Beating Kildare on the double + getting drawn to play Kerry: Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E24

Mayo beat Kildare on the double last weekend and on Monday morning the county’s Senior team were drawn to play Kerry in the All-Ireland quarter-final the weekend after next, while the Minors will also take on Kerry that weekend in the All-Ireland semi-final. In this latest episode of the Mayo News Football Podcast, Rob Murphy is joined by Mike Finnerty and Edwin McGreal to discuss the weekend’s action and the quarter-final draw.

We hear Billy Joe Padden’s post-match thoughts from Croke Park on Saturday, following which Rob chats with Mick Foley of the Sunday Times and Malachy Clerkin of the Irish Times. Mike gets the thoughts of former Derry player Conleth Gilligan about Mayo and this year’s Championship so far. Finally, we hear from Mayo Minor manager Seán Deane, following his team’s All-Ireland quarter-final win over Kildare on Sunday.  

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83 thoughts on “Beating Kildare on the double + getting drawn to play Kerry: Mayo News Football Podcast 2022 E24

  1. I believe there are no details yet about the minors. Could it be that they will be doubled up with the senior semis? Just a thought.
    Now it’s time to listen toPatren with my breakfast coffee. Not a bad way to start the day.

  2. Enjoyed the Sean Deane interview, it seems like there is a great bond between players and management team.

  3. Over 70k tickets sold for our double header on Sunday week so far. Seems like armagh are travelling in big numbers to turn the place orange

  4. WJ
    Any chance of getting Paul Galvin on the Podcast.
    He has a big Mayo connection and I heard him talking about Mayo in the past and thought he had great input.
    Decent guy as well by all accounts

  5. Minor Semi Final fixed for Saturday the 25th at 2:45pm in O’Connor Park, Tullamore.

  6. @Way Out West: More joined up thinking from HQ on the scheduling side of things, I see. Best of luck to the minors!

  7. As per usual, It Means Nothing To Me. The venue will suit Mayo more than Kerry, we’ve played our QF there and it’s easier to get to from a Mayo point of view. Hopefully we get a nice crowd out for this, they have been playing some great football.

  8. @1989 good shout on getting Paul galvin on, sure he’s half a mayo man now, always find his outside view on our style of play interesting, he has pointed out on a number of occasions how difficult it is to be a forward on the mayo team they way they play, ie backs doing all the overlapping and scoring and nothing direct ever coming in

  9. “Dublin refused to go to Páirce Uí Chaoimh.”

    Imagine believing that. Dublin seniors don’t dictate where they play. HQ do, and that is driven by the desire to prop the value of Corp and Long term holders seat prices. It’s the same Rational that lead to a super 8 round having to be played in Croker.

    In fairness, I’d be sure Cork didn’t want that either, given what transpired the last time the Dubs played in Cork in the Champo.

  10. I’d second the excellent idea of getting Galvin on. A very honest voice and I never sensed an agenda with him when discussing Mayo football. In fact he’s always spot on and not afraid to call it as it is, as he sees it, even if it’s unpalatable for Mayo folk.

  11. @jaden

    The Irish News understands that Cork had sought to bring Dublin to Páirc Ui Chaoimh for their quarter-final meeting but the Dubs weren’t agreeable to the idea.

    It’s believed a home-and-away arrangement that would see the next game in Croke Park and any future ties alternate between the venues was offered but Dublin also turned that down.

  12. Willie Joe,
    Just a quick word of thanks for your sterling work and insights in running this blog. It keeps us expatriates in touch with all that’s happening in the home territory and the ongoing saga of Mayo’s heroic fight for All-Ireland glory. Surely it cannot end so early as Sunday week! Maigh Eo Abu -and hope the legendary WJ Senior is doing well too?

