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Right, the day has dawned – and a nice enough one up here so far, there was brilliant sunshine earlier on when I was out on the bike but it’s started to cloud over now – and the time for action is almost upon us. There’s little more to be said or done here ahead of throw-in but to wish James and the lads all the best today: we know you’re going to give your all and it’s up to us in the stands to do likewise as well. Today’s challenge is a big one – one that we painfully know could go either way, even if 86% of you went for us in the poll that I’ve just now taken down – but it’s one I believe we’re fully up for and one in which we can and will prevail.

Up Mayo!

21 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Gutted to be flying out on holliers and missing the action was sure it would be a Saturday fixture but cest la vie! Here’s hopin I’m coming home for a crack at Tyrone in the semis

    Allez les rouge et vert!

  2. Good luck to all the mayo team & management today. It’s all about playing to maximum ability and leaving it all on the pitch. No regrets lads! Believe.

  3. Some last minute tactical analysis. What to do with Donie Vaughan?

    McHugh will undoubtedly sweep back. Does Donie hold his position? Does he go forward regularly to break the line (which he does well) and leave the centre channel exposed? Personally I’d go with the latter as long as one of the O’Shea’s stays back to mind the channel.

    As for the forwards, I hope O’Connor instead of Feeney lines out against Karl Lacey. He has the ability to track Lacey and cause damage. Feeney does his best work in the loose, and we can’t afford to be loose on Lacey.

    Personally I’d have Dillon nominally in the corner but with license to drift – if they want to follow him, fine, that leaves more room inside. If they don’t want to follow him, we know he can be dangerous from 30 yards. Also between himself and Moran, someone will need to be close to Freeman at all times, otherwise there’s no point in having Freeman in there.

    As for Michael Murphy, when he’s inside, Cafferkey should pick him up, but when he comes out around the middle, we should do a switcheroo and put Cunniffe on him, who is more comfortable around the middle and will have the pace to keep up with Murphy if he gets a run on us.

    We have the players to win the first half. We have to win the first half. If we deal with those tactical conundrums and perform to our ability, we will win.

    Which leaves the battle for supremacy in the stands. Let’s show some class, but let’s show some mettle as well. If we are outnumbered or not, so be it. But we can not be out-shout. Raise our voices above theirs, let’s be heard, always.

  4. Anyone spot the banner on a flyover just outside Dublin? It read Jimmy isn’t winning this one 🙂

  5. WJ, the one word in the title to this post sums it all up for me today, the next day or the day after that – BELIEVE! Can’t write it any larger than it appears on the screen but if I could I would. On the train up from Tipperary and already a good few Mayo supporters on the train. Bodes well.

  6. Hi All…just a quick heads up that the buses are on strike here in Dublin so give yourselves plenty of time to get to Croker, cheers and good luck.

  7. Quietly confident is the mood amongst most Mayo folk today and rightly so! The lads have a great chance to put the wrong’s of last year’s final behind them, the lads will give it there all and that’s all we ask of! Safe journey to one and all, see ye in there! Hon Mayo!

  8. Well said WJ.

    It’s knockout time, regardless of the opposition, we should be filled with confidence.
    Best of luck to the entire team and thanks to all supporters who make the pilgrimage.

  9. Here we go! Must be ahead at half time. Score 15 pts. Don’t give away goals or soft frees. Keep going for 70 mins. Keep Donegal ff line to 6 points. Win midfield. Score 90% of frees. Use bench. Tackle tackle tackle.
    That’s it really. Oh yeah and BELIEVE!!!

  10. Best of luck to all the players, this is yer time. Nerves well and truly set in now, Hon the green an red!!!!!!

  11. Green and Red forever……Have a rest lads before the next one. Great game. Hon Mayo.

  12. Annihilation.. Fantastic! Am I right in saying O Shea is ok for semi because it was 2nd yellow? Well done the lads!

  13. Wow wow wow.what a day at proud of lads.and by god we didn’t let up on them.

  14. A strange but beautiful feeling to know that we had it won after 40 minutes. Proud to be wearing the jersey in Brooklyn today.

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