Back to thinking about the match

Now that the hashtag hurricane has abated, the stand-off finally sorted, thoughts can now start to focus firmly on Saturday’s Round 3 qualifier against Kildare. The match itself, I mean, the one that throws in at St Conleth’s Park in Newbridge at 7pm.

Tickets will, of course, be uppermost in everyone’s minds today. If, like me and so many others, you’re a season ticket holder then you’ve nothing to worry about. The county has, give or take, around 4,000 season tickets – both standard ones and the Cairde Mhaigheo variant – and all season holders will get a ticket.

It’ll be the terrace for the vast bulk of punters but, hey, at least you’ll be one of the select 8,200 inside and not one of the thousands set to be locked out of this fixture. The GAA has got bad rap for as long as I can recall about being a money-grabbing entity but it certainly can’t be hit over the head with that allegation on this occasion, having turned away a six-figure sum in gate receipts with yesterday’s about-face.

Many season ticket people – and I’d usually be among them – might also want to bring others, in particular kids, with them to the game. In my own case this isn’t an issue for Saturday, as both of my in-house match-day companions will, sadly, have decamped to the Gaeltacht by then, but it will be for loads of people. Suck it up appears to be the response of both the GAA and the populist mob to such concerns.

After tickets, I guess traffic and parking and all that will be next highest on people’s minds. Newbridge can be a tricky place to get parked even when going to a League game on a Sunday so a sell-out Saturday evening fixture with the Irish Derby also taking place in the locality will mean that they’ll  need to get their act together locally if chaos is to be avoided.  The sooner, then, that Kildare GAA publish comprehensive information on match-day logistics, the better.

But, of course, what everyone will want to know about is the team we’ll name for Saturday evening. Calm down, people – you know the drill by now. Team named on Friday evening, one or two changes before throw-in. And no, we won’t name our subs in advance.

Right, that’s it for now. There’s more to come on the blog today, though, first with a welcome return to the guest slot from a regular contributor from whom we haven’t heard much for a while and then later on this evening a short preview edition of the Mayo News football podcast. In the latter, Rob Murphy and I chew the fat about the Newbridge issue and Rob also talks match tactics with Billy Joe Padden. As I said at the top, it’s all about the match now.

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83 thoughts on “Back to thinking about the match

  1. Mayo were very sloppy against Tipp with several casual misplaced passes & wrong options taken resulting in letting Tipp back into the game with the majority of their scores coming from turnovers. It seemed to me that they got over confident after a few early scores & then frustrated when things started going wrong.
    We need to be much sharper for entire game on Saturday & stop making things difficult – tear into them from the start & then maintain control for entire game.
    I think holding Andy back until last 25 minutes might be a good idea as he seems to have lost a bit of form & gets bottled up very easily these days – hopefully we will need him at his sharpest later on in the championship.

  2. Town End Terrace. Get there early. Bring a flag. We are going to try to bring as much colour as possible.

  3. I’m sorry @williejoe but I find myself at odds with some of your points.

    ‘The GAA has got bad rap for as long as I can recall about being a money-grabbing entity but it certainly can’t be hit over the head with that allegation on this occasion”

    IMO they most certainly can! It took courageous (possibly misguided) but nonetheless brave stance on principle from Kildare to push back to GAA. Robbing them of home advantage ‘stinks’, as allot of decision making from HQ.

    My other issue is with
    ‘Suck it up appears to be the response of both the GAA and the populist mob to such concerns.’
    Really? Maybe it’s my reading but it conveys an image of both the GAA and the populist mob giving two fingers. Which is not the case, in fact as often in life, everyone cannot be accommodated and this is, unfortunately, the case for Saturday match.

    Anyway, who would have thought on Monday morning when Kildare was drawn the debacle that would ensue!!!

  4. “Back to the match” you say, then proceed to have nasty swipes at those who hold a different opinion to you – “populist mob” no less.
    You have let yourself down in my opinion.

  5. I think, sadly, suck it up is what the clear message is to those locked out. This is what makes this decision such an unprecedented one for the GAA. Never before have they ever fixed a venue for a championship game which results in an outcome where the number of punters who would definitely go but can’t get in (based on our previous numbers and a reasonably cautious estimate of how many would go on Saturday) comfortably exceeds the maximum capacity. That’s a major, major departure for the GAA, one with enormous consequences for it.

