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After an overnight trek involving boats, buses and Boeings – with a jolly five-hour stretch in Gatwick in the middle of the night to add to the fun – we finally found ourselves back in Arrivals at Dublin airport this morning. Where, of course, it was raining but, in all fairness like, the day’s been grand since then.

Seeing as we’re only back and I’m still suffering the after-effects from a sleep-deprived night, I don’t really know my rear-end from the proverbial hole in the ground at this stage. But I’m back and I’m glad that the trend of my heading away in early July has once more done the trick in relation to our ability to win the Nestor Cup.

So, now that Connacht’s been sorted, what fate awaits us in the championship from here on? Time for a new poll, I reckon. Here it is.

How far will we go now?

  • Semis (52%, 65 Votes)
  • Quarters (16%, 20 Votes)
  • Final (16%, 20 Votes)
  • All the way (16%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 125

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25 thoughts on “Back home

  1. Good to see the Boss back (lick). You brought the bad weather with you WJ. We had sun and temps in the low 30s, or was that in 1995? . Seriously , you should post a picture if the sun for us, forgot what it looks like.

  2. welcome home willie joe , now the real business begins… watching brief for the next few qualifers to scope out our eventual opponents

  3. Welcome back W.J!! Not stating the obvious but our progress much depends on a favourable draw.

    Who’d you like to see Mayo face up against in a quarter final. I know there a fair few matches left in the qualifiers but there are a number of likely candidates.

  4. In my humble view Kerry still the ones to watch. They will improve on Saturday and will be more than a match for everyone. They love Croke Park and the big open spaces.

    Think the others will be predictable. I can see Sligo eventually getting walloped.

    Think it is time to take pressure off Mayo forwards. These are all good lads and the fact that no one stands out is good as it means plenty of competition and good training sessions.

    I feel if Moran’s goal had been given forwards might have opened up on Sunday.

    Lets all keep the head. No we are not world beaters but slow and steady has always been better for Mayo than exaggerated hype.

  5. kevin walsh employed the same same tactics as 2010,but he over looked the fact that this is a big powerful mayo team, mayo now play for the full 70 plus minutes as ateam and wont be outmuscled by anyone cork did mayo a big favour in the leauge final in april ,its afair bet that mayo will be the team that no county wants to draw in the quarter final ,this team is set up for the wide open spaces of croke park , every dog has its day and so will the foward line , the sligo game was just what the doctor ordered , well done lads best of luck for the rest of the championship

  6. Something often overlooked are injuries. If we can escape them we can have a real shot.

    Would not underestimate Meath. Worth a few bob on Sunday.

  7. the surprise element of meath is gone thet had their day in the sun when they bet the alleged 3rd best team in the country

  8. I havent a clue who we’ll get in the quarters obviously, but I have had this feeling all year since they were beaten in Leinster that if we were there in the provincial champions side that it’ll be Kildare but I imagine Dublin will make it through to the semis so we’d be facing them if we won, then probably Cork in the final. fecken very hard road

  9. Lets see how the deck peels off. I have no doubt that Meath would equally love to meet us as well, remember 2009 the last time we went to put manners on them and how James Queeney out-fetched our wing backs and kicked a fine point for sport. I also know that the officals made it easier for them as well.

    In truth by the time the QFs come round there will be a surprise or two. I would rather play someone deemed better than us by the media…and most will be. We are then in a great place, no pressure at this stage. Sligo made it hard for us, do you not think they are capable of doing the same to another team? (and I know I wanted Mayo to bury them but it didnt happen). They are a crotchety side that I would not want to meet for a while again.

    Ideally a full sailed Kildare in a semi final would be a test. A test between new riches Kildare and soldiers who have spent a long time on a dark and lonely road. Now that would whet the juices and if we could n ot get up for that one, and I believe we could, then we may fold the tent and start another Review!!

  10. WJ – Good to have you back on board – I hope that after getting some badly needed shut-eye that you are now in a position to tell the difference between your rear-end and the proverbial hole in the ground. Maybe if you took a break again in September we might have another piece of silverware awaiting you on your return!

  11. Welcome back from the holidays WJ. Hope you had nice weather and that the tan doesn’t wear off too soon. Unfortunatly for this Mayo team their holiday season is also now over.

    Looking back on Sunday and after watching the match on TV in fairness we should have bet Sligo out the gate. We threw away at least 4 points in the first half that would have put us in a comfortable lead with the wind behind or backs .

    The fact that we won playing poorly is a big plus. However it’s imperative we get our inside forward line sorted to work better and deliver. If we do I’d day we are more than a match for any team coming through the qualifiers at this stage.

