Barry and Keith out for Cork and maybe Jason too

Easter, and Lent with it, is now behind us, April has begun and the longest winter since the woolly mammoth stalked the earth may at last be on the wane. The long evenings are back, there’s bright, brilliant sunshine up here in the capital this morning but the wind still has a bit of a glacial tinge to it so we might not be out of those particular woods just yet.

And a quick perusal of the media wouldn’t exactly fill a man full of the joys of spring either this morning with various organs reporting on our current injury worries. The Irish Independent, Irish Examiner and RTÉ all carry confirmation that Barry Moran and Keith Higgins are definitely out of Sunday’s crunch league match with Cork down at Páirc Uí Chaoimh (throw-in 3pm). The latter two also report that Jason Doherty is now a doubt as well and both confirm that Cathal Freeman – who probably wouldn’t have featured on Sunday in any event but did start our first two league games this year – broke his collar bone on Sunday and so will be out for a fair while.

That Indo report has a few quotes from James who confirms that Barry is suffering from ligament damage, of both the knee and ankle according to RTÉ (which is also what I heard), and says that he could be out for “three to four weeks” (four to six is what I’m hearing, which would make him doubtful for Salthill). While James confirms that Keith will rest up this weekend he also states that the Ballyhaunis flyer “should be back soon after that”. Here’s hoping.

I’ve no idea what’s ailing Jason but it sounds like some kind of knock that will hopefully resolve itself before Sunday. With Barry and Keith definitely out of the reckoning for next weekend we could do without any other withdrawals.

But we shouldn’t be blubbering into our beer either about injury curses and the like. Injuries happen all the time, to all teams, and like everyone else we’ve just got to get on with it. Our opponents on Sunday will be missing former All-Star Colm O’Neill who the other week sickeningly did his cruciate for a third time and they also have three other class forwards – Ciaran Sheehan, Paddy Kelly and Donncha O’Connor – out injured at the minute. So while we’re heading into this important clash without a few of our key players it’s important to bear in mind that Cork have their own problems in this department as well.

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  1. As you said Willie Joe, injuries are part and parcel of the game and it the same for all sides. These unfortunate incidents and have to be factored into all squad and team selections and it goes to strengthen the idea that football, now more than ever, is a squad game. If we aim to be a division one team with a genuine hope of winning the All-Ireland than we have to be able to cope with a couple of injuries, no matter who they are.
    I really hope that Barrys injury is not a serious one because he was just fully recovered from his last one and he was begining to show his true form in the last 2 league games. I also feel he was hard done by in not getting an All Star last year. As for Keith, it is amazing his hamstrings do not give more trouble when you consider he is an explosive zippy type of player, plus, all the football and hurling for club and county that his hammers are exposed to. I hope he rests easy for the season ahead.
    As for Sunday, I hope my wife is not reading this!, but I hope to travel as I have not missed one this year.
    P.S. Awful news about Colm O’Neill. To do the cruciate once is bad enough, but 3 times!!!! A mate at work did his anterior and medial ligaments at training 18 months ago and I saw the effort he had to put in to get back to anywhere near his previous fitness levels. That was just once, imagine 3 times!

  2. I can deal with all those as long as there aren’t any serious long term ones, like what was rumoured about Barry. Salthill is the real goal here and once we get most of the lads back for that, I’d be happy enough really. It sounds like Alan will be soon back in training and that himself and Keith should be fine for then. Don’t know about Barry. It’s be great to see Andy back training but it will take a long time for him to be anywhere near match fit. These are all short term really but this weekend was a stark reminder that Mayo and every other top county are only a big injury away from having their championship hopes seriously jeopardised. You just can’t replace big game players, no matter how good the strength of the panel.

  3. This report in the Mayo News provides some further information on the injury list. According to this report, Jason Doherty has a groin strain but he should be okay for next weekend although it now appears that Tom Cunniffe (achilles trouble) and Donal Vaughan (shoulder) may not be. This report also says that Alan Dillon could return to the bench for Sunday. Sounds like he might be needed.

  4. Besides Colm O’Neill, Ciaran Sheehan, Patrick Kelly, Pearse O’Neill and Donnacha O’Connor being out, Daniel Goulding is only half-fit right now while Ray Carey and Eoin Cotter have gone traveling for the year. On top of that Damien Cahalane, John O’Rourke and Thomas Clancy would be starting but are all involved in the Cork U-21s, although I assume Mayo are missing a few in this regard as well.