  6. Great news that Donie, Harri, Barry and Dougie are all back fighting fit. Options!

  7. And you continue to avail of the free hospitality here, Tubberman! If you don’t like my opinions, you know what to do. I’m damned if I’ll apologise to anyone for expressing my own viewpoint in my own house.

  8. So looking forward to this game. Kildare have surely won the battle but the real test is Saturday evening. Hope as many green and red bodies as possible get in to support our warriors who are phenomenal. I hope Mayo get a good start as in Thurles but keep focused and drive on. Kildare gander will be up but the only way to sort a giddy gander is to show him whose boss… or is it her?? Team selection will be interesting with our huge losses in Tom and Seamie. Let it rip Mayo. I believe in us. Maigheo go deo…

  9. @Tubberman if you feel Willie Joe has let himself down then. Why do you go to a blog or forum that meets your high standards.
    @Amayofan Can we move on now. Willie Joe take a stance, one I completely agreed with, but the vast majority didn’t. You and others disagree with his stance and that is fine but we all got it now. Let move on and talk about the match. I think we need to remember that we are very lucky to have this blog (take a look at Kildare forum or Hogan stand for the nonsense that on that).
    So Tubberman and Amayofan ease off on Willie Joe we understand you disagree but can you stop repeating it and let’s focus on the match now.

  10. The Whitewater shopping centre have said on facebook that there will be free parking from 5pm onwards for anyone with a match programme.

  11. The thousands of Mayo people “locked out” should attend anyway. The “Mayo Mayo” roar from outside the ground will be heard on the field of play and will drive our players on.

    It will also show the powers that be like the GAA or RTÉ or SKY that we are the best supported County in Ireland and that we cannot be accommodated in “Mickey mouse” grounds in “Mickey mouse” Counties with “Mickey mouse” set ups.

  12. I notice that some of the comments in the last few days appear to fall foul of comments policy number 6 as regards playing the man rather than the ball. Some of my favourite people are people I often disagree with and this is healthy. To maintain our community we should stick to commenting on issues rather than commenting on our community members. OK to give it to Breheny and Brolly. They are not our people. Willie Joe is the exception as he is the moderator.

  13. Fair play to all the Mayo supporters who managed to snap up so many tickets, we’re seasoned campaigners on that front! Also to all the season ticket holders unable to attend, not using their “opt out” and giving their tickets to other supporters. We’ll easily have well over 6K there on Saturday in #NewbridgeOrNowhere !!

  14. This is about supporting your county heroes this weekend. We have to be in the bowl on Monday. Anything else is a side show, so don’t fall for it. Many of the comments on here this week are not from Mayo supporters. Get your hands on a ticket bring a flag and let it rip.

  15. Seems that venue debate will rumble on and I can see the Kildare supporters start to complain when they realise they have no tickets. The GAA getting a lot of stick and unfairly I believe, to make a day in Croke Park profitable it has to get at least 30,000 attending which probably wouldn’t happen for the double header so to say it was a money decision isn’t accurate.
    If Kildare had played home games in Newbridge regularly over the years then yes they had the right to protest and demand home advantage but in reality Kildare play the vast majority of their championship games in Croke Park, moving the game to Croke Park was the sensible option. Will be interesting to see the Kildare teams and officials faces Saturday evening when they enter a ground that is 90% Mayo, something along the lines of “oh shit we made a big mistake here!”

  16. Newbridge is a fine town with the finest people living there. I am looking forward to the day in the sunshine. I have always got a place to park the car and it will be no different on Saturday. Up Mayo.

  17. Mayo will probably win but you would think Kildare will make more of a fight of it than many thought when draw was made. I suppose given the midfield injuries Kildare will seek to get control there against the perceived Mayo second string midfield. If Kildare do indeed get a foothold in midfield it might turn into a 50/50 game othetwise I see Mayo by 5-6 with Kildare tiring in last 10 minutes. Enjoy Willie Joe you deserve a nice day out away from the Newbridge controversy. ?

