Bags packed

I’m heading off at a truly cruel hour in the morning tomorrow – when most of the other people who happen to be in taxis then will only be on their way home after a night on the tiles – and so I’m off to my leaba shortly.   Before I do, here’s a report from the Herald on last night’s match in Portmarnock: apparently Dublin used 17 subs over the course of the game and so it was a little bit over two teams that we were facing.

Also, I see that the hurlers had an excellent win over Kildare this afternoon and so are now in the Christy Ring semi-final.  Does this mean a shot at revenge against the Kerrymen, I wonder?  That would be nice, delicious even.

Enough of this, I need sleep.  I’ll be back on here whenever I get networked again, which hopefully won’t be too long.  With the help of God it might also have stopped raining in these parts by the time I get back.  Take care, y’all.

One thought on “Bags packed

  1. Safe journey, we might be in the Christy Ring final when you get back! perhaps we should have been a hurling county all along! Still they are a credit.

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