    Anyway should be a good game – considering its a home and an important one I’d still expect a Cork win, player losses aside.

  5. Cork injury list is worse who’s going to do the scoring with all those key forwards out?

  6. Have to agree with horan,s brigade, that you cannot really replace the big players especially in the chapionship, look at tyrone last year, with sean cav. in the team what was the likely odds of donegal beating them and dont forget donegal had no injurys on their way to the all ireland last year, not as cofident now heading for cork but it is a chance now for who ever comes in to make the stake for their place on the team in what as far as i,m concerned a marker for the rest of the year and stay in div. 1 on their own accord, wat ever about semi final that will be a bonus and especially for lads coming back from injury…game time an competetive…… C,mon mayo.

  7. Barry Moran out will probably mean the two O’Shea’s in midfield and if Doherty,Higgins are out McHale,O’Connor will come in. Not good to lose players but Mayo will still have a very strong starting 15 and i don’t think Cork have the back up to replace the players they are missing.

    I think Mayo will win this game Cork looked very poor v Kerry last weekend and a win will mean another semi final probably against Tyrone and a chance to get pay back for that smash and grab win in McHale park.

  8. Some great news regards injuries, will Saturday is important is all about been right for May. Any worth on whether the game against Cork is been televised lads?

  9. WJ, does deferred mean it will be shown directly after the live game?
    the injuries will give lesser lights the chance, i hope michael walsh gets a run, hes supposedly a fairly tough bit of work which we need more of.

  10. Thanks WJ + predtictive text means my comments are as hard to read as James Horan team predictions.

  11. It does, David – I’m not sure what time the deferred coverage starts but I guess it’s right after the live game is over whenever that is.

  12. I saw a statistic on yesterday’s Indo. The two counties who conceded the fewest scores from frees were Donegal and Mayo! Where is all our cynical play gone?

  13. Yes the deferred game starts after the live game as soon as postmatch interviews done jht., that will be around 4.30, since i think all leag. games starting at 3 on sunday…………..

  14. I actually think that the article meant to highlight the cynical aspect of those two counties. You wont concede scores from frees if you foul a long way out, its where you foul and concede that matters … that’s the inference I took from it any way but….

  15. Cork Senior Football team to play Mayo in the Allianz League on Sunday at 3pm in Páirc Uí Chaoimh has been named as follows:

    1. Ken O’Halloran

    2. John McLoughlin 3. Jamie O’Sullivan 4. Michael Shields
    Kanturk Bishopstown St. Finbarr’s

    5. Paudie Kissane 6. Noel O’Leary 7. Tomás Clancy
    Clyda Rovers Cill na Martra Fermoy
    8. Aidan Walsh 9. Graham Canty
    Kanturk Bantry Blues

    10. Mark Collins 11. Fintan Goold 12. Andrew O’Sullivan
    Castlehaven Macroom Castletownbere

    13. Daniel Goulding 14. Barry O’Driscoll 15. Paul Kerrigan
    Eire Og Nemo Rangers Nemo Rangers
    16. David Hanrahan Douglas
    17. Eoin O Mahony Macroom
    18. Brian Shanahan Carbery Rangers
    19. Conor O’Driscoll Ilen Rovers
    20. Donncha O’Connor Ballydesmond
    21. James Fitzpatrick Carbery Rangers
    22. Pearse O’Neill Aghada
    23. Liam Shorten Beal Atha’n Ghaorthaidh
    24. Denis Crowley Bishopstown
    25. David Goold Macroom
    26. James Loughrey Mallow

    Alan O’Connor joins Eoin Cadogan, Ciarán Sheehan and Patrick Kelly on the injury list while cruciate victim Colm O’Neill is Cork’s only long-term injury concern. Former Antrim footballer, James Loughrey, now playing with Mallow, makes his first appearance on the substitutes.

  16. I see O’Leary has been released from captivity for the weekend again! I’d love to see him get his comeupance sometime.

  17. Waiting for Mayo team to be announced to decide for definite but have a good feeling we can take the 2 points on offer this weekend. Come on Mayo!

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