  18. Having Big Barry back fit will be interesting. He has played very little football for Mayo since 2012 but is an ever present in the squad, usually in the 26. He didn’t feature at all last year. The last full game I saw him play was v Kerry in the league which didn’t go well for him. So if he’s fit and we’re missing two midfielders the logical conclusion is to play him, but I doubt he will start or even feature. If that happens the next question is why is he still in the squad? Surely at this stage Rochford should be looking at other options for midfield.

  19. Yeah, Reamonn, emojis don’t work in the comments I’m afraid. The monkey with his paws over his eyes is my favourite one and it’s one that could have been deployed here a good few times since Monday.

  20. Willie Joe I agree with your statements 100%. I too will have children that will not be able to watch their beloved Mayo. They like thousands of others will be locked out.

    This row I believe is the agenda of one individual and not the great small county v the mighty GAA drivel that is being bandied about.

    Cian O’Neill had a winless league campaign with Kildare followed by a championship defeat to Carlow.

    The daggers were being sharpened despite two away wins on the road. A defeat to Mayo in Croke Park would have sealed his doom.

    O’Neill sought to deflect attention purely for self preservation. He went on RTE proclaiming to seek protection for the true gaels, the fans.
    The welfare of fans was never his agenda.

    Kildare are a brilliant group of fans. Like us they are passionate and have in the past shown that they can travel in large numbers.
    Have they been robbed of seeing a game that has developed to be one of their most talked about in years ? Yes
    Have Mayo fans been equally robbed of the opportunity? Yes
    Has Cian O’Neill transformed himself from pantomime villain to hero and in turn secured his tenure as Kildare manager? Yes
    Have the GAA lost revenue that can be moved back to grass roots? Yes
    Only one winner here from what I can see.

  21. Mayo by 4 and hopefully looking forward to seeing Diarmuid in midfield again.

  22. I’d have definite worries over the size of Kildare and I expect their fitness levels to be up there with ours. Would like to see Donie into midfield to give us some power up the middle.

  23. This could be a (New)bridge too far for the conspiracy theorists !
    18,000 into 8,000 won’t go.
    Most of the 8,000 who will go will have to arrive earlier & stand up including older/younger folk who may struggle with these impositions.
    The 10,000 who cannot go will horror of horrors add to Sky’s viewing figures as this is the only way they can view the game.
    And finally around 6,000 of the 8,000 who will be in attendance will be Mayo supporters at the home of Kildare football.

  24. For health reasons I cannot be in Newbridge. Is there any legitimate way I can transfer my Cairde Mhaigh Eo ticket to another fan? Entry will be by Cairde Mhaigh Eo card only and giving these to anyone else is strictly forbidden. Any tips?

  25. Expecting Kildare to go ultra defensive, which if they do, will suit us to an extent. We will then be able to play short kick outs and by pass their midfield advantage. Then its up to us to probe and breakdown the blanket, which we’re capable off but may take along time and alot of frustrating wides.

    If Kildare decide to push up on us and our kick outs, then I think we could have this one put away early. If we manage to at least break the ball and win it more times than not, I see us inflicting seirious damage with our runners from deep (while Kildare are short at the back) something like the Roscommon game last year. If we start well akin to Tipp, we need to get a goal during that period. If its say 1-5 to 0-1 after 10mins, Their spirit will be broken and we’ll manage the game out from there.

    Main objective is to be in the pot Monday, if we make these after eights I seriously see us getting very close again. But one game at a time, and best of luck to the team.

  26. WJ is dead right in referring to the populist Mob who do their talking on Twitter and Facebook. They are full of their own self importance and are outraged by everything. They now perceive they have had a mighty win. They couldn’t give a damn about supporters who can’t get tickets and in truth a lot of them won’t even care about the game but they will probably have a go at Sky because they will feel hard done by as rte is not covering it live. Unfortunately our society has become more and more populated with this lot. Also Jim Flag I think you should go easy on Newbridge and Kildare’s ground etc. It’s well known by all that we have a fantastic support that backs this team magnificently but it wasn’t always so. I remember the Connacht Final in 2011 when we had a small following in the Hyde and also we didn’t have that many at the Quarter Final v Cork, though those who were there that day were very loud and passionate. Then this team took off and the support has grown hugely. Anyway all we want Saturday is a win and those unfortunate enough not to get tickets this weekend will hopefully be accommodated the following week.

