August is a wicked month – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E31

August used to be the month when the serious stuff happened at inter-county level but this year, with the split season in force, the inter-county year is already over. As a result, August is given over to chat about the forthcoming club Championships and, of course, the appointment process for the vacant position of Mayo manager.

In this episode of the Mayo News Football Podcast host Rob Murphy and I reflect on where the managerial appointment process is at right now and they look at what’s ahead on that front over the coming weeks, leading to the expected ratification of the new manager by the end of this month.

We also chat about Meath’s successful defence of the Brendan Martin Cup when they saw off the challenge of Kerry  last Sunday to claim a second successive LGFA Senior All-Ireland title. Rob then catches up with Ger Flanagan to chew the fat about the club action and to get his thoughts on the GAA’s new season structure. Finally, we hear Mike Finnerty in conversation with Shane McGrath of the Irish Daily Mail, as they review Mayo’s year and talk about the Mayo management selection process.  

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In the clubhouse section of the podcast, available exclusively to club members, Rob and I chat some more about what the next few weeks are likely to bring in relation to the race to succeed James Horan, while I have a small rant about the inter-county action ending in late July.  

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62 thoughts on “August is a wicked month – Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E31

  1. Kilkenny job is impressive alright. I guess it’s the first time in almost 2 decades they’ve had to do this and they have the luxury of bagfuls of All Ireland victories to soften the risk. But it’s pretty seamless and it almost appears that it was expected and they were ready to act quickly.
    Our process is pretty laboured but hope it’ll bring the desired results
    Maigheo abú

  2. When is the live managers debate on TV? If only we could be as slick as the cats. I don’t know any other county where this very public show would take place.

  3. I wonder will Kilkenny see a slide just like Man Utd did after Ferguson left. I know these are 2 different sports but in terms of the legacy left behind by both managers I will find intriguing if there will be any after effects .

  4. There’s lot of ways to hire a manager.. ultimately, if right mgr selected it justifies whatever process used and vice versa. If we did what Kilkenny did, the CB would get some stick. But Hoping the ‘process’ does not miss the only objective- i.e. find a mgr to win Sam and within 2yrs (no rebuild needed!)

  5. @mayomaningalway
    Re the kilkenny job there is the risk of being the guy to follow a legend (see moyes following ferguson at united) but looking closer to home there is also the possibility it might give a team enough of a freshness bounce to land the big one (see tyrone winning an AI in year one after cody)

  6. Ballinrobe failing to field against Ballina. This is a club with two adult teams!

  7. Don’t agree with the Kilkenny and Cork approach.
    They will get some stick if things go wrong.
    We are giving all a chance,hope we pick the right team.

  8. @JR – i wouldn’t question’s Kilkenny’s approach to appointing a manager they have won 23 all irelands since we last won one.

  9. Look there is no impressive way of appointing a manager..(But there is certainly several undesirable ways to go about the business, and Mayo County Board or certain individuals in the board have indulged in that in the past).. Anyway it’s a results based business at the end of the day, none of us can see into the future, so many variables, Manager’s may or may not have desirable management Team’s with them at the time of appointment, but no Garuntee of the management team staying as it was at the time of appointment either, but the manager appointed probably will still be in the helm even if it was his named managerial team that got him over the line, in a tight run race.. Not a black and white issue!

  10. Seanie Cody managed 11 of them.I don’t know how he was appointed.
    Going out of the club and indeed county is a big problem here in Meath. Big money being spent/wasted.
    When ever I go into a pub in a strange town I buy a club lottery ticket but hate to think it is wasted on paying a manager. I have known of a selector being paid
    It is a merry go round with manager’s.

  11. Tragic News coming out of Tipperary tonight.

    Thoughts and prayers with the Quirke family, friends and club mates of Dillon in Clonoulty-Rossmore and all in Tipperary GAA.

    May you RIP young man.

