Bad break for Cora

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All the fun and games going on in New York over the last few days acted to overshadow somewhat the dispiriting news from Australia, where ex-Mayo star Cora Staunton suffered a serious leg injury on Saturday.

Cora recently completed her second season in the AFLW with Greater Western Sydney Giants. Following this, she’d already agreed terms with the Giants to continue playing with them next year as well.

On Saturday she was playing for the UNSW-ES Bulldogs against Macquarie University in the AFL Sydney Premier Division Women’s competition when she suffered an injury that turned out to be a double leg break, of both the tibia and fibula bones in her right leg.

As that report linked above confirms, Cora remained on the field of play for over twenty minutes following the incident, as the arrival of an ambulance was awaited. The match was eventually called off.

Needless to say, this serious injury represents a huge setback to the Carnacon legend. She’s expected to undergo surgery in the coming days, following which she faces a long road of rehab.

This is not an easy path for anyone to take, least of all a player with so many years of playing time racked up. But Cora’s nothing if not a fighter and if anyone has it within them to come back from such a setback it’s her.

Best of luck, Cora, and here’s hoping that you make a full and complete recovery as soon as possible.

9 thoughts on “Bad break for Cora

  1. I’ve no doubt Cora will come back. Yes she is that legend and is made of strong stuff. One of mayo’s greatest assets and a credit to herself and family.

  2. Best wishes to Cora for a speedy recovery it’s hard to come back from a break like that but please God she will do it. Cora is probably the most gifted Mayo footballer to wear the green and red it’s probably a toss between her and Ciaran Mc Donald And probably some of the 51 team. Best wishes Cora

  3. So sad to hear of this injury for one of our great sporting heroes. Wishing you healing and recovery Cora. You are and have been an inspiration and I hope you discover the strength to work through this tough time…get well and feel the love that we have for you. You’ll be back regardless of age! Mayo in the blood… you’ll be good!! Alex

  4. Tough on Cora.. really feel for players who suffer horrible injuries for the cause, particularly amateurs that play for our entertainment and pride… the very best of luck with her recovery.
    Cora is an exceptional and special talent

  5. Robert Burke – I think she’s paid for about 14 hours a week. I can assure you there is very few in the AFLW taking in big cash, and Cora is not one of them. Many of those AFLW players have to supplement their modest income with part time jobs in bars and cafes. That way you’re going on, you’d swear she was on premier league wages!
    Best wishes to Cora in recovery

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