  27. As Kris Kristofferson sings, Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down. Wille Joe. He’s playing in Dublin tonight, Maybe a few posters on here should go and see him, they just might mellow out a bit.and stop beating the hell out of something that’s done and dusted now.

  28. Just one question Willie Joe, do you honestly think that Kildare wouldn’t have gone the legal route if they didn’t get their due home game? GAA headquarters would have far bigger problems on their hands then if that was to happen. By fixing the game in Croke Park was them doing their usual money grabbing exercise and charging extra for tickets. In the end they have to take a hit on money gained from tickets and they are the ones that have to suck it up the most IMO but they should learn some lessons from this saga. What HQ was really looking at was to make up for the loss of having no round 4 games in Croke Park and instead tried to fixed two round 3 games there. This is how the money grabbing machine thinks and works.

    James Horan got it spot on yesterday on offtheball. The crowd that would have attended this Kildare v Mayo is a side issue but this all boils down to the fact that Kildare were entitled to play this game at home.

  29. I agree with you one hundred per cent Willie Joe,it is your site which I always enjoy and disagree with many views but would be lost without this site,carry on the good work but hope you can allow my fellow Erris man back to air his views,all the best for the future,and of course up Mayo

  30. i reckon when it was said on rte radio that kildare would have home advantage ,cian o neill saw his lifeline .cian had lost 10 league and championship games in a row for kildare and was a dead man walking.he was like a drowning man ,nothing left to lose.he grabbed the ball and went on a solo run.he got himself on rte news and kildare county board had to back him then or he would have resigned immediatly ie. go before he is sacked. HE MUST NOW FEEL HE IS 10 FEET TALL and will be the kildare hero if kildare can beat mayo and his managers job in kildare will be safe. THIS has now become a dicey game for mayo.o neill krows mayo football and the mayo players and will have the kildare players ready to run through walls for him. MAYO’S big chance to win this this game is the supporters.we will have 75% of the crowd supporting mayo and we have to make it count.every mayo person must have a mayo hat,jersey and flag going to game and be prepared to roar the team on from throw-in to final whistle.borrow a flag or jersey if you dont have one.i think tickets going to clubs in mayo should be given to the noisest supporters in the club for this game. I was never as happy to be a season ticket holder and plan to head to newbridge early on saturday .no more than thurles it will be my first time at a match there .i think MAYO to win by 4 points

  31. It’s impossible to say, MO2018, what would have happened and it’s all a bit moot now. I’ve no real appetite to re-hash the whys and wherefores of it all over again now and who said what is just that – another opinion. Everyone knows mine at this stage. All I care about at this stage is that we get the result on Saturday evening that gets us into the draw on Monday morning. Nothing else matters now.

  32. Corick bridge – thanks for that. Just to be clear – as it’s the second time you’ve mentioned this – I have never banned your fellow Erris man from posting comments here and he’s free to post whatever he wants whenever he likes, subject to same rules that everyone else operates under when doing so here.

  33. I dis-agree with your stance on the venue issue WJ but I have to give you real credit for your work on this forum – you have a great work ethic for it and its really commendable. In particular moderation of comments must be a real pain in the posterior. Not entirely sure whether this is always appreciated.

    This venue issue must be one of the most vexed issues to be raised on the blog – feelings on it are strong and continue to persist.

  34. Grainne Uaile & Willie Joe – I was always under the impression that technically you can’t give your season ticket to someone else but if you look at the FAQ section of the season ticket website, it states that you can.

    It reads: “Does this now mean my GAA Season Ticket is non-transferable? *No. You can of course pass on your GAA Season Ticket to a friend or family member to use if you cannot attend. This transfer cannot take place at or in the vicinity of a match day venue.”

  35. grainne uaile. YES YOU CAN. give the card to somebody from mayo you trust because you will need to get the card back. willie joe it is in the regulations that it can be transferred to somebody for the day but not given to somebody outside the ground

  36. @ Gráinne Uaile
    There is nothing stopping you from passing on your season ticket to a friend or family member if you are unable to go. What is not allowed however is multiple scanning of season tickets at a match venue (can result in season tickets being confiscated and accounts closed). This was a blatant abuse of the season ticket scheme and Croke Park have rightly clamped down on this in recent years.