  13. @Jaden…39 year’s is a mighty long time… Hopefully Dublin GAA can afford whatever it is the price of Hotels by Bank’s of their own lovely Lee.. With the price gouging going on, that could be anything by next Friday week… But ye could do like the Kerry hurlers and fly to Cork… start queing in the tents outside Dublin airport around 4 AM and ye will be on yer flight by 9 AM plenty of time for ye… You know time wise, that’s not a million miles away from what a Mayo or Kerry fan is regularly asked to do from, Achill or Belmullet, or Valentia or Listowel.

  14. When is the last time an AIQF was played outside of Croke Park. 20 years at a guess? This is the way its always been, even when Dublin weren’t a top team. Why do people honestly expect these massive games to be played anywhere else???

    Bit cheeky of Cork Co Board to be looking to play Dublin there. They took the soup bringing in Edeen Sheeran at the same time as Kerry match, and hadn’t the brains to arrange the concert either side of that weekend. Its not like they only had 2 weeks notice that they were playing Kerry!!!. Absolute nonsense.

  15. @Lineball 2.0, no one “expects” QFs to be played outside CP but the point being made, by more and more people, is they *should* be played outside CP. Dublin having home advantage for 20+ years is farcical. Look at the logistical work Mayo, Kerry, Donegal, Galway, Tyrone, Cork have to do to play games in CP versus what Dublin have to do. Then there is the point that the QF games very rarely sell out. It’s next to impossible to get a reasonably priced room in Dublin, a city that doesn’t need more tourism, local or otherwise, right now. Finally, there’s an obvious, easy opportunity to bring economic benefits plus a great buzz to provincial towns.

  16. @Lineball 2.0..Cork county board ‘took the soup’.?.. Very very questionable statement. Cork correctly insisted, WITHOUT ANY OBJECTIONS from Kerry their opponents (Munster Board is not Kerry) to playing at a home venue, a home venue which was big enough in any case to take the crowd.. . You have some very questionable points made there.. Quater Final in Croke Park even when Dublin weren’t at top team? In the last 20 year’s.. Maybe you need to consult the results to satisfy yourself on this.. Dublin have just completed 12, yes 12 in a row, Leinster Titles, and 17 out the last 18 titles…So that’s at least 17 out the last 18, Quarter Finals (including Super Eight with a double home advantage to Dublin) .. And I know if I consult the results that Dublin have contested even more than 17 out the last 18 Quarter Finals (Super Eight fixtures) ..The Quarter Finals only came in around the year 2000…..

  17. Just on TICKETS for the game .. For any of you not based in Mayo . It might be worth going into your local Gaa county board office.
    I went in and got 2 lower Hogan and 1 lower Cusask adult plus 2 lower Cusask juvenile ( together)…
    Juvenile same price as Davin stand .
    Lots of talk of big Armagh crowd but I’m expecting a huge crowd from Mayo for this one ..

  18. Anyone know if all the tickets for Croker for Mayo V Kerry have been released yet?
    Trying to get seats together with the kids and a few adults but looking on Ticket master it looks as if its almost sold out. Hardly 2 seats together, I wasnt expecting a full house after last weekend!!
    I will try the County board office if I can find it @My Ball, and Super Valu / Centra . I’m based in Louth.
    Cheers, Hon Maigheo

  19. @Bonnie B .. you’ll find address on their website. I was in the same boat re the kids .it was girl in co board office that told me I could get Cusask stand together when she looked it up . If you ring them before 5 , they should be able to help you.

  20. Thanks @ My Ball , some released just now on Section 726 on Ticketmaster
    Got 4 together but will have to leave kids at home , Anyone know a good Babysitter for 4 kids !!!

  21. Your on your own there @ BonnieB !!!!
    Well done on securing the tickets . The more green and red the better !! Our bucks will need all the support they can get Sunday week

  22. The match on Sunday week is going to have at least 60k there, indeed it may well sell out. Croke Park is the only stadium capable of holding it. Can we please bring this pointless discussion about the venue to a close? I’m so weary of it at this stage.

