Best of luck to the ladies in today’s final

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Another Sunday, another huge day for the county, another All-Ireland final at Croke Park against Dublin. This time it’s the ladies who are in the limelight, with a record attendance for a final expected at HQ today as the two counties battle it out for possession of the Brendan Martin Cup. The LGFA senior final throws in at 4pm today.

Like the lads a week ago, the ladies go into this final as outsiders. Despite this, Frank Browne’s charges come into this decider in a determined mood and, having gunned down long-time champions Cork in the semi-final, they’re well ready for the challenge facing them at HQ today. The team has a nice mix of youth and experience, with plenty of pace in the ranks and no shortage of firepower in the forward division.

I’m looking forward to heading into Croke Park myself later on to cheer them on. I’ve no doubt that many of you will, once again, be making the long trek from the west to lend your support too. They’re well worth it – this is a super Mayo team and there’s every reason to believe that they’ll claim glory this afternoon.

The very best of luck to them. Up Mayo.

22 thoughts on “Best of luck to the ladies in today’s final

  1. Big crowd indeed the lower level of the three stands are sold out upper cusack on sale now the green and red will be out in force again today the voice is just back and ready to go again the 16th woman today .

  2. Best of luck ladies..No pressure but we really need a lift in the county!!Massive Mayo support heading up today..Lets hope our ladies cross the line..HON MAYO!

  3. You have to say the ladies gaelic football association is one of the major success stories in modern irish sport. Run separately and probably better than the gaa itself. No disrespect to tg4 but if was on rte in english it would be bigger. Could be a bigger attendance than any mens rugby or soccer game all year in ireland. Even look at the rules compared to mens, count down clock, 10min sin bin for yellow card, video ref for replay of contraverial decisions, ref cam during televised games. Competition graded into senior, intermediate and junior. Every county has a chance of winning something and whoever win junior or intermediate today will fully appreciate they have won something. Players get national recognition on big lidl campaign. An all round great organization.

  4. Best of luck to the Ladies today! All set for Section 703 in an hour or twos time. Let’s lift the roof again today if we can.

  5. Wishing Mayo ladies the best of luck today. It would be a huge achievement to bring the Brendan Martin cup back West again. Whatever the result we know that Cora and the girls have made all of Mayo very proud. Up Mayo.

  6. In Croker early to see the other games , I will be roaring for our ladies from 705 ,
    Best of luck to all involved in our ladies team

  7. 707 here we come. Massive neutral crowd heading today most of which will shout for mayo hopefully.

  8. Folks, I’ve two spare lower hogan tickets going for anybody that fancies going to waste.. the more voices the better! I’ll be up around croke park hotel at 3:30 I’d say! Drop me an e-mail

  9. 711 here we come. Don’t know what this experience will be like with small kids in tow! Come on Mayo ladies!

  10. Best of luck to mayo today, hopefully we get 1 all ireland, beating dublin would be an added bonus, dean rock being interviewed at pitch side, think we’ve seen enough of him for 1 week thanks?

  11. Looks like mayo will have to beat the ref today also.
    2nd yellow was crazy.
    Cora not playing well… needs to play some her teammates also.

  12. Casual observer – I have to disagree with you I’m afraid. The LGFA have plenty of faults no more than the GAA. Some of the horror stories you hear re facilities, scheduling etc is unbelievable.

    Also, TG4 have done everything for ladies football. They deserve an enormous amount of credit and I would argue the complete opposite : that if they were out of the picture and it was left up to RTE then the sport would be nowhere near where it is today.

    46k at this game today – alot of the credit is due to TG4. Along with that, they have done wonders for the club game as well as lower tier hurling

  13. Three yellows for Mayo today. … what utter rubbish from the ref.
    Another referee who believed the utter tripe from the Dublin pr machine.
    Dublin better but very difficult to play half the game with 14 players.
    All we ask as supporters to for fairness from the officials.

  14. For God`s sake, don`t start moaning about referees again.
    The better team won that match today, simple as that.

  15. Observer 2..Best team won, and the referee was not in any way responsible the difference between Mayo and Dublin today… But the first half was refereed completely different to the second half… I still think the referee had a very poor game… But congratulations to Dublin on a very well deserved victory… Good to see Victory being Deserved for a change!

  16. Just on the promotion of Ladies Gaelic-football, most definitely TnaG4 can take the well deserved plaudits… Unlike the (MEN’S) Cork county board… Cork had won 11 out of the last 12 All Ireland title’s, before today, and never got to play in Pairc Uí Caoimh.. Take a bow, Cork County Board!

  17. It just occurred to me today that the ladies football, camogie and hurling are all run on a very well structured tiered basis with Senior, inter and junior. What sort of dinosaurs are not allowing the men’s football to follow suit? Instead sending out 33 teams in the one competition that only 3 teams can realistically win. Hammerings all round. Tradition is a curse when it holds progress back.

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