Back to Bowe’s for the semi-final drinks


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It’s that time of year and once again we’re in the slightly giddy position of having an All-Ireland semi-final to look forward to. Three years ago, when we were also facing into an All-Ireland semi against Kerry, the first Mayo GAA Blog pre-match drinks event took place at Bowe’s pub on Fleet Street the night before the game. Undeterred by the result the following day, this informal event has gone on to become somewhat of a staple around big match weekends in the capital for the county .

This means that the next such gathering will take place next Saturday night (the 23rd) in Bowe’s, with a throw-in time of 9pm or after. On this occasion, the event is being held in association with those kindred spirits in Club ’51, a number of whom I’m told are planning on being there on the night.

I’ll be there myself at some stage too but, ensconced as I am for the week on the far side of Dingle, I’ve no idea what time we’ll make it back to the capital on Saturday so I can’t say for sure what hour I’ll make it to Bowe’s. But make it I will and maybe a few of you will too.

By the way, there’s also an official Cairde Mhaigheo pre-match gathering that night in Bad Bob’s, which, if you don’t know the place, is located only a short hop away from Bowe’s – it’s over on Essex Street East in Temple Bar. Those of you who are fond of a bit of a paseo to go with your porter could easily take in both watering holes. Full details on the Cairde Mhaigheo event are here.

18 thoughts on “Back to Bowe’s for the semi-final drinks

  1. Just one question what jerseys will mayo be wearing I remember 2011 mayo worn red jerseys and Kerry wore blues. Will they have to change jerseys I wonder

  2. I have to say that I’m torn between excitement at the prospect of beating Kerry in a semifinal and worry because of our previous history against them. Make no mistake about it they are a real threat. They nearly beat the dubs last year and have already hammered cork this year. One thing is certain if we beat them on Sunday we will have been well and truly tested! And that’s no bad thing.
    [bad thought]……..Wouldn’t it be nice to give THEM a hiding for a change! But like most supporters I would settle for a 1 point win and to be written off by everyone.

  3. Nice one WJ and Club ’51. Fair play to ye for rallying the troops before the storming of the Kingdom!

  4. Kerry are confident is the vibe I get from Kerry people . I can see this being very tight.

  5. Yeah any sort of win will do us. Anybody know if the Sunday game are previewing the mayo v Kerry game tonight?

  6. Arrah sure an aul one pointin winnin would do fine would do fine, if that’s not to much bother to ye atall atall. We wouldn’t want fer more, well we might , but we wouldn’t want our want to be mistaken for the aul pride and ta be seen ta be cocky or anything of the like. That would be a terrible thing a terrible lump of a curse of a thing.

    Look as the man said wan time, a win is a win is a win. So I’ll gladly be taken the wan point winnin and sure that’ll lave us to take the brunt from those city slicker lads who should if right be right, bate the livin shite out of us last year.

    Far better off Kerry ladeens to let us aul wannabes take the mother of all batings on yer behalf. Sure to be sure to sure, ye lads will be will will able to re group and attack them city lads in a serious and decisive fashion, (I’m awful sorry bout the fancy language there, to be sure) whilst, of course because because, we’re from Mayo we’ll be doomed to be doomed for a long, long time, if we don’t manage something right this year.

    Ye lads are gold down there but as ye cute hoors well know The Dubs are platnium, so if it’s not too much bother from ye we will take a batin for you and sure to be sure ye must be tired out batin us when it really counts. Not that we’d hould that against ye, atall atall. Ye’re a great shower down there but this time we’ll if you don’t mind too much save you from the thunderstorm of thunderstorms that immeniently awaits the victor.

    Kerry will bounce back and Mayo of course will forever languish in the doldrums.

    Mayo by ten and fuck the begrudgers.

  7. I am planning to travel on Sunday. Looking forward to a good game of football. This will be a close encounter that could go either way. I say that in the belief that we will see a Mayo team that are flying as we saw them against Donegal last year in the quarter final. I think Stephen O’Brien could have a big say in the outcome if he is fit to play.

  8. As the great Paudie O’Shea once said – ‘lets knock them ten years back on their arses’ !!! Up Mayo !

  9. Its interesting to note that with Cork beaten today in the hurling neither county that played in last year’s final has made it back to the hurling final this year. With Mayo trying to reach their third final in a row, something we have never done before, it just shows what a hard thing it is to do. With Kerry losing last year’s semi-final, they won’t want to lose two semi-finals in a row. It will be a massive battle but fingers crossed that we will come out on the right side of it.

  10. Mayo are underdogs all the expects want a dub Kerry final, all the hype is james o donoghue and and there is not a word on cillian if tipp can beat cork mayo can do the same to Kerry mayo need it more then kerry

  11. And Joe Ruane I would thoroughly approve of your proposed treatment of the begrudgers………… fcuk them! Arragh yeah Mayo by 10…….at least! Now is a rare chance to turn the tables on these feckers and lay down a marker before doing the same to Donegal!

  12. This year I’ve been to every FBD game, every league game – home & away, New York, the Connaught final and Croke Park, but I can’t make this one. The only match I’ve missed is the Hyde Park one and I’d gladly take a similar result and performance. Of course it will be close and there will be plenty of “squeaky bum’ moments but I have full faith and trust that our lads, and boys in the minors, will give us a performance to get us over the line.
    Really really wish I could be there but in my absence please, please roar our county lads to the final. They deserve our support.
    Hon ta fuck Mayo.

  13. I’m awful afraid we will get a toasting, their forwards are different class to any other we have played against. There could be 4 goals in the back of our net before we know it, in I donohue they have the best forward this country has ever seen along with the gooch of course. But I suppose we have o Connor,

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