  23. Lets fill Croker to 83k @ WJ , the more Green and Red the better. Time to get behind the team.
    My friend and his wife from Brazil are going so I would love to see the look on their faces to witness a full Croker their first day in it. I have lent them Maigheo jerseys for the occasion.
    Hon Maigheo

  24. Agree WJ .. pointless discussing venue . Its a pain in the hole reading it for those of us that are on the blog to chat football, team selection, possible match ups etc so your head must be fried from it …

  25. “The Irish News understands that Cork had sought to bring Dublin to Páirc Ui Chaoimh for their quarter-final meeting but the Dubs weren’t agreeable to the idea.”

    It’s amazing how much whataboutery can be crammed into one line of text which then gets accepted as fact in the minds of some.

    Honestly, I think we may see 2 sellouts – a full Croker is one of the best places in the world to be on a Sunny day.

  26. @Jaden… and do you know that the facts are different to the impression that the headline would give?

  27. Just for clarity, WJ, I’m not proposing this years QFs be played outside CP but that it needs to happen more often in the future. For the reasons already stated. It’s an interesting topic, and breaks up the 10 days of ‘why Boland should start’, or ‘Mullen should be played at 6’ debates! Sunday week may have 60k plus but that’s as a double header with a county (Armagh) that will likely bring 20k on their own. Mayo v Kerry wouldn’t have over 35k on it’s own.

  28. Jaden don’t let Dublin use Croker for league games, it gives them a big advantage blooding new players.

  29. @leantimes “and do you know that the facts are different to the impression that the headline would give?” – No, I don’t, but no-one does – that’s my point. But when I read “we understand” in an article, my BS detector goes off.

    @Jr – Much prefer The Nell myself, but I see why they were using it. Money talks with HQ at the end of the day.

  30. GBXI i agree this whole situation needs to be revisited and we should not just accept the because its always played there rubbish.There is a double header in CP the next day so giving estimated attendances for the day is misleading.I am done with this subject for now but hoping to follow up on the 16k attendance last weekend at a later date.We have many options on team selections and strategies to discuss for the next week and this is the blog for it.Its been a hard watch in our three championship games thus far so we dont have to win pretty at this stage.

  31. @Jaden. I have done my research on the subject. The quarter finals (later Super Eight) first came in 2001. You content that Dublin don’t decide where to go, they go where they are told by HQ. Well since 2001 (no quarter finals or Super Eight 2020 or 2021 due to COVID-19) to date 19 year’s quarter finals have been played or Super Eight’s.. Dublin have only missed out 2003 & 2004..It’s very convenient for the Dublin senior team to play where they are told to play by HQ , especially when it’s always been in Dublin’s defacto home, Croke Park, and twice in Croke Park Super Eight’s years.

  32. Leantimes – once again, I have to ask you to drop this pointless argumentation about venues. You’re seriously getting on my wick at this stage, droning on endlessly about the same bloody topic. If you don’t back off on it, I’ll have to take action – you’re leaving me with little other choice at this stage.

  33. I have a proposition, for those of us Mayo supporters that are brave enough to be in Croker v Kerry, can we be sure we will get All Ireland tickets if Kerry and Dublin ( semi ) will be beaten

  34. Leantimes, you are wasting your time even considering where Dublin plays, it is what is is, sure how times have we been told Gaa players “dream of playing in Croker”, the Tailtean Cup has this rewards for the finalists.

  35. Only nosebleed and Hill 16 tickets available on Ticketmaster there…. Get ’em while you can etc, etc.

  36. @Jaden, agree overall with your argument about CP and a full house, mind you it is the result that counts rather than a sunny day that really makes the difference!! You Dubs are used to winning irrespective of the weather.

    One great thing about a double header is to get to see two games. I plan to be in early to watch Galway and Armagh, and I am coming from the West so not just a stroll down the road, that should be a cracking match plus great atmosphere.

