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The Blog Awards are back – albeit under new management, with Grafton Media now running what they’ve styled as the Blog Awards Ireland – and I discovered late last night that this humble house has been shortlisted for an award under the Sport/Recreation category.

So too, by the way, has fellow sports blog, whose editor Emmet Ryan has guested a few times here in recent weeks. Action81 has also been shortlisted for an award within the Best Group Blog category.

Those of you who have travelled the road with me for a number of years will know that this site reached the final shortlist in the previous incarnation of the Blog Awards on three separate occasions only to be denied the top prize each time. At the time I viewed this as an apposite art-imitating-life kind of outcome. But, of course, that was then and the site is different now – it tackles with far greater intensity, it can score from any angle, it’s got a great bench and it never gives up. Well, that’s my story for the judges at any rate.

37 thoughts on “Back on the Blog Awards shortlist

  1. Proper order, this plog is pure class. What I love about it is there’s no trash talk. Good luck.

  2. We are all rooting for you but in a way it does not matter as this is the best blog regardless of who they give it too. You surely know that by now.

    THank you for all the work you put in. Truly appreciated.

  3. well done wj……. i dont write to often but i do read on this site, i visit this site everyday, excellent site and good analysis, very good debate…… best of luck to u!

  4. This is truly a lifeline for all mayo GAA supporters at home, and in my case, abroad. It’s the first thing I check when I sit at the desk. Keep it up WJ and good luck with the nomination.

  5. Best blog in the land,wj its all down to you.let’s hope its true what they say great things come in 3s …liam,Sam and blog of year going west

  6. Willie Joe, your contribution to Mayo and it’s supporters is second to none. We would be lost without your updates and level headed comments you seem to pour out at will. Keep up the good work and good luck with the awards

  7. Thanks for all the kind wishes – it goes without saying, of course, that the recognition the site has got in terms of the online community that has developed around it and the incredible volume of hits is more important than any award. More important still is what happens on the 23rd – that’s the one we all want to win and everything else pales into insignificance beside it.

  8. Best site in the world, read every word and so many differing but thought provoking views, would be lost without it as I am in Manchester and any news that has a link to how the home crowd feel we are performing and their take on our chances is eagerly sought. As the auld fellow ( my father) used to say (how the savage loves his native shore). Something that is, I feel ,appreciated the more when sunrise and evening set is in a foreign land.
    Read today the many comhghairdeas for our performance on Sunday last and their good wishes for the final, many from Dublin and Meath ( quite surprising) on Hogan stand.
    That said your site is the first and last port of call for informed and real discussion on Mayo matters. Thanks for the portal that gives access to us all. Site and Maigheo winners 2012
    We could win it our way yet with the classy football we played last Sunday for 50 mins( yes we do need the tough stuff thrown in as well) but as one Donegal blog stated earlier’ on Sunday last, Mayo reduced the blanket to a hankie’ Tried to post earlier but web was down.

  9. PS Best wishes and hope that the tribesmen bring the first of the majors west of the Shannon Tomorrow and then for us to make it an all Connacht affair, one to put up to the so called ‘pundits’

  10. Good point JJ, we should all be cheering for our neighbors tomorrow. It would be such a great boost in confidence to the west of Ireland, in more ways than one.

  11. Fair Play to ya WJ … This site is my first port of call nearly every time I log on, an absolute must read for anyone remotely interested in the Mayo football team. Best of luck.

    Yup Mayo

  12. WJ, best of luck on the awards, it would be well deserved as the site is wonderful, my first port of call. Before the awards ceremony, keep the hype low key, flags only and I know you wont be painting the sheep!

  13. Best of luck WJ. . Fair play to Galway today. They gave it a right rattle. Hopefully we can put in the same type of performance in 2 weeks time.

  14. Hi WJ just saw several Galway cars clamped in Maynooth supermarket car park Housing estates not safe either so Mayo supporters would be better off going to Dunboyne if using the train Huge car park there so maybe you could highlight this Thanks

  15. Congratulations Willie Joe, Splendid work on your wonderful site, I,m a huge fan of gaelic football especially Mayo. Its along time since I was at a football match, I was just thinking Myself and my son, Constantine would like to go to one these All Ireland things. I wonder could one your chappies could tell help us out with tickets side by side for the match, We have just been to the gaelic hurling final and a jolly good occasion it was too, It ended up a tie game for those of you who did not get to see it. We can be contacted,, Well done again, keep up the good work,

  16. I have been reading this blog site for some time and I must state that the nomination is well deserved. The quality of the blogs and the overall presentation of the site are best described as excellent.r.

  17. Good luck WJ.
    Like the Mayo team you’ve been plugging away now at the top table a while now without getting any of the actual recognition deserved.
    Hope this year it goes well for you, and for all of us.

  18. Best of luck WJ with the blog awards..I’m sure it does its bit to make all our Mayo fans overseas feel a little closer to home!

  19. Well done WJ – like the rest the day would not be complete for me without a visit to this site! Keep it up.

  20. Stay out of Dunboyne!!…only joking. Just to make Nepihins suggestion a little clearer can I point out that the car park for the train in Dunboyne is a paid up 24/7 car park. you WILL be clamped if not paid and they are sharp.

    However the car park at Pace, the railhead two miles from Dunboyne with the big car park IS free and very convenient to the train. So if you are coming from Maynooth at the roundabout on the edge of Dunboyne go left to the next roundabout and follow the signs for the M3 and train station which is only a short drive away.

  21. WJ, best of luck with the awards, great site as it caters for all opinions, and you make sure to keep a close eye on the trash talk. Here’s to a winning September all round.

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