  37. How is everyone getting to Newbridge? Google maps sent me on a right feckin roundabout trek for the league.

  38. Fair enough so Willie Joe. For what its worth i think Mayo will win this game easier than they won the game last weekend. Kildare are all over the place defensively and i would expect Mayo to produce a big score against them.

  39. I think it might be an idea to start Hennelly this week, long kick outs and let the ball do the work since it will be 25 degrees.

    O’Donoghue Cafferkey Higgins
    Keegan Coen Durcan
    O’Shea Doc
    Mcloughlin Doherty Loftus
    Regan Oconnor Durcan

    Barrett Boyle Harrison Vaughan Nally a&b moran

  40. All – thanks for that welcome correction re the season ticket situation. I’m now going to do what’s a first for me and delete one of my own comments. Seeing as it was uninformed rubbish. Tut, tut.

    Grainne – please don’t mind me, the sun is getting to me!

    To everyone who has a season ticket but isn’t going – make damned sure another Mayo supporter (a loud Mayo-OH May-OH May-OH type preferably) gets it.

    Spotlight – yes it is (the pain in the whats-it). But, on balance, it’s worth it.

  41. Mayo Mark go to AA Routefinder and key in where you are coming from and then key in your destination WHICH IS NEWBRIDGE

  42. I couldn’t have cared less where the match was going to be played to be honest but I have a major issue with the throw in time, I travel from Donegal to all Mayo matches and have done since I acquired my season ticket in 2011, this is the 3rd Saturday out of 4 that I will not get home until 11pm or 12 midnight depending on traffic, 4pm should be latest throw in time, just sayin !

  43. Wooly, maybe a voice of reason!

    “I’m starting to think that it’s not Croke Park as much, but it’s the individual county boards who are an absolute mess.”

    “If you look at Kildare county board, they’re taking this principled stand now. Laois brought a motion to a Leinster Council meeting to take Dublin out of Croke Park, did Kildare back them? No. Did one Leinster county back them? Not one because they all wanted the money. Isn’t that a disgrace?”

  44. I have to say I never understood how this season ticket process worked until now – being a Sligo man we probably feel we manage on a case by case basis – but I’m astounded that it entitles you to first preference on away games too. I’m sure I’m going to be crucified for this point of view but I think that is absolutely ridiculous. It almost makes the whole Dubs travelling to Aughrim argument moot as presumably they would be assured 80-90% of the tickets anyway which kind of defeats the purpose of a home tie? Clearly it’s a not an issue where capacity isn’t reached but I find it bizzare that mayo will probably out number Kildare 2-1 in what is a home game for them because season ticket holders of another county has first claim on the tickets.

    I suppose the upside for Kildare is 2-1 out numbered is better than 3-1 out numbered in Croke Park…

  45. Cantini – file that one away for the next time we head for Markievicz! Clearly, I’m not going to agree with you on the season ticket issue. It would be an outrage of egregious proportions if the majority of our ST people were locked out along with the other thousands who won’t be able to get into the game.

    Castlebarred – it’s a bit late for Wooly to be seeing the light on this issue. That quote would seem to confirm that he’s running with the hare and hunting with the hounds on it.

  46. I’ve a feeling I’m the “Erris man” being referred to here. Just let’s get one thing clear . I stand over all I ever said. I love my county. I call it as I see it. I don’t need anyone making a case for me. I use this blog because of its excellence and as a repository of our history. I also did this site some service for a few years when perhaps my veins weren’t as clogged as they are now. I don’t comment that much anymore because I have become that fly in the ointment but I’m not going to allow what I think is me being seeing as some type of troublesome crank. In my dealings with WJ I always prefaced my opening with an acknowledgement of him the final arbiter and editor. So less of the Erris man shit, btw no one is more proud of the place than me. Unlike many here I put my name to all my stuff and I expect any reference back to me by that name.

  47. Hopefully Shane Nally gets his chance to start Midfield with Seamie and Tom out injured.
    I would partner him with Diarmuid O’Connor after his great display in Thurles last week and bring Lee back to half back to keep tabs on Paddy Brophy and have Aido drop for kickouts as there strong in the air with Tommy Moolick in midfield.