    I am interested to see number of Kerry fans up, I think that there will be more than normally expect for a quarter final, firstly to watch a good match and secondly maybe also to see what “The Star” is bringing to the orchard county, and if he is ready to return home and work with the mother ship.

  37. WJ maybe you should add another blog specifically for those who want to go on and on and on about the location. The rest of us can then look forward to the game and all the debates on who should play, what the tactics should be, whether the management is up to the job, whether Kerry are so good there’s any point us turning up and all the other game related stuff that keeps most of us enthralled…just a suggestion (all in the best possible humour).

  38. Need to contain early on. Have a feeling OConnor will try to repeat 06 and blow us out of the water early doors. Maybe trying to isolate Clifford 1 on 1 inside gotta be ready for that kind of thing the next day

  39. If things don’t happen for Kerry maybe as they had planned themselves in the 1st half and going into the 2nd half, I wonder will they panic ?

  40. Kerry will go flat out from start, it will be either a 20 plus point win for Kerry pulling up from early in the second half, or if Mayo can defend the early Kerry assault and stay withen a few points mid way through the second half Mayo will end with a win by a point or two.

  41. One outcome i am looking forward to is the contribution of Carney for Mayo versus Clifford for Kerry.
    The point was made earlier about how difficult to play at half forward for Mayo as it is more likely to be a half back coming through that is released into open play.
    I think Carney will outfield or win more than his share of 50_50 ball.
    Asking a lot, but he is extremely athletic, stood head and shoulders above every Mayo player in the intensity of his warm up before Kildare game.
    So lets make use of him v Kerry.

  42. A random comment, but I’m just hoping the team and management have learned something from both league matches against Kerry this year. Those matches have got to count for something right?

    By right we should have learned more about Kerry than they learned about us. We were plagued with injuries while they had near enough their full starting 15 and in hindsight I do believe Horan didn’t want to get to that league final. I hope Kerry are confronted with a totally different Mayo outfit Sunday week.

    Wishful thinking perhaps, as I still strongly feel Kerry are a good bit better than us.

  43. I’ll probably get lambasted for this on here, but I really think Aido can do a job at full forward. If anything he will occupy 2 Kerry defenders, he’s way more use standing still on the edge of the square than chasing shadows around the middle. I know hes not going to kick 5 points from play, but the way our forwards have been so poor at scoring this year, we might aswell throw him in on top of Morley and O’Sullivan. We don’t seem to take marks inside either, if Aido is positioned to the right of the posts, he will surely catch 3/8 long balls in resulting in a mark. Thats 3 points he will never score playing further out. If you think back to 2015 against Dublin, he caught loads of long ball inside, but was bottled up when he landed, the mark is perfect for him, and we don’t exploit it.

    We are without our two best forwards from last year, so we having nothing to lose throwing him in there. He will cause a bit of u certainity, and free up a bit more space for Carney and Cillian. Carr would be better coming of the bench when Aido is gassed.

  44. Was it last year’s All Ireland final, he took a mark . A fairly handy score on and he missed.

  45. I see how it is tempting Lineball but he won’t be double marked, that’s the key point. And he’s not a natural scorer.
    Perhaps it might work if he catches and lays it off but Carney can do all that. But Carney can also score so there’s no real addition to placing Aido in the square.

  46. A lot of numbers flying around about how many tickets sold but think GAA are talking about the 2 games. Will be interesting to see if better tickets come on sale later as only tickets on edges on sale so far.

  47. Good man Corick Bridge. A bit of optimism is needed. We would probably have to score at least 2 goals. . I’m not so sure about them blowing us out of the water by half time. They have played nobody. Coming in cold. OK they have better forwards if we allow them to play. . Tyrone bottled them up well last year

  48. @Lineball.
    I thought the same myself. If we have non scoring forwards best we have one that at least occupies 2 defenders. It would be a risky tactic for Kerry to leave Aido one on one close to goal with the high ball coming in.

