Okay, the time for talking about Game 2 is all but over – in 18 hours time we’ll be right in the thick of it at McHale Park as we seek to get the better of the Rossies and qualify for our third provincial decider on the trot. We’re already in the West, a carload of us having traversed the country earlier this evening, and it’ll be great to be able to head off to the match from home soil tomorrow.

After our explosive opening to this year’s championship campaign last month, hopes are obviously high, at least in some quarters, that we might get to see a similar kind of demolition job tomorrow.  I’m not sure that such hopes – to the extent that they exist at all – are altogether realistic: Roscommon will surely have learned from Galway’s horrendous performance and will be set up in a way that makes life far more difficult for us than the Tribesmen did in Pearse Stadium.

Will we do it? Well, I guess it’d be a shock of fairly major proportions if we didn’t and, heading into a match where we’re 1/6 to win, it’s reasonable to expect that we will do the business tomorrow. The poll here on the site – which I’m now taking down – confirms that we’re confident, with 54% of you reckoning we’ll win easily while another 37% feel we’ll come through what could be a close contest.

For my own part, I hope that we match the kind of intensity and clinical efficiency in attack that we showed in Salthill and I reckon that if we do, and at the same time demonstrate more tightness at the back, we should have enough to get over the line. Best of luck to the lads and safe travelling to all heading to McHale Park tomorrow.

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  1. Ah yes indeed willie joe I think you are right on the button here. It will be a close contest in my opinion, the Rossies will have learned a lot from our demolition of Galway in salthill., they also will have studied mayo in great detail and will no doubt have identified one or two weaknesses that they can take advantage of., without cillian for frees who knows what could happen especially if there’s a strong wind. Frees can make all the difference and need to be capitalised on. No andy for leadership at full fitness will most likely be unhelpful aswel, but sure lookit it will be grand. Mayo to win I think yes in my heart but also my head.
    The mighty WIND

  2. There’s nothing to suggest Roscommon have improved at all from their Div 3 performances and standing, so this one wont be close WJ. I’ve said many times, goals win games and if we get one or two early it will suck the life out of Ross. Having said that, this game is not a forgone conclusion and if Roscommon are to exploit anything, it will the high dropping Hail Mary ball into the full forward line. We are a little nervous about that it seems.
    Nevertheless, I think we should score about ~2-13. Whatever the rossies score, that should be enough to move onto the Connacht final.
    Good luck to the team tomorrow, keep the heads up and go for goal.
    To all the supporters heading there, fair play to yee and fly the colors like never before. Wishing I could be there.
    Give’m hell !

  3. I don’t fear the rossies. I think our defense will be too strong for any of their challenges and i also think our lads will be too strong at midfield.goals win matches sure but winning and controlling midfield does also.and i just don’t think Roscommon will be able to compete with the intensity of our lads.providing of coarse we perform and we will.mayo to win by 8

  4. Best of luck to the Mayo team today. Really looking forward to the game although do I think it will be a fairly tight encounter for at least the first 50mins if not more – all depending on the weather conditions. Unfortunately, it looks like the rain will have arrived in the west by the afternoon so I hope it wont spoil the game or the occasion for the loyal followers from both counties. Mayo by 4 (if wet) Mayo by 8 (if dry) !!

  5. Ya know something Andy on the subs ain’t a bad thing for every one except himself! I say that from the point of how he will rise the hearts of all should he come on with us under pressure! We were cruising in salt hill by the time he came on but if we come a little stuck what an inspirational sub! Every team needs a couple of them! We’ve got a hell of a sub in Andy!

  6. Did the Meath goal last night bring back the nightmares of 1996 for anyone??????

  7. Good hopes for today but feel it will be close enough with us hopefully getting closer to knowing our best 15.

    Predict forwards will get it hard to score and I expect Cregg and Conor Daly to cause difficulty for Mayo going forward.

    Massive rumour around about one of our backs but lets hope thats all it is. I dont have any inside track.

    Off to Mass now to see if God is on our side!

  8. One would presume that Andy M, Barry M and the others will get a run out today to show their talents and fitness improvements. But I think this game will be trickier than people anticipate. The Rossies have nothing to lose and after the one sided affair in Salthill JH will have found it a lot more difficult to keep a lid on things.
    It’s also notable we’re getting a lot more national coverage now and this extra pressure and focus will also have to be absorbed. Keeping matches in perspective is the most important thing for the guys now. We can’t take the Galway game as a benchmark – let’s face it Galway were abysmal. Hopefully today will give a proper picture of where we are at this year.

  9. Wensam, was that when the ball hopped over the bar to draw the match that Mayo had won? That was a disaster. Was sorry for Wicklow, penalty miss and then that awful goal. Meath are always poxed with luck.
    Look at Joe Sheridan’s winning “goal” against Louth. It’s extra tough on weaker teams when luck goes against them. They may never have the same chance again.
    Hope Mayo have good luck today!!!

  10. Mayo Mick make sure you get a picture of all those Mayo goals 😉 looking forward to the match now should be a good one.

  11. Half time now, we’re making heavy work of it, we should push on now, bring in the young bucks, drive over the points and bang in a goal or two. Hopefully no injuries.

  12. All over and easier than I thought it would be. Looking strong!

    Might have sorted the No 2 position but need a tougher test to confirm. Still not convinced with the centre back position when the good teams push forward at us. I hope I’m wrong because JH isn’t going to change this.

    Still a very big worry is the poir goal scoring (other than in the Galway collapse).

    Finally, the biggest danger, as always is the high expectation of the greatest and most loyal fans in the game!

    Still the real prospect of a 3-in-row Connacht Final wins in a very long time is enough to enjoy a couple of pints of the black stuff tonight in ROS.

    Come on Mayo !!!!!!

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