  48. @WJ to be clear I’m not suggesting if that the T+Cs say people are entitled to tickets they shouldn’t get them. They absolutely should if that is the understanding they signed up to them on – I just think it is perverse that we can have these situations where a home county that could easily fill a stadium with their own supporters have to give dibs to season tickets of an away county.

    Imagine Dubs drawing Leitrim in Carrick – would be at least 3-1 against home county. I don’t know what the solution is – maybe there isn’t one – but I think the point is fairly obvious that it is somewhat counter intuitive. But it is what it is.

  49. That’s fine, John – I was only responding back in the same way to Corick Bridge about the reference which I also assumed was being made to you.

    You’re still stuck in moderation, I’m afraid! There’s only one route out of this, which is in your hands to sort as I can’t do it from here. It’s a fix that has worked for loads of others who’ve also got snared in the same way. This is to post a comment using a different email address, that one will go into moderation too but when I’ve okayed it your comments should automatically go up on the site from then on.

  50. It’s never been an issue before, Cantini, as this is the first time that the GAA in its wisdom has set a venue that can take no more than half the likely attendance they’d have got if they’d chosen to go down the route of using a venue with a more appropriate capacity. Which means that it’s also the first time that the interests of “home” and “away” supporters are being pitted against each other in this way. I’m using inverted commas here deliberately as this is an alien concept in the GAA and if this is the road we’re truly embarked on now it’s one with major, and potentially disastrous, consequences for the GAA. Last year we played Clare down in Cusack Park. The place was packed but thousands weren’t locked out. We were there, the Clare people were there, shoulder to shoulder. None of this home and away supporters bullshit. This is what’s best about the GAA but I fear that sentiment too is now in peril arising from this particular firestorm.

  51. FFS lads and lassies – time to focus on the task at hand.

    A lot of posters commenting on the size of Kildare but we’re no bunch of whippets either. We also have some serious conditioning under the belt and Cian O’Neill knows that as well as us.

    I’d like to see a trio of Keegan, Aido and Diarmuid spread across the middle, with Aido playing a little deeper than normal. The other two bucks should be given license to roam and inflict as much damage as possible supporting off the shoulder. I’d also like to see Cillian out on the 40 at times. He’s well able to kick from distance so that will negate any packed defence early doors.

  52. @JasonB – Ahem, ‘Can we move on now’ .. my comments were in direct response to this blog post. That said, I ain’t trying to pick a fight and like you (& others) I’m soooo tired debating rights and wrongs 🙁

  53. Grainne Uaile make sure you give your card to a very loud Mayo supporter. I cant go on Sat but I have organised an equally stone mad Mayo fan as my replacement.

  54. As a PS to my last comment, I see that RTÉ are reporting (here) that Kildare GAA are now apologising to Kildare supporters who won’t be able to get into the game. Not a word, of course, about the thousands of Mayo fans locked out as well (a number that far exceeds those from Kildare similarly discommoded) but in the language of this brave new world we’re now inhabiting we’re only the “away” supporters.

  55. Just to throw in my tuppence worth. I love this blog it’s my first port of call for all things Mayo football. I have to say thanks to Willie Joe for providing this blog and all he does for it. I suppose the amount of traffic this blog gets there will always be disagreement and opposite views but we are all in this together as Andy once said and we all want the best for Mayo football.

  56. Thanks so much for the clarification re transfer of Cairde Mhaigh Eo ticket
    Maigh Eo abú

  57. @Mayomad …Croke Park don’t have to have a crowd in excess of 30,thousand to make a profit or break even… (This is a Urban Myth) The 82,300 Stadium is there anyway on the ground.. It’s not like a Jumbo Jet that can’t possibly take off and make a profit with just a few people on board… There are full time paid professionals there full time regardless of the number’s within.. The vast majority of the stewards, same as MacHale Park are UNPAID volunteers.. I actually know some of them very well…(A product of being in Croke Park, well over an hour before any on field action in most cases) Most are Dubs and even while doing the job for the GAA on a voluntary basis,.. They don’t all sing from the same hyme sheet as the hierarchy of the upper echelons of the GAA.. Most of the programmes seller’s are ‘Children or Teenagers’_& nothing wrong with that either in my opinion… Very often the upper tiers are closed… Of course the New Director General is Paid, he won’t say how much… The director of communications is Paid… What about the 4 provincial secatarys who are on the CCCC?

