Okay, it’s time, I guess, to make a start at reconnecting here once more. In doing so, I’d like to say thanks for the many kind messages posted here and sent via email over the past week, all of which have been much appreciated.

I won’t pretend that I’ve been all that close to what’s been happening so far in the championship (I still haven’t, for example, seen the highlights of the Roscommon/Leitrim match from a week ago and needless to say I didn’t follow it live that day either) and I’m still unsure how rapidly or indeed to what degree I’ll get plugged back in to what’s going on over the coming weeks. One day at a time and all that.

I do, though, have a few guest posts ready to roll and I’ll be putting the first of these on the site tomorrow.

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  1. Welcome back WJ and sorry for your loss. You said it though one day at a time . Getting head back into GAA might give you some welcomed distraction.
    On todays game that i saw Donegal i dont will be going in the back door yet and i just cant see them being much of a threat this year.

  2. Welcome back WJ,surprised at how easy Galway got over London today.After London’s run last year I thought they would have built on that and put up a bolder display.Looks like it’s heading for a Mayo v Galway final

  3. WJ, best wishes to you, your family and friends.
    I hope that the coming months bring you both solace and joy.

  4. Welcome back WJ, we have missed you around here. I hope that everything will be okay for you and your family, best wishes and take care.

  5. Welcome back WJ, the place was not the same without you. I hope that you and yours get through the hard days in the knowledge that no matter how bad things seems, time will eventually lessen the hurt. As the saying goes, “the darkest part of the night is just before the dawn”.
    For all our love of Mayo football, unless things are right and “in place” at home, it becomes difficult to engage fully in the journey that following the Green and Red takes us on. There are not many things more important than Mayo, but Life, and all it’s kick to the balls that it can deliver, is one of them. So if your heart is not in it at the minute, don’t worry. There is enough of us loons here to keep the wheel spinning until you feel fit to do so.
    Face the ball, WJ. You’re only 8 points down, facing into a stiff breeze, a man down and away from home. But sure, you never know what will happen in the second half! Take it easy.

  6. Good to see you back WJ – tough time for you all but I hope the distraction helps. Take it handy over the next while. Looking forward to the guest posts. 🙂

  7. Welcome back WJ, and take your sweet time getting back on the horse. As you’ve said – one day at a time. Hope the few matches over the weekend gave you a bit of temporary distraction anyway.

  8. Welcome back Willie Joe. As an online community I suppose there isn’t much we can do for you in any practical sense except to assure you of our support and deepest gratitude. You have carved out a special place in the hearts of Mayo supporters.

  9. Welcome back Willie Joe, we all missed you in your absence, I hope that this site and football in general will provide a distraction in dark moments ahead. Time will help bring acceptance.
    Meantime well done to Mayo hurlers, our often forgotten brothers. They seem to be making steady progress and the win away to Wicklow who have a much deeper hurling base and tradition proves this. I think its Kerry or Meath next so good luck to them. It’s not so long ago since they were third at best in Connacht, well behind Roscommon in the rankings. The tables have been well and truly turned.

  10. Well said AndyD and well done to the hurlers.

    It’s Kerry next, probably in Ennis. A huge test as Kerry are hot favourites to win the Christy Ring.

    for Mayo it’s all about steady progress and raising the skill level. Hopefully Keith Higgins will be available for the semi-final.

  11. Thoughts are with you Willie Joe…..

    Regarding the hurling , semi is fixed for McHale park on sat so let’s get behind them. They are a fantastic ally committed group with many dual stars amongst them, Keith, all Ireland minor winner David Kenny, seanie Regan, …..yes Kerry are favourites to win the competition. Let’s get out and shout for them. Mayo 4 CHRISTY!! 🙂 🙂

  12. Never easy when a loved one passes on Willie Joe, and coming to terms with the realization that one can never see or hear them again takes a bit of getting used to. That’s when family and friends are most important, and for us we can only share in your loss.

  13. Welcome back WJ. It’s been quiet here without you but take the time you need to get over your loss. I’m sure we all know how difficult it can be, to just get the head around what was easy and routine before. Time does make it easier, but we never forget , nor should we.

  14. Welcome back Bro.Funny I was talking to a Tuam sham on Saturday who said to me to watch Galway this year in Connaught. I said to him that we’ve to watch Roscommon first but after that destruction of London he may have a point.They always had good footballers and they are a side that grows in confidence the longer they are in the championship. I still think we are a good bit ahead of the rest but we still have to win the games.

  15. Welcome back Willie Joe.
    My sympathies with you and yours. Hope you find some comfort here… or at least distraction. Take Care of yourself.

  16. Welcome back WJ. As others have said, take care and take your time easing back in to the driver’s seat of many more great debates, information sharing and to commune intensely long in to the night.
    Our healing thoughts remain with you!

  17. Welcome back WJ. I hope it gets easier for you and yours over the coming weeks and months. I was thinking if anyone on here ever had a notion of doing a guest post they could prepare one now as would allow WJ a bit of time away from here. Just a thought..

  18. Thanks, Trevor, that’s probably not a bad idea. I’m far less certain than at any time since I started the site as how active I’ll be here over the summer so the more that others are willing to pitch in over the next while, the better.

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