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  1. WJ
    Don’t know what the circumstances are but our sympathies are with you. Best of luck.

  2. Same as that. Sometime football isn’t that important.
    my sympathies to you and yours WJ.

  3. Well ….the rossies had a big win today, they love playing in the Hyde their tails are up & are waiting for us,.The big advantage last year was we played the connaght semi final & final in Castlebar . It is going to be a titanic battle aganist the Rossies with a point or 2 in
    it at the end.

    That said this is a great Mayo team with lots of talent oosing throughout,the addition of Gavin Duffy is a master stroke it will take the pressure off & attention of our big hitters & give the national media somrthing to focus on.

    We have to win 6 games to win the all Ireland we have already won 1 that leaves 5 beat the Rossies & probably Galway in the Connaght final that leaves 3 games to win the pressure is building on Dublin already….let the games begin

  4. Thoughts with u WJ.Just got the end of the match report for the Ballintubber game where they said Jason Gibbons would have a scan during the week when the swelling goes down,anybody know what injury he picked up???

  5. I’m very sorry to hear about that WJ, best wishes to you and your family at this difficult time. Take care.

  6. Sincere sympathy to you and yours on your loss.

    Back from what proved to be a routine win for Roscommon over Leitrim. They were never troubled even if Leitrim did hold their own in the second half. Leitrim friends put their poor performance, particularly in the first half. down to some weird selection decisions by their backroom team, including bringing players who sat out the NFL back into the panel in the last few weeks. The fitness levels, or lack of, of some of them certainly showed. In the first half the Rossies scored at will from long range with absolutely no pressure on them. Hard to know what to make of them, they seemed to make hard work of winning in the second half without ever being in danger of losing. I would not be unduly worried but they will certainly be more competitive than in the past number of years. Good primary possession will be essential.

  7. commiserations WJ .

    what did ye think of down tyrone yesterday folks , talk about a game of two halves.

    GAAGO was brilliant yesterday , excellent quality transmission, would have liked to have seen brolly and orourke duke it out a bit more about mayo but lyster moved them on. tomas o se a great addition.

  8. Sincere sympathies WJ. All the best.

    On the football – didn’t watch GAAGO as fortunately not required yet. Having said that I thought the Sunday Game last night was excellent. The analysis of CiarĂ¡n Whelan especially was very good highlighting the 5 kickouts Tyrone lost immediately after Down scored their goal in second half. And the Rossies new strategy of not defending high up the pitch until the opposition reach their own 45 metre line.

    Very good stuff. Glad to see it.

  9. Sorry to hear that WJ, sincere sympathy to you and your family. Take care yourself.

  10. I dont really think we have much to fair from the Rossies to be honest. Yes they will up their game for mayo but i just think we will be far too strong for them. Realistically they only really have a couple of good lads but they wont be getting the space Leitrim gave them.

  11. Best wishes WJ to you and yours. Listened to Shannon-side radio yesterday and the highlights last night on TV. Nothing like being there and all that. What we can say is that there is an element of discipline and team work that was missing since the Fergie days. i liked the way they move the ball forward and attacked the opposition. They have some teamwork in their defending also. I expect they will be a much improved team from last year in the semi final with Mayo. They seem to be working well for John Evans. it is a good thing that Mayo will have more in the way of opposition this year, what ever the outcome

  12. Sympathies WJ, all the best.

    On our upcoming match with the Rossies. I think we might be overestimating them a bit. How different is this team from the one we trounced last year?
    I’m sure they’ll make it a lot more difficult for us than last year, but we should be winning this without too much bother.
    Complacency is our biggest threat, but Horan and the lads don’t seem to ever have a problem with that.

    We’re in the top 2 in the country right now, so let’s start playing with that confidence. Dublin have done it for the past couple of years, we should do the same.

    And let’s look at it honestly. If we do lose to the Rossies then we all know it’s going to be a very short summer and our race is run.
    We’ve all wondered if the players are goosed and suffering a hangover from last year, well we should have a much better idea after this game.

  13. Sorry for your troubles too WJ.

    With regard to Roscommon, having been in the company of Johnnie Evans on occasion, I think there is little doubt but that he brings to their camp a much greater bond and purpose amongst players. Although they are one or two gears behind our lads, they may well cause a few surprise before they finish playing championship football this year.
    As to our game with them, I do not think it will answer the question of whether or not our lads are suffering a hangover from the last 2 years which has arisen most especially since the league semi-final. A 1 point or 10 point victory will not answer that question, neither will it tell us how far we are going to go this year. In my opinion the two big factors which we need to get from this game to take ourselves on an upward curve once more is no. 1 a victory and no. 2 a much more explosive & clinical display of football from our full forward line.

  14. So sorry to hear about your news. Unfortunately I have had a sad family bereavement in the last two weeks and feel your sadness. discussing Mayo matches won’t be quite the same anymore. Best wishes to you and your family

  15. Roger have you a link to that piece by Daragh O Se, I read his latest artcile online but no mention of the NY match.

    Also sorry to hear of Gerry G of your loss.

  16. Warning shots from Galway today. When they get some momentum they are a different animal. I expect them to account for Sligo comfortably and have a real crack at a Connaught title. To borrow a phrase from a political leader featuring prominently in the news this weekend, “they haven’t gone away you know”

  17. I agree with mac left foot on galway hopefully mayo will beat Rossies and galway beat Sligo and that would be a real connaught final.

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