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There’s a whole load of guff currently being churned out by the commentariat about what things were like back in the 1980s, an era which – now that we’re being ruled once again by a bunch of tossers who can’t do their sums properly – is supposedly going to bear more resemblance than we might want to the life we’re currently leading in the early part of the 21st century.  Personally, I think that such talk is a load of shite but, then again, I’ve already experienced the Eighties once at first-hand and, nostalgia for my twenties apart, I’ve no wish to set foot on that particular planet again anytime soon.

But, in the spirit of the times we live in, I can offer all and sundry a small, sweet taste of that benighted decade, in the form of my ever-expanding results archive.  A blizzard of activity on my part inside the last few weeks has extended the archive all the way back through the 1980s and currently its tentacles stretch back as far as 1978, which means that you are now a mere click away from accessing every league and championship game (at least I think they’re all there, though I do know I’m missing two NFL matches, which I’ve flagged in the appropriate places) we’ve played over the past 31 years.  Now, if that doesn’t make you nostalgic for your youth, I can’t think what will.

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  1. You certainly have made me nostalgic Willie Joe, and old, I was at that League Final in 78. It encompassed a weekend when I got to see Jaws and A Bridge Too Far at the cinema, I think in those days they it would have taken movies an eon to find their way west. I was only a young lad back then and I’m sure I left Croker thinking Mayo would be back and there’d be glory days ahead. What’s changed?

  2. Nothing much, I suppose, except they’d chuck you out on your ear if you tried to light a fag in the Savoy these days!

  3. Willie Joe, that is truly outstanding work. Some great memories looking back on the old results. It certainly trumps any other Mayo GAA records that are freely available. Congrats – and thanks!

  4. Thanks, DE – it’s a bit of a laborious task but one which the obsessive within me wants to keep doing. Since I put up the post, I’ve added 1977 and I should have the Seventies sorted inside the next week or so so it continues to be a work in progress.

    I’m not sure how far back I’ll be able to go with it but any proper archive of Mayo results has to include an All-Ireland (or three) so, on this basis, I’ve a bit to go yet!

  5. fantastic piece of work WJ – well done !
    And having a breather at 1977 seems fairly appropriate WJ as that was the year when the WJ first appeared in the green and red – I believe it was. From your stats I see WJ lining out in the league but no WJ in the championship earlier that year – did I mention WJ once too often ?

  6. I think you’re right there Ma-Yoman: as far as I know, he was a minor in 1977 and was pitched straight into the senior team later on that year in the league.

    BTW, I’m not taking a breather just yet: the 1976 results will be up in about 10 minutes or so.

  7. Outstanding work WJ. An invaluable reference point. If ever a project deserved support from the County board this is it. ( but I could estimate the chances of that…)
    If only every county had the same comprehensive records.

  8. Thanks, Innocentbystander – when I initially went looking for past results on the web, my feeling was that someone should have put them up but it gradually dawned on me who that someone would have to be. I may need to get some support from the County Board yet, in terms of the more obscure results from decades back, so they’re not off the hook just yet.

    I agree that, in this internet age, other counties’ results should be available too – all that’s needed is 31 eejits like me!

  9. Willie Joe, The other Willie Joe was indeed a minor in 1977. His team were defeated by down in the All Ireland semi final. Pat Donnan was the most famous of the Down players that came through. Willie Joe, Red Tom Reilly and Mick O Toole were the three Belmullet lads on that team. Like this year we had fairly strong minors back then as well, in 1978 the won the All Ireland and in 1979 they lost a cracking semi final to a Dubs outfit that had Barney Rock, Ciaran Duff and Sutton on it. Ill never forget it, we lost by a point and Jimmy Maughan almost split the post with a rocket penelty that flew out the field such was the force it was hit with. I ll also not forget the pair of Roscommon b*******s that sat in front of me and not once cheered us on. Id like to think Ive paid them back a thousand times but I still hate them.

  10. Superb records WJ. Also that picture of WJ tearing one out of the clouds is the best Mayo action shot ever although you probably have one better WJ in your own data base. I actually have it stuck up beside my PC whenever a little inspiration is required. Great stuff indeed.

  11. Thanks for that info, On the Road. That was the funny thing about the Seventies – although we failed to win a single Connacht title at senior level, we won two All-Irelands at minor as well as one at U21 and a Vocational Schools one. The talent later in the decade came through in the 80s but it’s strange how the lads from 1971 and 1974 didn’t provide us with senior success a few years on from that.

    That’s a cracking picture, alright, isn’t it? I got it from the Mayo GAA website (where they have a few other good photos from way back when) and it was from the drawn semi against Dublin in 1985. It’s worth noting that Willie Joe is giving at least four inches or so to Mullins but all he could do was swing out of him. My jaw nearly hit the ground the first time I saw this picture – I could be wrong but I think it originally appeared in the Irish Press, though it was widely circulated at the time – and I’d be struggling to find another one to match it.

  12. Regarding that Pic of Willie Joe. Its hanging as a framed poster (about A2 size) in the Lodge in Knockmore, down by the lake. I saw it one time and its the only place I have even seen it as a poster that size. I have been looking for it for ages but I doubt it is published anymore. But you would never know…

  13. It’s hard to know where you’d look, AbbeyGael – as I mentioned, I thought it was first published in the now defunct Irish Press but it might be worth checking with the Western in case they have the negative hidden away there somewhere. It’s such an iconic shot that it’s worth preserving for posterity.

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