  58. Did anybody who booked tickets on yesterday get them in the post today? Mine hasn’t arrived in Tipperary so it’s an anxious wait for fear an phoist tomorrow ( best tie up the dog!)

  59. Mayo are the better side overall but the matchups need to be right as Kildare have some oustanding individuals who could do real damage.

    Daniel Flynn is a direct, rangy full forward with an eye for goal, similar to quinlivan. The type of player Mayo struggle badly with. Paddy Durcan got rode last week against quinlivan so if Harrison is fit he could be the mad for that job

    Brophy/Kelly and Niall Flynn also very talented if flaky forwards but will need to be tagged also.

    Kildare weaknesses: midfield is average, Moolick good going forward but not great on primary posession. Their fullback line is very weak and could be a lot of joy there for Mayo full forward line. Also, from what i can tell, they seem to go man on man in defence so Mayo unlikely to get bogged down in blanket system that they struggle against.

    High-scoring on both sides but im calling it…Kildare 1-13 Mayo 2 – 14

  60. Dead right Hudd Daniel Flynn can be lethal if he’s allowed. I’m trying to think who would be the best player to pick him up? Kildare haven’t the greatest defence so if we can get runners from deep and use quick hands I think we’ll create a lot of hassle for them. We just need to be ruthless.
    Moolick is decent but he has no great pace. AOS to pick him up and let Lee and Diarmuid wait for the break from Aidan and head straight for goal with Higgins coming off the shoulder.
    Jason Doc looked classy in Semple so if we can get him on the ball and an early score from play he’ll surely make hay.
    Our defence is the enigma how fit are Vaughan and Harrison? Harrison would be ideal for Flynn in my opinion.
    Willie Joe fair play you’ve the patience of a Saint, (so does your other half as well I suppose), time to concentrate on the game folks. Ticket sorted so delighted. I’m living 20mins from Newbridge so really looking forward to Saturday, atmosphere will be electric.

    Maigh Eo Abú

  61. Yes HUD and GreennRed, Flynn is a handful.

    But it’s worth rereading Rochy’s detailed interview which Willie Joe posted last Sunday or Monday (how long ago that seems!). He name checked Paddy Durcan and Caff specifically for the job they did on Tipp
    ( remember them?). So he’s likely to go the same route tomorrow. My recollection of the league game is that Flynn slaughtered our full back line that day.

  62. I’d say slaughtered would be too strong a word, Catcol! Flynn got a goal alright but that was all he scored off Ger Cafferkey and for the goal Caff was impeded by one of our players giving Flynn a clear run in. Ger did fine too down in Thurles, as did Paddy Durcan in the second half, even if he had a tough old time of it in the first half.

  63. There was a funeral in Galway today of a mayo man who died suddenly at the weekend.
    His ten year old son did the prayer of the faithful. He said he hoped Mayo would win Sam Maguire this year. Everyone in the church stood up and applauded the young lad after his prayer.
    The priest commented that the young lad was hoping for a lot.
    The coffin left the church to the sawdoctors Green and Red of Mayo.
    I hope for the young lad that Mayo win on Saturday and win well and I hope they go on to have a great year especially being as his father was such a fan and so proud of his county.
    Keep both their dreams alive.

  64. It’s most loyal supporters Really brought it home to me today what Kildare co board and Cian o Neill have done. My wife , a Lily by the way, phoned me at lunchtime saying she met a friend of ours down the town. He’s in his 60s and attends every Kildare game. Can’t get one, and asks if I have anything to spare to think of him. I have great time for the man , but told the Mrs , this is what your county board has done to
    It’s most loyal supporters. Strange when you have Kildare supporters asking Mayo supporters for a ticket for a home game.

