Best of luck, lads

So today’s the day – our first championship appearance at Croke Park since 2009 and the first opportunity for James Horan’s side to show what they can do on the big stage.

The lads face a huge challenge today but it’s also a fantastic chance to show that we’re back in business. I’m sure every last one of them will give their all, as will those of us supporting them in the stands. While we go into this match as rank outsiders, we also know that wins on days like today are the sweetest ones of all.

A good start today is clearly vital – we have to get into this game right from the throw-in and keep at it relentlessly until the end. Roscommon’s bright 50 minutes against Tyrone yesterday should provide encouragement but also carries a warning: if we can’t keep pace with them right through the game, we too will pay the consequences.

But, good and all as Cork are, we also know that they’re not unbeatable, as Kerry showed down in Killarney early in the month. Our lads may not be household names amongst the GAA chattering classes going into this contest but they’ve a great opportunity to become so afterwards. If we play without fear and keep playing ’till the end we’ve definitely got a chance. And think of the fun we’d have if we win.

Best of luck today, lads.

14 thoughts on “Best of luck, lads

  1. Best of luck lads. All the talking (or lack of!) is done.

    Will be listening to MWR with the headphones in at 1am down in Melbourne. Hopefully heading into work Monday morning tired but happy!

  2. Well taking Willie Joes advice as always I’ve had a good start – porridge, and a fry and am off to shout and roar for the lads!
    All I want is that the lads give it their best shot and leave nothing behind in terms of passion and commitment.

  3. A lot of these lads have allready met at the u21 final in 2006! Anyway just heading out the door now for croker UP MAYO!! Best of luck to the lads.

  4. Here we go. In from the start lads. No white feather 2day. Let’s show what we got and fight till the end. That’s all we ask.

  5. Heading in now for a few soft drinks in Phil Ryans. Despite my negativity on here, i will be hoping they give it 100% and that’s all a supporter can wish for, no shame in doing your best.

    A win which i still feel is very doubtful would be the greatest victory in my life time, simply because of the unbelievable task that lies ahead. If we could get the rub of the green for a change, like get a few 50/50 decisions in our favour who knows.
    Up Mayo

  6. From Castlebar to Twickenham via Croke Park the cheers of the Green and Red will be heard loud and clear. Good Luck Lads and all anyone can ask is to do your best.

    Im sure there will be plenty on Croagh Patrick praying for ye today. Roll on 4pm. Most of all enjoy the challenge ahead.

    Well done to MWR and WJ for keeping the home fires lite.

  7. Eamon Sweeney in the Sunday Indo gives Brolly a lashing. About time. Great piece. Pity he didnt do it for us a few years ago.

  8. Best a luck to Mayo! Id be tempted to book a flight if we won this one but if we don’t I’m sure it won’t be from the lack of trying!

  9. Todays is the day our boys can become household names up and down the country. Pride in the jersey and most of all the team needs to BELIEVE and they can do us proud. Come on mayo!!!

  10. Well done James Horan and Mayo.

    Couldnt have asked for more, containing supposed unstoppable champions to a point in second half.
    Great to finally beat them in the championship.

    Even sweeter to quieten the wider national audience and media who didnt even give us a mention in run up to this game.

  11. To a man the lads were brilliant – we had a real “in your face” attitude from the start – this is something we havent seen in Mayo for a long time – I thought our bench was great – our backs superb – the brothers fighting for everything – our forwards were dangerous – we used our second half game – all round fantastic stuff

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