  12. Good Pod WJ. I agree that the inter County season finishing in July leaves an awful void. Club league games at the moment minus a lot of big names just don’t feel very intense. Probably holding a bit back for championship next month. Can’t wait for our club championship to get going and hopefully be able to see games other than the local ones on mayogaa.
    As regards the Mayo manager position, it’s plain to see with the posts on a couple of the pods that we moan like feck about each and everyone in the frame and now ffs we have lads losing their minds over the procedure for picking them. The sooner the real action starts again the better because I reckon we have the GAA equivalent of cabin fever.

  13. If we appointed a manager like Kilkenny did there would be war about the CB and secret backroom deals and underhanded dealings……when we advertise the position take applications and publish the process…its a “circus” whatever that means???……
    People love complaining

  14. I think we could take a leaf out of the book of the likes of Kilkenny, Kerry etc., counties which are serial All-Ireland winners. Select the right man and approach him, offer him the job, if he takes it up fine and well, if not, find someone else. All done with a minimum of fuss and media scrutiny.

    It would be great if one closed season passed in which there was no controversy/media circus involving our county setup.

  15. get the impression that this process is a reaction to the 15 apportionment, and given all the noise probably is the best way to do it assuming no “superstar” outside the county was on the cards. Get the next appointment right it would be easier to move quickly

  16. It Means nNothing To Me, as has been pointed out, if it was left to the CB to pick whoever they wanted, there would be uproar and all sorts of theories as to why they selected the person they did (costs, control, politics etc, we’ve had them all before).
    This process is a bit drawn out, but has a lot more transparency and less room for all the conspiracy theories (grounded or otherwise).

  17. To be honest I don’t see any media circus about Mayo GAA. It’s actually very quiet. Yes, there’s speculation but very little to talk about. I admire the process though I know people like an instant fix to everything. Some things are worth taking time with and doing them right. Who knows what the future holds for Kerry or Kilkenny….the KY counties.
    I am feeling positive and confident about Mayo GAA.
    Everything in it’s own time.
    Maigheo abú

  18. No rush with the manager.CB following process set out by club delegates
    Club championship not starting till September.

  19. The procees is as fair and transparent as possible. At some stage we have to trust the CB to appoint interview panel, ask the right questions, recomend the team they feel can deliver on our goals and so be it.
    The timeline should see a team in place by next week. Then we can all focus on club championship, getting out and supporting teams and filling in other posters on potential county panelists.
    It will be great to get a break from the distractive nonsense around the appointment

  20. @Tubberman: There may well be speculation in that scenario, inside the county. Given the county board’s track record, it’s fairly inevitable that people locally will speculate anyway.

    There are seven or eight counties looking for new managers this summer, including one or two posts that have already been filled. We are the only ones that are conducting the entire race through the national media. I have read very little about the process of appointing a manger in Monaghan, Donegal, Roscommon, Offaly etc.

    I haven’t seen such an approach succeed yet and indeed the most illustrious GAA counties tend to keep these things on the QT. Derek Lyng was just appointed to succeed Cody in Kilkenny with a minimum of fuss and publicity.

    What could we possibly learn from them? Rather a lot, in my opinion anyway.

  21. I haven’t seen much in the national media about the Mayo manager either tbh, aside from when McStay ticket was “leaked”.

  22. What difference does it make that everyone knows the people applying for the job? Come next February when the league starts, will we be at a disadvantage because the county board took their time over appointing a manager compared to Kilkenny or the Cork hurlers? There’s no outstanding candidate that everyone agrees on so why wouldn’t the CB take time to interview all 4 options before coming to a decision.

  23. It means nothing to me…
    I havent seen much at all in media about our managerial appointment…..and living outside the county i havent heard a mention of it….
    Clearly on here there is loads of talk but thats normal and to be expected…..Kerry went through a similar process last year with several applicants…..and a pre-determined winner

  24. 1989 – exactly. There’s no media circus or controversy. Local papers are reporting on the process as you’d expect. Shane Walsh is the only one causing a national Gaelic football circus at the moment with his big money transfer.

  25. Can a poll be set up on the blog WJ to see which of the 4 the fans would like to see get the job?

  26. Galway exile the poll should he whether everyone is happy with the Board’s coronation of Solan. From day 1 betting has suspended to push this through

    It doesnt matter that widespread views are that other candidates and backrooms have far more support.

