Before the off

This was going to be a quick one then I lost everything just as I finished it, so it’s going to be even shorter now.

We’re in good shape for tomorrow, according to Setanta, who report that the injuries to Ronan, Keith and PH have cleared up. Johnno likes our preparation for the game, describing it as Championship-like. That’s the spirit, but just remember this is February, lads, not high Summer. Real revenge will have to wait till then.

Kerry are apparently the most consistent League performers over the past four years, according to the Indo. No real surprises there, I suppose. We’re sixth with a record of P 30, W 16, D 1, L 13.

Only two previews to report. RTE give it to Kerry, while the Times (no point linking this, it’s premium content) gives it to us, but only because they think we are fielding a stronger team. This isn’t the case, as I pointed out yesterday.

That’s it. Looking forward to the off tomorrow and I’ll be back on Monday to discuss the game. Till then.

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