Barry’s in the team but will he start?

The starting line-up for our All-Ireland quarter-final clash with Meath at Croke Park on Sunday has just been announced.  Here it is:

MAYO (All-Ireland quarter-final v Meath, 9/8/2009): Kenneth O’Malley; Donal Vaughan, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins; Peadar Gardiner, Trevor Howley, Andy Moran; David Heaney, Ronan McGarrity; Pat Harte, Trevor Mortimer, Alan Dillon; Aidan Kilcoyne, Barry Moran, Aidan O’Shea.

So, once again it’s minimal change – this is, in fact, the same fifteen that lined out against Roscommon back in June (the same kind of result wouldn’t go amiss), with Donal Vaughan reclaiming that corner-back spot that’s been up for grabs all summer between himself and Liam O’Malley.  Aidan Kilcoyne, who went off injured after the first half in the Connacht final, is fit again to resume at top-of-the-right while Barry Moran, with his broken finger and all, is named at full-forward, despite being all but ruled out of the game last week.  Will he start, though?  I’d say he will, as Johnno doesn’t tend to throw curve balls when announcing his team selections but I guess we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out for sure.

UPDATE: The list of subs has been announced tonight as well.   Here’s the bench in full: David Clarke, Chris Barrett, Kieran Conroy, Kevin McLoughlin, Conor Mortimer, James Nallen, Austin O’Malley, Liam O’Malley, Seamus O’Shea, Billy Joe Padden, Tom Parsons, Mark Ronaldson, Michael Sweeney, Robert Hennelly.

16 thoughts on “Barry’s in the team but will he start?

  1. good selection i feel,but how can we even thinking about going much further,we are playing with mid fielder who cant catch the ball.In fairness seems like the only weak link,harsh on c.mort.

  2. Think you are being very harsh on Heaney there. Think he was close to man of the match in both the Ross and Galway games. Catching is only one facet of modern midfield play – Heaneys workrate is a lot of what is making us tick this season. Tyrone have won 3 all irelands without fantastic feilders, but with guys with major work-rate. Do you not think thats why Heaney is on and Parsons is on the bench (too similar to RMG). Lets get behind those selected for once. Anyway, its a 16-18 man game these days, and your bench is as important as those starting

  3. carrying on from what gal said we have huge quality on the bench , that will surely pull us ahead of meath , but it will be close..

    Bring it on , Come on Mayo!!

  4. Is there anyone else out there who thinks we would be better off without Barry Moran in the starting line up. You can call it a conspiracy theory but I think there is a concerted effort to have at least one Mitchels player on the team. If Cuniffe was fit I think he would be the one starting.

  5. just heard that david heany is to be interviewed on tv3`s championship throw in programme tomorrow evening @ 6.30

  6. Fidel Custard—I don’t think your theory holds any merit. Most people would opine that Moran’s absence is to Mayo’s detriment. I mean his presence alone in the full forward line would cause any full back line problems. I think he would give Anthony Moyles a complete ‘scutching’!! However, it is very unlikely he will start as reports suggest he is in a complete cast. O’Mahony is hardly including him just cos he is mitchels-I mean there is only one player from ballagh on next sundays panel and they are o’mahonys club and county champs.

  7. lads, have two cusack tickets lower center.. looking to swap for two hill center tickets

  8. Eoin- I certainly dont see him as any more a threat in at full forward than Parsons or Padden would be. Neither are quite as tall, but both are big enough to cause problems for any full back and both have far more football ability. I do know that he played a full part in training on wednesday evening and it looks like he will start. Elverys are the team sponsors, and they are also originally a castlebar based company and I am certain they would like the county town to be represented.

  9. I agree with Fidel I heard the same rumour. From what I have seen of him he doesn’t offer anything. Slow, awkward and gives away position too easily – I hope i’m proven wrong though

  10. what’s with all this player knocking and rumour and conspiricy stuff lads when we need more positive support for the team with a few days to go????
    This team has got a shape, a more settled and cohesive look to it than we have been used to over the past few seasons. If I remember rightly to this time last year we were all over the place with injuries and players being switched all over the shop. From one game to the next we didn’t know who or what formatin would take the pitch. Compare that to this year.
    So lets be positive lads !!!
    Come on Mayo !!!

  11. Goals win games lads. Barry has scored one and created others this year, so i would pick him.

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