Well, today’s the day. This evening, unless it’s a draw (and as extra time would be played if needed, I think that’s unlikely), the next action we’ll have to look forward to will either be the quarter-finals in a week or else the FBD at the start of 2009. Still no news on the team (though a poster on has provided details of what he heard was the team) and in the vacuum created by a lack of team news, all manner of rumours have been swirling about (the one about BJP having broken his nose sounds credible, the one about Mac being sprung today doesn’t – see the same thread on for more details, if you’re interested). And it’s raining.

I can’t remember a tamer build-up to a championship appearance by us in Croke Park. I have a feeling the lads are going to need all the support they can get at 4pm today so we owe it to them to give it socks from the stands. Victory today is a tall order but it’s not impossible. Let’s get to it. Till after.

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  1. when you look at it, its a bit mad that we got to Croke Park after only beating Sligo..a Team Later beaten by London in the B Championship as they call it.

    We havent really earned our place here yet, Galway are not potential All Ireland winners, and neither are we in my view..(i hope they team dont feel the same way!) But if we win today we will have another day to look forward to at least and then we can say that we deserved to be put on the big stage.

    Alas my feeling is that the lads dont like the championship long road, and would have a better chance staying afloat on winning wave, then having to get back up on the surfboard after falling and start again with everyone watching.

    so..they summer rests on this.. more surf or else more turf!

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