Barry Moran an injury worry for Connacht final

Barry MoranI’ve just seen this report on RTE’s website: Barry Moran apparently picked up a leg injury playing in a stupid club league match over the weekend and so he could be a doubt for the Connacht final.  We shouldn’t, I guess, be shocked about such a development – Barry has, after all, been injured more often than he’s been fit over the last five years – but just when we’d got our Twin Towers into action, it’d be kinda nice to see what damage they might do to that wobbly Galway backline in Salthill.  Hopefully, the injury isn’t too serious but it sounds like we might need to start thinking about a Plan B for Pearse Stadium, just in case like.

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  1. agree WJ – he might not have scored v Ros but his presence was a key part of the tactic. Hope he’s ok.
    Injury in club matches (and training!) is the risk for next 3 weeks and round of club championship matches this coming weekend I think. On that point did I hear correct that one of our younger county stars – Cathal Freeman of Aghmore – broke a leg in league match gainst Claremorris over te weekend ? Anyone confirm ?

  2. I heard that too about Cathal – I think Midwest were reporting it yesterday. Hopefully there’s no complications and that he’ll recover fully in time.

  3. He has 3 weeks to recover so hopefully that should be enough time to get over the injury.
    Was not to impressed with Galway, they eases off once they established a lead. It will be very different on the 19th. Our full back line will have to be at their best to curb armstrong and Meehan. Also whoever is marking P Joyce, he pull the string yestseday and will do alot of damage if let. Galway seem to be weak at midfield, if we get the same amount of possession as Sligo did, then i think we will win.

  4. just after wondering around a few of the gaa forums..interesting to see hope much the rest of connacht is hoping galway beat us… i never felt sorry for the sheep stealers,could we ever beat them by enough? i hope we do the same to galway… seemed too the attendance in mchale park at 5 on a saturday got slatted…Did galway bring 3 thousand to sligo??? in the words of king kev i will love it,love it if we beat them

  5. On the venue, it appears from the archive that we have never won in Salthill? If that is correct, the curse in Galway is worse than that in Tuam up to 1997.

  6. venue does not matter, if you look at where at where the mayo teams were at the time,simply were not good enough

  7. Sixpointsup: We last beat Galway in Salthill in the championship in 1967 but my records only go back 50 years so I’m not sure what the complete record against them there is. Of course, we didn’t always play our away games against Galway in Pearse Stadium over this period so the number of games involved over that 40-year period isn’t all that big.

    I agree with you on the venue, 1951 – if we’re good enough to beat them, we should beat them, regardless of where the match is played.

  8. If we can stay relatively injury free I truly believe we have the personel to get a result in salthill. I know people say we learnt nothing from beating Ross but I saw a determination and belief from us that day that i havent seen from a mayo team in a long time. If we can replicate that attitude in Salthill I really think we will win and sure God knows what we will get up to after that. The team that broke the tuam hoodoo in ’97…they literally came out all guns blazing and were nearly out of sight after 10 mins. If we go after Gal in salthill with the same attitude we will lay another hoodoo to rest.

  9. Jazus WJ that script that hurts was on again radio 1 last night !! has Jonno got some thig going with rte to really sell us as luckless supersticious acursed no hopers. Time and salthill will tell

  10. Sixpointsup, as willie Joe said we did beat them in Salthill in 1967. At the time Galway were the three in a row All-Ireland champs and we thought we were the bees knees. A young man, Seamus O Dowd the minor winning captain of a year earlier ran them ragged as Mayo shot from the hip and massacred them.
    Time I am afraid has painted a more real picture of the day. Galway were a tired team having contested the All-Ireland finals of 1963,’64,’65,and ’66, winning the later three. Dublin robbed them in ’63. Galway also had only recently returned from playing New York in the National League final out there.So in retrospection they were ripe for plucking. However that was a brilliant Mayo team with the likes of John Morley, Joe Corcoran, Joe Langan,Ray Prendergast, johhny Carey, Seamus O Connor etc. Sadly they never picked up the one that mattered, losing that years semi to Red Pat Colliers Meath. Morley missed most of that semi final due to recovering from aappendix operation a few weeks prior. Two stupid long range goals shook us and possibly set us back further than we realised at the time. Had Morley been anchoring the centre back slot that would not have happened. No reason why Mayo cannot win next day out and for Gods sake stop worrying and looking over our shoulders at what other people think about us. F***K them, its us and us only that matters, not what some gob s**** from Sligo Ros or Timbucktoo thinks about us with his warped and jealous mind. .

  11. I remember 67 .
    I think it was double scores 3-13 to 1-8 if my memory serves me right.

  12. I remember after we beat Galway in 1999, on the way out of Tuam some fella said it was almost as good as beating them in 1967!

  13. 1951, there was more than 3k Galwegians in Sligo although the overall crowd size was poor. With the marginally bigger crowd in Castlebar the previous week i think this is what the public think of the provincial system. A side issue is one has to look at the make up of GAA in Galway. Very divided between hurling and foiotball. I met a guy recently from a hurling area who said that he has not being at a Galway football game in 40 yrs. Very few counties have this marked divide so in reality Galway’s football pick unlike most other counties is not in line with the population

  14. We`re in our best position this year with a few `Towers`on the bench if Barry doesn`t make it.What about the O`shea brothers 14 and 15.They should be used to playing together one would think! Or we could move Ronan to the FF line and bring in Parsons or O`shea at MF.Barry Kelly is another one that was close to nailin`down a place in the league.This is where we can relax in the knowledge that we have the best man in the country at the Helm [Jack o connor has lost it!]Come on Mayo!!!

  15. Anonymous..stop talking shite you galway in disguise.. talking to two die(they come few and far between) hard g way supporters on monday and thats what they said been genorous.. galway supporters are terrible i dont know what your on about because they dont go to hurling games either. with the population ratio still should be by far most supported team in connacht..

  16. 1951 these are the facts whether u like it or not. Very few counties have a large pocket of die hard fans when it really comes down to it and that includes ye. League attendances (Dublin aside) for any county unless they have not won an all-ireland in yrs rarely goes avove 6k. About Galway fans ‘being terrible’ well that comment shows how little u know of matters outside ur own county. Geography has always being a problem here and in terms of population a lot of galway city as cities go makes up very little of galway support at matches. The real facts of course are the number of senior clubs and the proof is that Galway has less senior football clubs than the likes of Kerry, Mayo, Cork, Dublin, Donegal etc. Unlike other dual counties like Cork and Wexford, Galway as a dual county has only one dual senior club.

  17. fairpoint but just over 1% of the galway people thats all of galway big into football is..League game in tuam almost even support we will have more in your home ground on the 19th.. am i wrong

  18. No disputing the fan breakdown in the league game. Was as u say pretty even. In terms of the provincial final there will be probably more of ye but the gap will be nothing like it was in the early ’90’s when our support was at its lowest in my view. Of course this has a lot to do with ’98 and ’01 but in fairness that upsurge has held with very little senior success since. I have always said our football hardcore support is steady. History tells us that the marginal fan goes with either the hurling or the football whichever is doing better. This in my view, while not an excuse, the only disadvantage about being reasonably strong in both codes.

  19. McGarrity out, theres never a good time to be injured but this is about the worst bar before an AIF

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