  49. OShea coming off the bench for me is the best option. The fact hes not a scoring threat himself is a disadvantage. I wasnt convinced Carney would come through this year but ive changed my opinion. Give him his head and give him ball in the same way Kerry feed Clifford. I reckon Carney is up for it.

  50. Do ye think it was during last year’s All Ireland Final that Mayo were finally finished?
    Kerry walloped us in the League Final and it would be very embarrassing if they lost to Mayo. Can you imagine?
    Sure we disappeared in the Galway game and against Kildare.
    And it seems fairly established now that we have no forwards.
    But I wonder if anyone told Lee Keegan and Oisín Mullin that we are finished. They don’t seem to know what everyone else knows.
    I’m a bit late to this but everyone seems to think Jack is a scary astute manager. But I don’t think he has managed an All-Ireland senior win in a decade. It’s all so unusual.
    (In case anyone is unsure, some of the above is tongue in cheek).

  51. @Mind the house, exactly, they won’t risk leaving him 1 v1, especially if we play the odd high ball in to keep them honest. There’s no Kerry back that will match his height.

    @Nephin, it was the semi final against Dublin. Shocking miss that came off the post infront of the Hill, it was the loudest Dublin cheer of the day, as they hate Aido more than Kerry. It really knocked his confidence, nothing went right for him after that.

  52. Of course, you’re right Lineball . I remember it hitting the post but forgot which game. A real downer for us too.

  53. Don’t know what podcast I heard it on but a very good point was made as everyone has different opinions about o Shea it’s hard to nail down the right one and the court of public opinion is split but we will certainly play man on man and o Shea will start at 11 and drop back into that pocket behind the half back line but not in a sweeping role because he hasn’t the pace but as an extra cover to stop that delivery from out the field , it could well be an option because it was tried a few times during the league , outside the box ideas like that need to be tried to get us a win

  54. Lineball 2.0, you made a good point, placing Aido at full forward to take his mark may work v Kerry, surely this was tried out in the training grounds, it’s worth a look at. Carney could do a job further out the pitch, he seems very powerful.
    If this tactic were to be employed by Mayo, I would do it from the start, not bringing on Aido as a sub late in 2nd half.
    Will be interesting to see how Mayo set up.

  55. @ Corick Bridge.

    You say Mayo by six. I don’t think it’ll be that tight. We’ll pull away after about 15 minutes.

    Probably end up red hot favourites for Sam after we put Kerry to bed.

    I hope they give us some sort of a challenge to sharpen us up for the Dubs (if they get past Cork).

    We would hammer the pick of the two of them.

  56. Some very bullish predictions here, can’t see Mayo hammering Kerry (or indeed anyone) in present form and with players missing. Kinda hoping we don’t get a large bite of a reality sandwich on Sunday week…

  57. Morning all… really looking forward to the Kerry game …Loads of chat here about the extremely talented David Clifford. I agree he is but he does get a huge amount of ball popped to him as he loops around as opposed to winning 50/ 50 ball kicked into him…..this year its his brother Paudie that is making the Kerry forwards tick …
    He drives at defenders … makes clever runs that create space and gives lovely passes … For me he needs to be nullified as much as David .
    Question : How many of our forwards on this year’s form would make the Kerry team ….possibly only Ryan pre injury.
    Kerrys midfield has improved this year… with David Moran to come on as a sub .
    Re Aiden OShea.. .. superb servant to the county but I have to be honest but during the league final v Kerry, I actually felt sorry for him . He was absolutely bursting himself with effort but the pace is gone on teams , especially Kerry will target that so no way would I start him … I’d only bring him on to mark David Moran when or if he is brought on …
    If Ryan O D starts it will be a huge bonus ….
    You never know with Mayo but I’m obviously not over confident but our lads will be competitive and if they lose ,they will go down swinging .

