Back to Bowe’s for the pre-final pints


Right, we’re good to go: I popped into town a bit earlier on to let the good people at Bowe’s know that they can expect a #seaofgreenandred to pitch up at their door on Fleet Street (the bit of it that lies between Westmoreland Street and D’Olier Street) the night before the All-Ireland. Now that I’ve told them, you’ve no choice but to turn up – right?

For those of you who are more recent visitors to the site, there’s been a tradition for some time of holding an informal Mayo GAA Blog gathering of supporters at Bowe’s pub the night before big matches involving us. It’s been a while, though, since the last one – from memory, this would have been the meet-up held before the drawn match against Kerry two years ago. There should really have been one the night before the Tipp match last month but I wasn’t in the jurisdiction then.

The best Bowe’s session we had was definitely the one before the 2013 final. The pub – a lovely, old Victorian-era establishment, the first hostelry in the capital, incidentally, where I ever had a pint, way back in December 1980 – was jammed to the rafters all evening. It was great to meet and chat with so many people that night. The day after didn’t go according to plan, of course, but that was then and now we’re back and on the hunt for glory once again.

So if you’re at a loose end around town on the 17th and think you haven’t talked half enough about our chances the day after then Bowe’s could well be the place for you. Throw-in is 9pm or thereabouts. See you there.

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19 thoughts on “Back to Bowe’s for the pre-final pints

  1. Agree on the night before the 2013 Final WJ. It was magical, between Bowe’s and The Palace as well.

    @Mayo51 – eatin’ is cheatin’. Many’s the bottle of stout children were given years ago in times gone by to make them hardy, and divil the bother on them.

  2. I think I might come in and meet you Willie Joe, you deserve huge credit for this blog

    Cairde Mayo are have a gathering in the city west , it’s on Twitter

  3. Am hoping to make the jaunt in myself if I can agree some extra shore leave.

    Bowes is a bit of a hidden gem in Dublin and you’ll be glad to know @Mayo51 that they’re inclined to throw out a platter or two so customers supping their fill.

  4. Nishigori v Murray… Couldn’t keep my mind from visiting C Park the whole way through with Nishigori wearing the green and red! Murray had first set 6/1…here we go! But not so fast! …..Nishigori dons the green and red and never looks back . What a victory!! Pluck, composure, head up, inner belief, tactics spot on.Put the foot on his neck and kept it there!
    A brill dress rehearsal for the 18th ! And who was expected to come through handy?
    Come on Mayo! You have only one game to win.

  5. Would love to join this and put names to anonymous internet handles and such but I believe herself has made social arrangements that leaves me in charge of the next generation of the household. While it would be good company for them to make at their tender years a pub after 9pm would be no place for them. If things change I may be there, no doubt a good night will be had by all in attendance.

  6. Free grub in yer hole, Mayo51! If it’s finger food you want, then Citywest might be a better option for you … though that means Joe Brolly too.

  7. Bowes is a nice spot alright. Was previously known as The Pearl and was one of Dublin’s favourite journalists haunts…….Irish Press in particular I think.

  8. Mainly a lurker I have to admit but enthralled by everyone on here and my day isn’t complete without a minimum of twice daily visits to the site. Was in Bowes before the final in 2013 and i agree that it was a fantastic night. Will be there again this time round and am very much looking forward to it. Thanks WJ for organising and indeed for services to Mayo football – unreal dedication and hard work-sure you deserve an ould celtic cross yourself ! Hoping that there’ll be a sizeable number of them knocking around Mayo on the 19th. I, for one, think there will be! Hon Mayo.

  9. I’ll be there alright, but the drink is too expensive in Dublin, so I’ll be bringing my own ‘Moonshine from Mayo’ with me!

  10. is this BOWES VI or BOWES VII? I think I have managed to attend 3 iterations myself and missed 3 so it could be Bowes VII . Always great to put the faces to the handles.

    I land on Sunday morning, like the FDB fella I have to mind the younger generation the night before so I will catch you all in citywest on Sunday night as we queue for photos with Mr. Maguire.

    Have a great night.

  11. This one is VII, Roger. It would be VIII only the one planned for the night before the semi-final against Dublin in August last year was cancelled as a mark of respect following the tragic death of Darragh Doherty RIP. The very first one occurred the night before the 2011 quarter-final against Cork in August that year, II was prior to the League final also against Cork in April 2012, III was for the semi-final against Dublin at the start of September the same year, IV was ahead of the semi-final against Tyrone in August 2013, V was the mega one in September ahead of the 2013 final against Dublin (the previous year there was a pre-final function on in the Regency Hotel on the Saturday night and I decided not to do anything in Bowe’s that night) and VI was in August 2014 ahead of the drawn semi-final against Kerry.

  12. Agree that 2013 was a magical night. Unfortunately the night extended past Bowe’s and onto a certain late night establishment on Camden Street so I didn’t feel quite so magical at 3.30 the next day. Looking forward to putting a few more faces to names on Saturday week.

    Might give Brolly and co. a miss, I think … I’ll stick to watching him denigrate us on TV, thanks.

  13. Anne – Marie, who knows he might praise us!? Brolly that is! Not that praise or criticism will make the slightest difference to us. That’s the problem with staying the night before in Dublin, and these late night establishments, not too good for the head come 3.30pm on Sunday. I looked up the prices of hotels for the night of the 17/18 September, outrageous.. Don’t know who could afford hospitality like that, must be the same people who are willing to part with the thousands of euro for a ticket. Or indeed if these tickets are for real? Enjoy the night in any case all who head for Bowes & the remember clear head’s for Sunday, easier to shout for our beloved Mayo on without a doubt raging hangover!

  14. Flying into Dublin on the Friday afternoon for the match so will definitely makes Bowes on the Saturday. Can’t wait for next weekend on this has been a long few weeks. Thanks Willie joe for organising this.

  15. Would not bring in a few cocktail sausages Willie Joe ?

    Brolly will surely say Mayo have a chance or he’d be linched ha ha

  16. That’s Dublin lean times, the ripoff mentality is alive and well. Throw up any shite as food and drink and f you if you don’t like it, next please!
    I’ll be spending my money in Mayo as much as possible

  17. I have no problem with Brolly criticizing us.

    I have some issues with him ridiculing us….but that’s just his shtick, and we need to grow a thick skin

    What I do have a problem with is him boasting how he influenced the officiating of our Final against Donegal

  18. A great pub, one I’ve frequented many times over the years. I would love to attend but alas my disappearing act for pretty much the duration of Sunday the 18th (and the washing one’s hands of all family related responsibilities therein) negates any possibility of getting out on Saturday the 17th! Enjoy All!

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