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We never went away, you know

It is said that you can get used to almost anything. At half-time in the recent semi-final I was talking to two of my three sons (both Dubs) about the likely All-Ireland final between Dublin and Kerry. It was a pragmatic conversation where I expressed the desire that the Dubs would win that final, just so we could have another […]

Football by numbers – the Dublin secret

As we gradually edge our way out of the madness, induced by Covid lockdowns, the mind turns slowly back to football. For years, Mayo GAA has been a passion that has consumed us when the action was underway and that gave us serious withdrawal symptoms when the year’s action was over. Throughout the last twelve months, the radical changes in […]

There’s a storm building in the west

It hasn’t been on anyone’s radar all year as there has been a different story in Dublin and, let’s face it, that’s where the national media go first to get readership/viewers/listenership. The national media tell us that Dublin are blessed with what is probably the best football team of all time. Radio and television experts from all parts of the […]

Mid-term report

It doesn’t seem long since the FBD league started in January but it’s nearly as far back in the past as a potential trip to Croker on 18th September would be in the future, thereby leaving us at mid-term of the footballing season. So what’s going well, what’s unclear and what’s on the “could do better” list? Back in December last, […]