  58. I think those predictions are sprinkled with humour.Anyone on here knows the scale of the challenge but would have enough experience of the good days to know Mayo will have a chance.The days of just showing up for the beating are long gone for Mayo though……thankfully.
    This team and management are not perfect …..but they are not gobshites either……the year to win it is the year your in

  59. Agree 1989 …My big worry is that I haven’t seen Mayo lads play as bad as a group like they did against Kildare in the first 45 mins in about 10 years .. Ball handling, passes , we weren’t laying a hand on a pretty average Kildare team …
    I know they can’t be as bad the next day…

  60. Is there a case that the dip in Mattie Ruane’s form was linked with the absence of Jordan Flynn?
    I actually think the return of Jordan Flynn might be a bigger thing than the return of Ryan ODonoghue… which is completely hipster viewpoint of me but, hey, sometimes fun to put out a thought provoker.
    If Jordan returns we get a lot more options and improvement around our 8-12 jerseys and strength of the attacking subs.
    The biggest dip in our form are those 8-12 jerseys.

  61. JP I think you may be on to something, but then I’m hugely biased as I’ve long held Jordan as a fella to watch and I’ve had huge expectations that may now be showing through. I also thought his goal the last day was a nice touch, and will have done wonders for his confidence.

  62. Hipster viewpoint – class JP!

    One of the great things to see in the league was Jordan’s kick passing (and the fact there’s been zero disciplinary stuff this season as far as I can remember) as well as his chipping in with scores.

    Having him back probably helps Mattie a lot, and along with him and DoC gives more kicking options. If Carney or even better RoD can get on the end of some of those it will be a different offering.

    Obviously the forward play isn’t settled yet, but Carney and Carr had some of the better performances in the league final. We could have a mix of them running at Kerry or being around for good ball in. Given Jason’s struggle for form at the moment if RoD was back in I’d have him leaving rather than Carney. A bit of fluidity with Carr and Carney being HF options / taking turns in the FF line, and we’d at least have increased pace.

  63. Agree lineball – a big man like Aiden would not ignored if he is planted in the full forward line. Surely it is worth a go just to psyche out the opposition or to lay off ball or for taking a mark or even getting frees.

    He would not be ignored by the Kerry FB line. I am not sure what stage of the game this tactic could be tried though. Personally I would like it to be for the first 15 minutes then sub him off and sub him back later in the game for defence duties or MF if necessary.

  64. I can’t believe this Aido at FF debate is being had again. It simply doesn’t work and it’s a tired trope at this stage. He’s a good player, but he isn’t dynamic enough or good enough on the ball for it to be an effective tactic.

    It worked for 2 games in 2015, and then Dublin laid out the blueprint to stop it in the Semi, you put a tall defender on him and bracket him with a second, smaller defender to clean up broken ball or engage him if Aido catches it.

    It’s fantasy to say it would give Kerry something to think about, they would be delighted if we move Aido inside and start lamping ball on top of him, they know they’ll recover the ball 70% of the time and that Mayo won’t get enough out of the other 30% to make it a worthwhile strategy.

    It’s a low percentage strategy and would be a waste of possession, the game has simply moved on. It’s okay letting a ball in long every once in a while to keep the defence honest, but it needs to be into someone with more threat like Carney and it can’t be a concerted tactic.

  65. JP. Great point. I agree with you that Jordan Flynn was hitting high form against Kerry and you the injury was just an accident. His loss has been felt hugely and his return would be a big positive for Mayo. One of the reasons he gets targeted is his perceived indiscipline. But he has been excellent discipline wise recently.He will be targeted next game. As in big time. I think we need both him and Ryan to have a chance of winning but if we do have both back I think our chances are certainly better than the bookies odds.

  66. I think that Mayo were so bad in the first half against Kildare as to be almost unrecognizable. This ,in Mayo’s case over the past few years ,usually is a result of over training and I certainly think that was the biggest factor ( along with the day travel )

    In fact ,if you think about it,the worst thing for over trained muscles in elite athletes is sitting pat upright for three hours in a bus. Typically they would have been doing a light workout at that time then resting or getting physio. But a three hour bus journey in over trained athletes and then straight into a big game…..

