Mayo flags at Croke Park

The day has arrived, the day where the lads get the chance to claim the right to compete for Sam once more (and the young lads for Tom) and where the much-anticipated #seaofgreenandred is set to reach high tide at Croke Park in a few short hours from now.

Enough of the yapping, it’s time now for action. Safe travelling to all those who still have travelling to do and here’s hoping – wherever today finds you – that we’ll all have another day to remember. Best wishes to James and Enda and their respective charges: here’s to victory on the double at HQ today.

24 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Best of luck to our minors and seniors this afternoon. Let’s put Ulster football back in the ‘out of date’ box for once and for all…while taking one more step towards football immortality..

  2. You said it Willie Joe. Onwards and upwards with due respect to Tyrone and the Monaghan minors.
    Looking forward to great games and Mayo wins. It will be the toughest test yet but if we start well in both games, we will see some great football and two victories.
    Come on Mayo!

  3. best of luck lads and proud to be in Croker today. give it the best you can, that is all we can ask but if you do we will be smiling this evening!

  4. Enroute to Croker .Bus must be over quarter mayo people heading up.My Galway buddy for once is keeping quiet .Cant wait now to get to Croker and settle in .Its our day lads.UP MAYO!!!!

  5. Mayo fans should make every effort to get in early today to support the minors. We want two Mayo teams in Croker in September!

  6. Anyone travelling from the west Longford marathon is on check road closures allow extra time travelling. Up mayo.

  7. I told my Mayo friends last year that it was our year and that they could have it in 2013 and i really believe that this is Mayo’s year, can’t see anyone standing in their way given their current form.
    Come on Mayo! We’re all behind you up here in the hills.

  8. I’m missing my first mayo match in many years!! I dont think i ever felt as miserable.
    Hope you all enjoy a truly great day. C’mon Mayo.

  9. Such traffic on the way up, never saw the like before. Maynooth train station was great with the #seaofgreenandred. Up Mayo.

  10. To all the diehards that can’t make today…… We’re there in spirit and remember………wherever you go there will always be a flute in a Mayo Jersey. Mayo forever.

  11. Shocking bad start. 5 – 3 after 16 mins. 3 gifts from frees from Deegan. Not looking great at all. Tyrone playing all the football.

  12. Why can’t youse play like that against Roscommon. Deegan was shocking for that goal by the way.

  13. Mayo 6 up after 47 mins. Now only 4 up after 49. Seamie O Shea star of game. Barrett playing very well. Freeman having a really good game. 2 wing forwards are soft. Mayo 6 up after 51, game over me thinks.

  14. Why did Horan abandon the formula that worked so well in previous games in the first half? He reverted back to the one that worked so well in the second half and guess what youse are ripping Tyrone a new arse. Micky Conroy playing very well since coming on. Andy Moran should not start the next day. The loss of O Connor is negated by the presence of Conroy.

  15. Very happy with he result obviously…lots to work on though…Cillians injury doesn’t look good at all…feel so bad for the lad.
    On an otherwise good day at the office, Varley and Super Mac missing those easy tap overs is baffling! Freezer was AWESOME though, as was Mickey, the two O’Sheas and Barrett.

  16. Though the first half was bad from us, I think we all knew they would come good, fab 2nd half and the margin should have been greater, missed some howlers. Am delighted another crack at Sam and with a better prepared side, ,,, agonizing for COC. Freeman was brilliant……………..lets go on and do it now…………..Thanks James and the Lads………………………
    If the future of Mayo football is in any doubt, I think we can rest easy as the performance of the Minors was just awesome.
    A really, really great day .

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