Beanies gone but discount for annual podcast membership remains

You might recall that we’ve been running an offer for some time on the Mayo Football Podcast in which we’ve made annual membership to the podcast club on Patreon available at a 10% discount off the standard monthly rate. We also offered a free beanie hat (like the one pictured about) to those availing of the annual membership option.

We’ve now got some good news and some bad news about the beanie.

The good news is that, if you’re one of those who signed up for annual membership on Patreon, you should by now have received an email from us looking for address details so we can post the beanie out to you. If you’ve responded to us with the relevant address details you can expect to receive your beanie shortly.

The bad news is that the offer of the free beanie is now closed. The 10% discount on annual membership is, though, an offer we’re keeping in place for now. If you fancy joining the club and availing of this offer, you can do so here.

6 thoughts on “Beanies gone but discount for annual podcast membership remains

  1. I see Ray Dempsey called it a day with Limerick. Just to show, managing a county, that does not finance a county team, to same level as a Dublin, Kerry, Mayo is no easy task. While I for one did not think Ray gaa football tactically approched if the same as his club football tactically approched, whould have suited Mayo. I feel for the man, as anyone who manages any team, takes alot of bravery, and deadication, so where ever he manages next good luck to him

  2. It sounds very much like he got the sack ..
    Players not happy and bottom of the table .

  3. We will never know the exact details or reasoning. A thankless task in weaker counties, especially ones in the higher divisions that really are closer to tier 4 than tier 2.

    They Drew with Meath last week and lost by two in Louth week before, who are on for promotion to division 1.
    Shows the state of the game outside of top handful of teams that have money and resources. A gulf that is only widening, and will continue to widen with the new system.

  4. WJ, just letting you know I didn’t receive that email looking for my address for the Beanie. Perhaps you have it already, in which case please ignore this.

  5. The Umpire – thanks, two quick questions: (1) have you signed up for annual (as opposed to rolling monthly) membership? The offer only applies to annual members. (2) Assuming you are an annual member, have you check your email spam folder? The mail could have ended up there.

  6. Thanks WJ. I’m afraid my subscription is rolling from last year. Anyway, not to worry. Keep up your great work!

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