    I think however that extra session might come in handy yet.

    Maybe we are riding our luck in the earlier stages of championship and getting away with it. I remember Kerry themselves used to do this a lot. Back in the day. Because for both teams Mayo and Kerry it’s win the whole thing or bust.

    We got away with it versus Kildare.

    If the prep was actually for this game ( whoever the opposition) then we should see a very improved, more cohesive performance.

    This is my hope ,as well as my theory.

  67. JP, having Jordan there brings an improvement. He steadied the ship versus Dublin last year. For me, it was his introduction that gave confidence to the Mayo team against Kildare. I could see the game start to go Mayo’s way from there (not as a result of Aido leaving but Jordan brings something). He has a very solid pair of hands in midfield and can score. Two things we need, that give confidence.

  68. JP – you’re totally correct. Our midfield is lacking pace and power atm and indeed a scoring threat. The return of Flynn is vital to changing that. And Aido should make way.

    I understand the temptation to play Aido inside for the marks, but then Aido has to take those scores and who knows what would happen there. He unfortunately is a confidence player and if he misses the first one, he’ll miss all the rest. Use him as an impact sub for if/when David Moran is introduced. Though who’s to say if Flynn and Ruane wouldn’t have the athleticism to deal with Moran themselves? Moran might pluck a few over their heads, but will he (can he?) run around after them?

  69. Agreed too on the misconception about Flynn’s indiscipline. That incident from his younger years has followed him around but I think now that he’s more mature, he has developed a great attitude.

  70. Food4Thought and all, just to add another thing – one of the lads on the podcast, possibly Mike F, referenced something he heard Oisín McConville say re Mayo in the Irish Examiner podcast after the Kildare game.
    He said he gets the feeling that for the last while, Mayo have been starting to try to *control* games. (Think back to last year v Galway and v Dublin…)

    I feel he’s on to something there.

    Mike said this tactic sits very awkwardly with our natural preference for an open chaotic game. It’s hard to marry with our own game. If this is true, the jury is out on its success.

  71. Curve ball suggestion, what about starting Kevin Mc?

    There was a lack of pace in the starting half forward line against Kildare, which they exploited. Kevin mightn’t be playing well but he doesn’t seem to have lost his pace. Without Bryan Walsh we don’t really have many other speedy options.

    Empty the tank for half an hour, then bring in someone like Darren McHale?

  72. Kevin Mc is not the pace nkr stamina he was, this is highly competitive sport, a few % dip is enough.
    He would be naturally down a few % in most fitness markers.

  73. If Aido doesn’t start, and I’m Jack O’Connor, after 15-20 minutes I’m going to tell Moran to warm up and see if Aidan does the same. If he does, I’m going to play puck warming Moran up and sitting him back down, and try and get in Aidan’s head. The damage could be done before Aidan even steps on the pitch

  74. Kevin Mc played very well when introduced
    V Galway, nothing wrong with his pace that day.
    Has been a tremendous servant for Mayo

  75. @pmac, the sports science has measured it and the pace of the game drops many % in the second half. That’s how Kevin Mc got his goal against Armagh that time in the qualifiers, he was fresh and the defenders legs who started were slower. If you start Kevin he won’t be as effective.

  76. @JP

    It’s not really for his scores and assists I’m suggesting Kevin, it’s for breaking ball and tracking around the middle.

    He’s probably lost a yard of pace, but from what I’ve seen he’s still one of our quickest half forwards

    He’s been IMO disappointing from the bench so far this season, so why not try him from the start. We’ve a few guys like Darren McHale and Fergal Boland who might get lost in the intensity of the first half as is.

    As I said, it’s a curve ball option

  77. FrostThammer, I’m fairly sure AOS is a bit long in the tooth for those sort of mind games and wouldn’t take a bit of heed to who is or isn’t warming up

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