  12. Welcome back WJ.

    I’d say the chance of a couple of upsets are quite high alright, it may not be the 4 teams we’d all expect to come through.
    If you think that the losers of the Leinster and Ulster finals face a 6 day turnaround, then that gives a great opportunity to the winners of Leitrim/Laois and Tipp/Antrim.

  13. We underestimated Meath a few years ago and got stung. If you want to go far you have to beat them all 😉 But still cant understand why alot of Mayo fans get in on the hype. Teams do more damage when they slip in under the radar and let people think the teams like Kildare, Meath etc. are better than us because we can do more damage as underdogs

  14. underdogs or favs doesnt matter if your good enough your good enough are we good enough ? time will tell

  15. would like mayo to get kildare they are so cocky would love to see mayo put them in their place a bit like galway did to killkenny

  16. anyone read Colm O Rourke’s article on the Connacht final. In Sunday’s Indo?

  17. There is a lot more in this Mayo team ! With the best will in the world, it’s hard to get lads fully charged for a Connacht campaign that doesn’t involve Galway or The Rossies. Sligo got us into a dogfight ( if Moran’s goal stood it might have been different ) and we prevailed without panicking but also without showing our true potential. The wide open spaces of Croker will suit our pacey team. I think we’re in a great position, nobody expects but we should be quietly confident of having a really good run.

    I think the team are geared to hit their stride in August and we need some work on our inside forwards but apart from that the team is basically sound and playing with a level of calmness and belief that is encouraging. If we position AOS or Freeman at centre-forawrd, move Cillain inside, we only have one problem position and one of these days
    Doherty or Conroy will hit their stride.

    We’re not as far away as many people seem to think and I think the team have far more belief than the supporters, so we need to row in behind them. We’re making solid progress – back to back titles and we can kick on from here. We just need belief !

  18. Dont think O Rourke mentioned the Connacht final at all, was on about Johnstone was he? I forget, the man is omni present in our media lives and I switch off. Colm might find it hard to write about his own county v Mayo, I often thought he suffered a complex about Mayo, listening to stories in Leitrim about getting perennial hammerings of Mayo. As he grew older in Meath he would have been well aware of the …ahem…attitude towards the “Colonists” as the Mayos/Galway/Donegal/Kerry settlers were called.

    An old man on LMFM once said “there would have been no football in Meath only for the Mayos coming up”. Its complex and its an Irish thing. Met a woman who moved up from Erris in the 1940s. went to school in rural Meath at around 7. Spent the next years virtually ignored by the class mates. Met a man who actually came up with the parents to buy not settle land. Him and his brothers had to fight the hards from the local village for years until one night they bet the sh****e out of the ring leader and lead muck stirrer. That ended it.

    Involved in a job a few years ago that entailed calling to houses. Met hundreds of west of Ireland people. Great stories, sad stories and stories that deserve telling. We slipped up in 1996. We never saw it through the eyes of the Meath men. They came with history in the golf bag , we came to play football. Was at a wedding between the final and replay. At that wedding they cued(sic) up to tell me how McHale was going to get it in the replay. His crime? he put manners on the Meath enforcer McDermott in the first match. Ironic that McHale was the one singled out with Gweedore son Colm Coyle to walk the plank?

    Seeing as I am in a confessional mood let me tell you about my friend who once lived in mid Meath. In 1996 he placed a huge Mayo flag in his field. The week before the final it was pulled down. Then the flag pole was broken and dumped in the garden. He put up a steel pole, attached the flag, bolted the bottom of the steel pole with a padlock to prevent interfering with the rope.

    Next morning he got up, pole was acetylened down during the night. “You’ll never beat the Rile”. He then went up on to his roof and stuck it on the chimney pot.”You’ll never beat a thick Mayo man either” . At a cross roads a sign was daubed with the words “you took our land but you wont take our cup”. Try that one with our new friends from Africa , Poland, Romania or any where else the new Irish came from and expect a visit from plod with a full forensic team.

    I actually moved here 27 years ago. Left in the early noughties and lived amid b*********s for a few years down West. Came back here, great people and its a choice I personally never regretted. Mayo to the hllt folks but a huge love and respect fro Dunboyne. However I am aware that many from the Western seaboard had it tough up here in the 1930/40s and their sacrifice should be etched into the sub conscious of every Mayo man who slips on the jersey v Meath.

  19. very intersting J Cuffe re McHale 96. in the Big Tree before the replay I was reliably informed by many many Meath fans that the big talk in Meath that week was that McHale would be carried off or sent off !!!

  20. I would just like to say to john cuffe ,I was born in meath , married in mayo ., I put up a meath flag in 1996 here in mayo and guess what ;yes it was taken down and dumped . So it not only in meath that happens. And by the way – Up the Royals

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