    As someone mentioned last week the process risks alienating a dwindling Mayo support and undoing the work of the last 10 years

  27. Paddy Ban, whatever the selection committee recommends will have to be ratified by the clubs, so the CB can’t coronate anyone.

  28. True Tubberman but likely that recommendation is ratified unless something extraordinarry happens

  29. I’ve had my difficulties with different Mayo CB’s over the years but they have my sympathies around this new process that they must implement. They can’t win. The negativity and speculation must be making it hard to get people involved in the appointment process, it’s a thankless job. What I do belive is that all the CB members want Mayo to win an AI. We are lucky that we have 4 very good candidates looking for the manager position. I am looking forward to the 2023 season as I think we will see a revitalised Mayo team with some new players emerging.

  30. Ya, it was strange that the Irish Times had that article so early in the management race, 4th July, would make you wonder is this just a drawn out process so things are seen to be done fairly ?
    What information did the Bookies have at that stage to make one man the clear favourite?

  31. @it means nothing to me
    It seems you’re looking for something to give out about.Theres no media circus that I can see,the process is probably a bit drawn out and that’s about it.Overall the CB are making a better job out of this and avoiding controversy that has been an issue in previous appointments.

  32. Galway Exile – there’s still no official word of Ray Dempsey’s backroom team so a poll would still be premature.

    Paddy Ban – it might be as well for you to keep your conspiracy theories (which I note take their cue from an often unreliable source on social media) to yourself and let the appointment process run its course.

  33. Why would Mayo go for an outside Manager even if it was Gavin or McGuinness. Only outside Manager I remember being a success was John O Mahoney in Galway and he got one of the best young teams ever, Mayo a team in decline look at big defeats to Kerry in League and Championship and Galway also. Mayo are a few years away from competing at top table again.

  34. @Culmore – It obvious you’re trying to stir the pot and get a reaction with that comment. I wont get into names of players but anyone who has watched Mayo over the past 3 years knows that there is a serious base of young talent in the current squad.

  35. Thanks Mayolass for adding that link.
    Five of the Committee members are involved with the Mayo Board or the smaller boards.

    Surely this Committee are currently too embedded, too local with one Galway man as an outsider.

    I think the management team may be done and dusted at this stage.

  36. Delighted to see a Galway man taking part in the process to find the man to challenge them in Connacht.

    Also encouraging that no player from Mayo decided to get involved.

    Think that will put all the candidates mind at rest that they are not involved in a charade.

  37. Well spotted Mayolass. Tá tú ar an liathróid.
    Im glad to see Silke in there.
    @ culmore. No inside manager has got us over the line in 70 years a trying. Thankfully all 4 nominees have outside blood in their teams.

  38. Is that a reliable article either though?? I’ve never heard of Sean Silke.
    Possibly Ray Silke? But you would expect a top sports journo to have this info correct

  39. Can someone try and explain to me why do many present or past School teachers hold the Official posts in the Gaa, at a National level but also at local club and County levels ?

  40. 2hops – Sean Silke played centre half back in a Galway hurling team that won an All Ireland – possibly around 1980 or 1981. But I think he is been employed here now as a HR person rather than an ex player.
    Mayo88 – I would think there are so many teachers involved in gaa administration because they are one of the few professions where people have enough time off to give up their spare time.
    I also notice that more and more players from the top counties are going into the teaching profession for more time off for training etc and getting jobs at home in their own counties for training etc

  41. I wonder is that Pat O’ Donnell Retired MD and VP of Allergan? If it is then we have a serious professional on the panel. A man of tremendous integrity and has operated at the highest level in management of one the biggest pharma multinationals in the world…..