  65. That nails the impact of the venue decision in a nutshell, Nephin. It’s a sad story and your friend should never have been put in such a position but, as you so rightly say, that’s where Cian O’Neill and the Kildare County Board have put him. As well as the baying mob online, of course, most of whom I’d imagine have lost interest in the whole thing now and have turned their fire onto the next hot topic. I wonder how many of them are season ticket holders? Regular match-goers? GAA people in any sense of the word? Not many would be my guess, as otherwise the fact that we were going to get most of the tickets for the game would surely have been apparent to them.

  66. @mayointipp mine arrived today rather impressed by turnaround. But depending on postal times some will come tomorrow please God.
    Willie Joe thanks again for tireless work on blog a fantastic forum.

  67. Revellino,. That last post puts everything into perspective.. My sincere condolences to the family involved,!.. I too want Mayo to lift Sam Maguire in September, but still some things are more important than football…. So be careful driving to Newbridge and look after each other… We are all only here for a short time!

  68. Mayo in Tipp, I was speaking to a lady in today as mine have not arrived yet either (silly me – I didn’t give my complete address when buying them online…) She advised me that if they didn’t arrive tomorrow to phone (phone number in contact details on website) and they’d arrange an alternative – probably that you can print the ticket out. Phones open from 8am until 4pm. Hope that helps.

  69. WJ-That post from you at 10:38 is way off the mark. Have you actually spoken to anyone from another county this week? There’s a reason why it sparked such outrage amongst the GAA community and not the ‘baying mob’ as you put it.

    You really are in the minority and everyone I’ve met or spoken to on the phone has been on Kildare’s side apart from Mayo people and even then opinion amongst them was split.

  70. I think having a go at Cian O’Neil in relation to the venue change is inappropriate. His job as manager is to give his team the best possible chance of winning. I very much doubt anyone would be criticizing Stephen Rochford for not taking into consideration whether Kildare or Mayo supporters got to go the game if roles were reversed. You would want him to be making calls and showing leadership that gave Mayo the best chance of winning.

    It is clear he thinks the best chance he has is in Newbridge. A lot of sane footballing people agree with that because they believe Mayo are seasoned campaigners at getting results at HQ. It matters not a
    jot whether they ultimately lose – he has to make the best call at time for his players and in carrying out his job. So if people want to have a go – have a go at the system or the CCCC or Kildare county board for not having a bigger stadium. Its not Cian O’Neil’s job to fix these problems – he has to play with the cards he’s dealt.

  71. I know I’m in the minority on the issue, Custard Pat, just like I’ll be in the minority too tomorrow, in that I’m one of the lucky people who actually will be able to get into the game. Sure, Kildare’s argument had plenty of support this week but most of that support came from people who were never going to the game in the first place and aren’t bothered by the fact that thousands are now locked out from it.

    Cantini – I do believe Cian O’Neill is fair game on this issue. He portrayed it on TV as one in which he was standing up for fans but that didn’t work out too well, for either set of supporters but especially for Kildare people. Unless, of course, he was only talking about the 500 Kildare season ticket holders!

  72. You’d happily take an all Ireland in September WJ if it meant thousands missing out on getting into a 3rd Qualifier – principle is still the same, managers have make the calls on getting results for their team. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cian O’Neill like many others wasn’t aware of the rules around season ticket holders and maybe he did get shortsighted on that. I was certainly not aware of it but i don’t see myself as any less a GAA fan for not having one – i’ll be in Croke part on Sunday, I was in Salthill to see us take a pummelling earlier this month and did the round trip to see a no more satisfying capitulation to Armagh. Based on recent history it makes far more sense to buy a season ticket if you are a Mayo fan than it does for 90% of other counties.

  73. We’ll agree to disagree on it, I guess, Cantini. I’m in full agreement with you, though, on the Mayo season ticket. I think it was 2012 that I signed up for the Cairde Mhaigheo scheme and I certainly have no complaints about value for money since.

  74. Fair play to you John Cuffe – – that’s a great spiel outta you there. Don’t let youself be intimidated. Any sign of the curlew over your side yet? There is only a few of us left that use our own name on this site! See you tomorrow in the Upper Hogan in St Conleths, Newbridge – -should be a very intimate atmosphere. I’ll be the one with a green and red cap.Try and remember to bring your wallet with you this time. All the best – – -Sam.

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