdue pasting. Revenge for 06, 04,97 finals. Revenge for ’69 semi.

  3. Hi Willie Joe and all the Gang,
    The very best of luck tomorrow and safe journey to all to and back from the game, I think our game on Sunday will be tough but like you guys on your game tomorrow I just hope we get through it. I have the knot in my stomach already as I always do….it doesn’t get any easier but it is great to be so passionate about your team as the Mayo people know very well. Good Luck!!

    Kind Regards,
    Martin the Dub

  4. Great piece lads. Ye mentioned Barry Moran at midfield ………I would put him at full forward instead of Alan freeman. Then bring him to midfield if Donaghy appears and drop SOS back. Alan has been too inconsistent….whether it’s nerves, confidence or lack of aggression I don’t know but in my opinion it has to be Barry or Andy to start.

  5. Good job on the podcast lads, sure it won’t be long before you will have yer’ own weekly c’ship podcast Willie Joe?
    It’s a big risk putting bird in the middle there, and Andy to be held in reserve till 45’th minute or so.

  6. Up and ready foe the road! Safe journey to all today. The nerves are jangling. It’s a good jangle. Can hardly wait to roar the boys home. I don’t give a fuck how many yerras are there. Our lads will know that we’re there right behind them all the way.


  7. You’d reckon that any neutrals at the game will be supporting Mayo, along with all of us supporters there will still be plenty of support for our boys. We’ll just have to shout much louder than them, which we will do! Up Mayo!

  8. Well done Martin for your reasoned and supportive words always. Everybody has to support their home county but this can be done without wishing ill on other counties as you, and I hope the majority of home contributors to this excellent site, have shown. Best of luck tomorrow and looking forward to another Mayo / Dublin final.

  9. I can’t make the match today since I’m off to a wedding (a Keeyman no less). But I’ll be watching on the tv from there.

    I passed on the season ticket to the auld lad so the support won’t suffer in my absence. I’m sure he’ll shout as loud as myself.

    Best of luck to the lads today. I think we can do it regardless of who starts at FF. We also have options at midfield if things aren’t going well as we showed the last day.

    C’mon Mayo!!

  10. Catcol……….Aviva suggestion sounds great but has it the minimum length and width grass dimensions for gaelic games ?……..Rugby and soccer fields are smaller.

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