  42. There must be one person who in a coaching, managing or playing capacity understands and has experienced recent top level inter county football.
    I won’t go off of that Connaught Telegraph article but if there is no modern ex player or manager they really don’t know the role they are picking for.
    The HR person helps operate the process.
    But come on now.
    “Tell me about a time you showed leadership? ”
    “How do you develop your communication skills? ”
    “What do you understand as the most important things for the role?”
    As Kazimierz Deyna said one time “I don’t need Tommy Docherty to tell me I’m a good player ”
    This is Gaelic football, when you’ve walked the walk you’ve bloody walked the talk.
    The 20 mins presentation on their plan and if no modern football experienced person, that’s an if, would leave me really disappointed in this process overall.
    No modern experienced person will not be proper at all.

  43. I really agree with JP on this, i know the county board want transparency and all good and well having a HR person on board for this but surely someone that has played/managed/coached at a high level is needed on the interview panel. While i don’t agree with some of the suggestions we have had for high profile outside managers to get the job for various reasons, surely someone of this calibre could have been brought in for the interview process, i’m thinking Paul Kinnerk, Liam Sheedy even Jim Gavin. You would wonder will some of the candidates think the same as in who are these asking me questions relating to managing at such a high level at intercounty that know nothing about it!!

  44. Confirmed by the Western People.
    Not one football person on the selection committee.
    How can they put that forward and think it is fit for purpose as a selection committee is ridiculous.
    And here we are ….a farce.

  45. JP it begs the question was any player asked, or was it a case that no player current or past was willing?

    It took a week to put the panel together.

    The Mayo News last week reported it was to be done on Tuesday evening and would include a former player. What happened in meantime and why the delay of a week?

    Two officers excluded themselves because of club relationship with a candidate and backroom member. Yet one officer was a part of the management team for one candidate at underage level but does not deem that a conflict….

    Yet again it stinks

  46. I would assume as is natural some people would prefer not to be involved, but you’d approach a few people until the correct football person is involved. Footballer, coach, manager, team stats guy, sports scientist at a stretch. Jese somebody with some recent skin in the game of any kind of top level sport.

  47. @Mayo88 you’d imagine it’s the time they have off that suits teachers taking these positions compared to other professions.

  48. What I really meant was that Teachers seem to be the main Officials within the Gaa, at Croke Park level and at County level and many County managers, they seem to know to to get into the Gaa world.

    It’s a hard one to call, do we go with the experienced team of McStay who have been here before or the up and coming younger management teams ?
    For me there is a fair amount of re-building needed so a longer term for a manager is the only option.

  49. The GAA are fortunate that so many teachers/guards give their free time to promoting the game in this country. They are ideally positioned to manage and in some cases ‘father’ young kids.i have witnessed some dreadful coaches in my day, who have no clue of the psychological skills needed to manage kids.
    Be thankful for teacher/garda involvement.
    I dont see why the new coach should be given an extended appointment. Appoint/evaluate/reappoint… But dont get tied into something thats not working

  50. @FW: I seem to remember you telling me a while ago that you wouldn’t be engaging further with me on here; please do me a solid and stick to your word, like a good man.

  51. The best analogy that comes to mind is of that of an experienced candidate in their craft applying for a job as a mechanical engineer and facing an employment panel of handymen and office workers and the person from HR.

    Whilst I did not believe the CB would be perfect I thought that with the professional standards that the game has risen to in the current era the CB could also lift their game accordingly.

    This is just more of the same – nothing has changed. Only time will tell if a winning managerial team gets the job. It is now a game of hit and miss.

  52. I am not dealing in rumour or conjecture to state that the chair of the committee Seamus Tuohy is far too connected and familiar with Mike Solan.
    He was with his u21/20 mgmt ticket as player liaison for all those years.

  53. Very disappointed to see that there is no former Mayo player on the interview committee. This would have made the whole process more football relevant.

    I can only assume that they were not able to produce a footballer who could get over the conflicts issue? When you look at the suggested back room teams, it is hard to think of a player that hasn’t either played with or been coached by any of the names mentioned.

  54. The Mayo News has an update in this week’s paper on the appointment process. According to this report, the plan remains to have an ex-player as a member of the interview panel. More details on this are in the paper.

  55. Thank you, Willie Joe. Good to see ad hominems don’t go unchallenged here.

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